Big Dragon PDW/SR-25 Style folding front sight for 20mm Picatinny rail

Big Dragon
Code: BD3817
  • Flip-up front sight
  • KAC style for PDW/SR-25/M4
  • Steel adjustable sight blade

A classic front sight design that has been around for quite some time in the Airsoft world, this sight is usually found on KAC style replicas such as the KAC PDW, SR-25, and SR-15, but is perfectly suitable for a civilian tactical M4 build or an MK12 SPR build. The sight mounts to a 20mm Picatinny rail and is adjustable for elevation by raising and lowering the steel front blade/post using an M4/AR15 front sight adjustment tool. This sight is very sturdy and well built, making it perfect for anyone who has had bad luck with polymer sights. The sight was intended to be equally effective in use as a primary aiming device as it is as a backup sight for your optic. This sight is incredibly low profile when folded, and is perfect for setups with a big scope that would prevent bulkier flip-up sights from mounting. 

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  • Alloy sight body, steel sight blade
  • Very low profile design
  • Robust, proven sight style
  • Great for KAC builds
  • Mounts to 20mm Picatinny rail
  • Adjustable with M4/AR15 front sight adjustment tool

Package Includes

  • Big Dragon PDW/SR-25 Style folding front sight for 20mm Picatinny rail



Sight Type Icon
Sight Type
Iron Sights
Package Includes
Front iron sight

Weight and Dimension

Product Height
Approx. 4cm
Product Length
Approx. 5cm
Product Width
Approx. 3.4cm
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.054kg


Construction Icon
Steel sight blade, locking bolt and pins. Alloy sight body and protective wings.

Sight Specific

Sight Magnification
Sight Adjustment Adjustments
Sight Zero Adjuster Method
Adjustment Tool Required
Sight Zero Location
Sight Mount Options
20mm RIS / RAS Rail

Ironsight Specific

Flip-Up Ironsight
Spring Loaded Ironsight