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  • Removable Pads
  • Rip-Stop Poly-cotton
  • Full Set UBACS & Trousers

A lightweight and breathable top and trouser set, designed to keep the user cooler when wearing Airsoft gear, making it great for the warmer summer months.

From £99.99
  • Loaded Indicator
  • Functional Decocker
  • Adjustable Back Straps

A 6mm BB Airsoft Gas Blowback replica pistol which fans of a fictional British Spy franchise will know well, the P99. In particular this is a replica of the original 1996-2005 model.

From £100.00
  • Large Value Voucher
  • £100 - £500
  • Usable Online

This version of the Patrol Base Airsoft Gift Card has been specifically designed with no set value, so that you can pick larger values as you require them.  As the time approaches for birthday, Christmas and special occasion gifts, it can be a bit nerve wracking trying to decide what Airsoft Gift to buy. Airsoft players are a unique lot; what one person likes another may hate, and there's nothing worse than purchasing a gift to find out the person doesn't like it! We've created a Gift Card for this very situation, which can be purchased and redeemed against buying kit from our website! Let the Airsoft player in your life choose the present they want the most, or contribute towards that gun they've always wanted!

For Terms and Conditions please see: Terms and Conditions Page.

From £109.99
  • Alloy Sight Rail
  • Flip Down Fore-grip
  • Quick Change Spring

A high quality AUG Bullpup rifle delivering crisp shot after shot action. With a quick change spring gearbox and enough rails for all your accessories, you can go hit the field with reliability and consistency all day long.

  • Small Size
  • Holds 4 Shells
  • MOLLE Compatible

A MOLLE compatible fabric shotgun shell holder which is designed to allow you to carry loaded Airsoft shotgun shells in an easy access retention system, allowing you to reload quickly in the heat of the game. 

Was £8.99
Save £4.49
  • Textured Surface
  • Ergonomic Grooves
  • Rubber Construction

A set of Rubber Pistol Grips for Army Armament 1911 Gas Blowback Pistols, which comes as a one-piece design as seen on the R32, and are very easy to install. Simply undo the screws holding your current Pistol Grips into place (carefully removing them as there may be springs on the underside) and install the new set from the front.

Was £9.95
Save £4.97
  • T9 Aircraft Aluminium
  • CNC Machined Design
  • Protects Exposed Threads

An incredibly durable cap for 16mm CW threads to protect your vital threads on your outer barrel whilst you do not have a suppressor fitted.

Was £9.99
Save £4.99
  • Easy to Fit
  • Textured Surface
  • Multi-Colour Panels

A pack of Black, Grey, Tan, and Coyote Tan Half Panels, containing 8 half panels of each individual colour, which can be combined to make multi-colour rail hand guards on your Airsoft gun's 20mm RIS rails. 

Was £10.49
Save £5.24
  • 20mm RIS Rail
  • Screws Into Place
  • For Original AR36 Handguard

A 20mm weapon accessory rail designed to be attached onto Airsoft AR36 assault rifles, allowing Airsofters to turn their AR36 into a modular and adaptable platform.

Was £10.99
Save £5.49
  • Solid Polymer
  • Very Easy to Fit
  • Fit 20mm RIS/RAS

A must have accessory for anyone kitting out their Airsoft gun with a torch or laser and pressure pad combination. The sides of this grip are cut out for you to lay a pressure switch in.

Was £11.99
Save £5.99
  • For High-Speed Setups
  • Mounted On Sector Gear
  • Prevents Empty Shooting

These polymer sector gear clips are designed to prevent 'Empty Shooting'.

  • Great For Zeroing
  • Pack of Six Pieces
  • Knock Down Target

A pack of six shoot-down targets, designed to allow you to practice your shooting skills or to zero rifles. The targets are made from Alloy, and feature DCACD markings for keeping score. 

Was £19.00
Save £9.50
  • Alloy Construction
  • 14mm CCW Fitting
  • Mechanical Locking

Faithful real steel replica to reduce vertical recoil. As for on your Airsoft weapon, this is just make it look as cool and realistic as possible.

Was £31.99
Save £15.99
  • For Korth PRS
  • Gas Magazine
  • 14rnd Capacity

A 14rnd Gas Magazine for the Korth PRS Gas Blowback Pistol, which is filled with BBs from the top or bottom of the mag using a Speedloader or by hand, and filled with Gas from the bottom Inlet Valve.

  • Belt Paddle System
  • Lightweight Holster
  • For Right Handed Shooter

    A retention holster designed to fit snugly Hi-Capa Series Airsoft Pistols and can be attached to the users belt. 

    Was £39.99
    Save £19.99
    • 3000mAh
    • 20c Rating
    • 11.1v 3S LiPo

    A massive LiPo battery designed for crane stock use but also suitable for large Airsoft hand guards or butt stocks with plenty of space. 

    Was £49.99
    Save £24.99
    • 3 x M4 Pouch
    • 4 x Pistol Pouch
    • 3 x Utility Pouch

    A comfortable Low Profile Chest Rig, with every pouch you could ever need all condensed into a lightweight and convenient carrying solution.

    Was £51.99
    Save £25.99
    • 98 x 35cm
    • Eggbox Padding
    • Heavy Duty Hinges

    A Polymer constructed Hard Case for Medium to Large sized Assault Rifles and other things you want to transport. It features a built-in Handle as well as Heavy-Duty Latches and Hinges.

    Was £59.99
    Save £29.99
    • Includes Motor
    • 8mm Steel Bushings
    • Version 2 Compatible

    Ideal for reviving worn out RIFs or as a backup for a rainy day, this is a complete and assembled gearbox including motor, that is ready to drop into any compatible Version 2 accepting replica.

    Was £74.99
    Save £37.49
    • Wide Field of View
    • Quick Release Mount
    • Anti-Shock Reinforcement

    An attractive compact Red Dot Sight with a wide field of view for 20mm RIS accessory rails, suitable for use as a CQB sight, or as a backup sight for another optic. 

    Was £84.99
    Save £42.49
    • 7'' Hand Guard
    • For M4/15/16 AEG
    • Keymod Rail System

    An ultra lightweight Key-Mod System Hand Guard which is based off the real steel 'Megafins' Handguard which features internal fins to aid Heat Dispersion. 

    Was £94.99
    Save £47.49
    • 600m Range
    • Multiple Modes
    • FOV 122m@1000m

    A 6x25 Laser Rangefinder which is perfect for Target Shooters and Airsofters alike, helping you to accurately measure ranges up to 600m. So the next time that guy at the Skirmish field claims his AEG can reach out to 100m+, you can prove them full of nonsense. 

    From £55.00
    Was £109.99
    Save £54.99
    • Ambidextrous Safety
    • Red Fibre Front Sight
    • Ergonomic Rubber Grip

    A Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Gun Pistol, designed and based on the Real Steel CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, licensed and designed originally by Česká Zbrojovka Uherský Brod. The Pistol is constructed with an Alloy Slide and Frame, and comes with Rubberised Grips giving extra hold on the pistol.

    From £57.50
    Was £114.99
    Save £57.49
    • Hex Cut Slide
    • Licensed M9A1
    • Alloy Construction

    This Gas Blowback Pistol is a joint venture between WE and Cyber Gun, and is a licensed replica of the Beretta M9A1 Military Model. The Pistol is finished with a gorgeous Hex-Cut design that looks amazing and reduces some weight from the Slide, and also comes with a Semi/Full Auto Fire Selector.

    Was £119.99
    Save £59.99
    • All-In-One Device
    • Charger Included
    • Batteries Included

    An all in one laser/light muzzle device that can be mount to any outer barrel with a diameter of 19mm or less. 

    Was £129.99
    Save £64.99
    • Crystal Clear
    • DND Reticule
    • 11 x Brightness

    This telescopic optic is crafted from Alloy to be tough and to provide a crisp, clear image from 1-4x Magnification with an easy to use illuminated DND Reticule which is often found in 'short dot' style optics.

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    From £68.50
    Was £136.99
    Save £68.49
    • Fully Licensed
    • Cycles Smooth
    • Unique Design

    An Alloy constructed Gas Blowback pistol with an interesting external design that combines the Hi-Capa lower frame and a unique slide, to create a highly realistic replica that cycles silky smooth.

    From £115.00
    Was £229.99
    Save £114.99
    • 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel
    • URX-3.1 Style Handguard W/ RIS
    • SR-15 MOD.1 Replica 14.5" Barrel M4

    A new 6mm electric airsoft rifle manufactured by NUPROL, designed as a replica of the 14.5 Barrelled KAC SR-15 MOD.1 assault rifle, complete with URX-3.1 RIS Railed Handguard, and is ideal for Airsofters looking for a Modular M4-type Airsoft gun.