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  • 9V Battery
  • For Accessories
  • Req. For Box Mags

A 9V battery which is perfect for Airsoft accessories, guitars, fire alarms or anything that requires a 9V battery to run come to think of it.

  • 9V Battery
  • For Accessories
  • Req. For Box Mags

A 9v battery which is perfect for Accessories, Box Magazines or anything else that needs one.

  • Style your Weapon
  • For M4 / AR15 / M16
  • CNC Machined

Created by RetroArms this replacement Fire Selector Cover replaces the standard one usually found on the right hand side of your fire select on your Airsoft M4 / 15 / 16 and upgrades it with a much nicer looking one.

  • White BBs
  • 0.25g Weight
  • Approx. 3000 BB

A slightly heavier weight general-purpose Airsoft BB, suitable for use both indoors and outside, these 0.25g BB's are manufactured to high tolerances within 5.97mm +/- 0.01mm diameter. 

  • Eay To Fit
  • Robust Quality
  • Spare / Replacement

Spare vanguard belt buckles designed as a replacement to any worn out belt buckles. 

  • Neck Lanyard
  • External Pouches
  • MOLLE Compatible

A MOLLE compatible pouch for your smartphone, complete with neck lanyard and external pouches.

  • Alloy Shell
  • 300rnd Capacity
  • Clockwork Wound

A 300rnd Airsoft high capacity clockwork wound magazine for M4/M15/M16 based replicas.

  • MOLLE Fitting
  • Velcro Panel Flap
  • Removable Pouch

Unlike most other admin panels this one has a Velcro flap cover to protect any valuable documents you wish to insert into the main compartment. 

  • White BBs
  • 0.30g In Weight
  • Approx. 3000 BB

Created for excellent tolerances these BB's are manufactured to within 5.97mm +/- 0.01mm diameter. 

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Ideal Base Layer
  • Soft & Comfortable

A lightweight and comfortable t-shirt made of 100% cotton making it a very soft and pleasant to wear. Ideal as a base layer, a key part of your loadout or casual wear, Cannae Pro Gear looks great on and off the field.

  • 360rnd Capacity
  • Polymer Construction
  • Clockwork Winding Design

This CAA 360 round high capacity magazine Airsoft by ASG is not only designed for the CAA M4 itself but most Airsoft weapons that feed via STANAG magazines. Features a wind-up style mechanism and a lightweight, sturdy plastic construction.

From £24.98
  • Perfect Combination
  • Full Face Protection
  • Great for Starters
  • 3 External Pockets
  • Viper Lazer MOLLE
  • Ventex Back Panel

A Medium Sized Backpack, which holds up to 25L of items. The bag is constructed from 600D Water Resistant Cordua and features three external pockets for extra storage.

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  • Concealed Carry Capable
  • Internal Admin Organiser
  • Quick Access Eye Pro Pouch

A traditional backpack designed for everyone from hikers, travellers, commuters, Airsofters, real world shooters and more. If you love the great outdoors, this is the backpack for you.

  • Removable Pads
  • Rip-Stop Poly-cotton
  • Full Set UBACS & Trousers

A lightweight and breathable top and trouser set, designed to keep the user cooler when wearing Airsoft gear, making it great for the warmer summer months.

From £109.99
  • Alloy Sight Rail
  • Flip Down Fore-grip
  • Quick Change Spring

A high quality AUG Bullpup rifle delivering crisp shot after shot action. With a quick change spring gearbox and enough rails for all your accessories, you can go hit the field with reliability and consistency all day long.

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  • Gas Blowback
  • Limited Edition
  • Co2 Powered

Cyber Gun Tanfoglio Airsoft CO2 pistol kicking out a powerful 340fps average. Very gas efficient and crisp trigger responce and smooth slide action. Comes with one magazine and spare CO2 base cap.

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  • Resealable Bag
  • 4000rnds Per Bag
  • High Quality Finish

King Arms platinum series 0.25g 4000 BBs are regarded as being in the top class of BBs. Available in both 0.20g and 0.25g form. Each BB is has a flat polished finish and produced for the more "experienced" player. Ideal for high power and high speed Airsoft rifles and pistols. Each bag also contains 4000 BBs and is produced at 5.95 +/- 0.01mm diameter.

  • Velcro Closure
  • 400 Gauge Plastic
  • Roll Sealing System

A pouch designed to hold valuables such as mobilephones, gps devices, keys, map, documents and perishable items in a water proof environment.

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  • Limited Edition
  • DRM Pre-Setup
  • Attachments Included

An Airsoft AEG 6mm BB Gun is a Limited Edition, Branded and Faithful replica of the G28 which was designed as a DMR rifle for the German Army. This Airsoft Gun is constructed almost entirely from Alloy, with a Polymer Stock and Grip, and comes with all the mounts, grips and sight mounts needed to get this gun ready for game play. 

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  • Limited Edition
  • Genuine Magpul PTS
  • Keymod Rail system

A Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, designed by PTS Syndicate to be as realistic as possible, and is a Limited Run Edition of the Mega Arms MKM-AR15 with official PTS Syndicate Furniture.

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  • Short, compact design
  • Fires 40mm Grenades
  • Great for CQB

Madbull - XM203 Airsoft MOSCART Grenade Launcher Short - Black is a short style MOSCART / Gas Grenade launcher, designed to hold shells made to shower your enemies with plenty of BB's! The launcher is of a compact size, meaning it is great for all rifles, ranging from CQB upwards and can even be fit onto some pistols! The launcher is constructed fully from Alloy, and has a safety switch. To load the launcher the tube slides forward and grenades are placed in from behind the tube, with the rear button firing the shell. Perfect for those Airsofters who want to have the look of a Grenadier soldier, or perhaps those players who want to give the enemy team something to worry about. Perfect for CQB environments due to its short and compact design.

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  • Coolmax Lining
  • Sheepskin Leather
  • Rubberised Grip Pads

SealSkinz hunting gloves are designed to offer all year, all weather protection against all natures elements. Very comfortable with a thermal rating of 3 out of 5. Very robust with an attractive flat black colour outer and black leather look palm

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  • Zipped front
  • Upper arm Pockets
  • Reinforced stitching

Vertx - Kryptek Gunfighter Shirt designed to be warn as an individual layer for spring and summer use and as a base or under layer to a jacket or smock for winter use. Please note you may be better to order a size under what you would normally buy. For example, if you normally wear X-Large jackets you will find a Large more ideal, very comfortable and will not restrict movement. High quality construction with double stitching to reinforce every seem and joint. Zipped pockets on each upper arm and a large Velcro piece to apply your favourite patch or strobe.

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  • Elasticated waist
  • Zipped top right pocket
  • Reinforced knees

Vertx - Kryptek Highlander camouflage pattern trousers available in sizes 30 to 40 waist. Favoured by hunters, stalkers, private and military operators and in Airsoft loadouts. Designed for the operational Athlete who wants the combination of low visual profile and the function of a battle garment. Tough, rugged, easy to wear and last all day on the battlefield.

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  • Perfect CQB Weapon
  • Futuristic Design
  • Gas Blowback

Finally here firing just under 340fps on Abbey Predator Ultra gas.

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  • Non-Toxic
  • Max Temp: 68°C
  • Lasts For 6 Hours

A pair of hand warmers that are activated by shaking and squeezing the bag - outputting an average 51°C over several hours.

  • Smooth Edges
  • High Quality Finish
  • Strong Spring Tension

Exactly what you are looking for to put in your spares box or for upgrading / reinforcing your current Airsoft AEG. This spring is compatible with most Airsoft AEG gearboxes on the market. 

Airsoft products from a bygone era!

All products in this sections are ones we no longer sell, whether they were discontinued or we no longer carry them, all listed items are here for historical purposes. We keep all the information available should you need to know any information about a product you've had from way back when, or possibly from a second hand trade. 

The information will be forever available and searchable, for those who either need information, or just want to look over weapons past.