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Was £10.95
Save £2.00
  • A mystery
  • Looks Used
  • Can You Give it a Home

This product has been floating round Patrol Base for a while, we believe it was returned, however, we can't find any paperwork as to why. The product definitely looks used but looks to be intact... hopefully we can find it a new home.

Was £21.99
Save £12.00
  • Parts Missing
  • Used/Marked
  • Non-Functional

A used/damaged item that is missing the nozzle/needle/nipple to pierce the CO2 Bulb. The screw to press on the bottom of the CO2 Bulb also seems to be rather used.

Was £24.99
Save £7.00
  • Like New
  • Speedy Boy
  • Missing Base Screw Cap

This Foregrip was found missing its base screw. It still functions and if anything is now a little lighter... 

Was £72.49
Save £22.50
  • Miss firing
  • Looks Used
  • New Valve fitted

This gun has developed a special character flaw, it fires every other. A new fill valve has been fitted and is gas tight so if someone out there recons they know what the issue is, it could be an easy fix for you! Signs of use externally.

Was £78.99
Save £20.00
  • Sicking Slide
  • Signs of Slight Wear
  • Nozzle not Returning Correctly

This gun was returned with a catching slide and was filed down in our workshop to no avail. Upon a second look it may be caused by the nozzle not resetting properly. Box in good condition with some minor signs of wear on the gun itself. Could be an easy fix for someone.

Was £109.99
Save £50.00
  • Crushed Inner
  • No Tracer Function
  • Can Work As Suppressor

A used item that has been assembled incorrectly, and so the inner tube extension has been crushed, and is currently blocking the BB flight path. This means that the Tracer functionality is probably lost forever, however with the debris cleared from the inside it will still work as a Suppressor for aesthetic purposes.

Was £74.99
Save £15.00
  • Two Tone
  • Slide Falls Off
  • Slide Tabs Snapped

Our Customer Service Department were feeling nice this day and refunded this AEP with broken slide tabs. The slide, which is a nice worn shade of Two Tone Red, falls off with the slightest gust of wind. Useful for parts or a project gun if you are crafty with super glue.

Was £78.99
Save £19.00
  • Vertically Misaligned slide
  • For Spares and Repairs
  • Co2 Mag Damaged

This pistol was returned used from a customer after he discovered faults. It looks like the railed parts which connect the slide and frame have been machined slightly off, resulting of a slight incline leaving a visible gap on one side of the pistol where the slide and frame seats. The Co2 magazine also gasses out and is missing the Delrin buffer ring which seats the magazine in place. 

We would recommend this pistol as a prop, or for parts, or for someone who knows exactly what they're doing when it comes to tech-ing pistols. To discover the fault you'd have to take a close look at the pistol. We cannot return it to supplier because of the EU nonsense, so we're passing the savings on to you.

Was £69.99
Save £10.00
  • Gassing out
  • It's a mystery
  • Fix me!

This little specimen is occasionally gassing out. The gun function seems fine but we can't locate the cause of the gassing out issue. The gun looks very good externally and is ideal for a project or extra parts.

Was £74.99
Save £15.00
  • Epic Prop
  • Dead as a Door Nail
  • Custom, state of the art, unique, bespoke spray job... lol

The CM.127 AEP is dead, there are no signs of life, and due to the fact the customer decided to go all arts and crafts on it, we can't return it to supplier so now its an epic prop.

Was £74.99
Save £12.00
  • Slightly Worn
  • FPS Drops Off
  • Needs some TLC

Our returns department described this little beauty as "Lazy". The performance of the first couple of rounds is great, however, the FPS quickly drops off. If this sound familiar to you and you know hop to motivate this gun then by all means, please do so. Its is pre-two toned red so no defence is required. Slightly worn paintwork.

Was £79.99
Save £15.00
  • Cracked Receiver
  • Missing Left Safety
  • Slide Lock Snapped

This lovely Airsoft RIF has a cracked receiver behind the grip safety, is missing the left safety and the slide lock is snapped.  This is ideal for parts or if you own an airsoft junk yard.

Was £134.99
Save £35.00
  • Shoots Well
  • Good Lucking Pistol
  • Loose Slide Lock Pin

This Pistol was returned for having a loose slide lock pin and an apparent loose slide. Upon inspection the slide seems fine and the pistol fires as it should, while the slide pin is a little loose but for the life of me, with all my shaking and whacking, I could not get it to fall out! May need a little TLC but all in all, it's in pretty good nick, cosmetically and internally.

Was £129.99
Save £30.00
  • Looks Very Used
  • One Shot Wonder
  • Gasses out in a Blaze of Glory

What can I say about this... The mag holds gas however as soon as you pull the trigger it fires a single BB and the slide goes into "Full Auto Mode" gassing out the entire mags worth of gas. It is two toned blue so no defence is required, although at this point I'm not sure what kind of perk this is. Paint worn on the magazine as we all on the pistol. All I can say is it must have been a very loved gun before we accepted it back. This is a project, good luck.

Was £119.99
Save £20.00
  • Signs off Use
  • Fires Normally
  • Needs a New Slide

This Airsoft pistol has a broken slide, with the missing piece being included in the box. Unfortunately the snapped piece now means if you knock the fire select into semi a little vigorously you will jam up the pistol. The pistol also shows signs of blue paint so it may be a past Two Tone. If a new slide can be acquired, this should function as normal.

Was £109.99
Save £10.00
  • Good Condition
  • Slightly Used Pistol
  • 2 Magazines Included

This Boneyard listing comprises of; a WE WET Pistol in Tan which was returned as an after market magazine didn't fit well enough for them, and a WE CO2 EU Series magazine which has a damaged brass valve. All in all it's a slightly used pistol with 2 functioning mags? Bargain!

Was £129.99
Save £20.00
  • Missing Pump Spring
  • Great physical Condition
  • Part Pinched for a Warranty Job

This gun is in mint condition, except from the fact we have removed the spring which allows the shotgun to pump, and therefore fire for another order. Apparently springs can be found for these so someone with a little determination may have a right steal on their hands!

Was £124.99
Save £15.00
  • Was Dry Boy
  • Now Greasy Boy
  • Now wants to be your Boy ;)

This airsoft gun was returned to us with a sticking slide, and has subsequently been returned to supplier who have applied some form of lubrication to an appropriate part of the gun. Box shows signs of use as well as the magazine, however the pistol itself looks to be in good condition.

Was £139.99
Save £30.00
  • Looks Used
  • Damaged Box
  • Fixed By Supplier

This item was returned with cycling issues, it has been fixed by supplier, however the box shows signs of damage and magazine looks well used.

Was £129.99
Save £15.00
  • Slight Signs of Wear
  • Missing a Trigger Sear
  • Needs Some Technical Support

This shiny 1911 is missing its trigger sear, meaning the hammer is jamming. Supplier refused to fix it so now we are giving one of you luck Airsofters the chance to repair what could be your new sidearm. Slight signs of wear and tear but generally in good nick.

Was £159.99
Save £30.00
  • Dead MOSFET
  • Looks like new*
  • Great Discount Price

This replica is in a stunning external condition, however, the internal MOSFET is currently dead (upon testing we suspect this could just be a wiring issue) and the stock is missing a screw. If you are at all tech savvy, or are heavy a cheeky MOSFET lying around, this is a steal!

Was £153.99
Save £24.00
  • Slightly Bent Rear sight
  • Signs of testing / use
  • No other damage

This is a Chiappa Rhino 50DS .357 Magnum CO2 Revolver which has come from the factory with a slightly bent rear sight. We suspect that the pistol was dropped at some point before it was sent to us, but otherwise works fine. There are signs of marks from where the pistol has been tested. If you want a pistol which looks good, but the rear sight is slightly wonky, then this is for you.

Was £179.99
Save £40.00
  • 295FPS w/ 0.2g
  • Damaged Safety
  • Cosmetic/Marked

A used/damaged item that has a broken safety lever, but works great at 295FPS w/ 0.2g BBs. It has a few light marks from use, but is otherwise in very good condition. Supplied in original box with magazine and manual.

Was £239.95
Save £19.96
  • Like New*
  • Made the vultures happy?
  • No side rails... I hope you're happy

This gun has been set upon by by hungry vultures in our workshop in order to fulfill a customer warrant job. It now is missing its side rails. This gun has never been out the door, therefore the condition of the rifle is second to none!

Was £249.99
Save £25.00
  • 380-400FPS
  • Working Great
  • Used/Cosmetic

A used/returned item that was sent back under reports of a faulty HOP. Upon testing, it would appear that the HOP is working fine. The problem is that the Gun is an non-EU variant that is firing at 380-400FPS w/ 0.2g BBs. When you try to fire a 0.2g BB at this kind of speed it's going to go all over the place. The Gun is in really nice condition, and is supplied in original box with magazine, backstrap and quick release sling loop.

Was £295.95
Save £50.00
  • No Faults
  • 354-360FPS
  • Good Condition

A returned item that was reportedly dropping Magazines, however we can't replicate the fault on our end. It was noticed in testing that the Tamiya Connector is squished on one side. A battery will still connect and work, but the plastic casing is somewhat crumpled. Fires absolutely fine between 354-360FPS w/ 0.2g BBs. Supplied in original box with Magazine. This is a pneumatic blowback model.

Was £369.99
Save £120.00
  • Low(ish) FPS
  • Damaged Box
  • Tested & Working

A returned item which had an issue with the MOSFET, which has now been rectified and it shoots at 280FPS w/ 0.2g BBs. This still seems a little lower than usual so there may be some investigation around the Piston/Barrel/HOP to be had, however it is working as it should and comes supplied in an original box (slight damage) with a magazine. There are some marks on the handguard from use.

Was £409.99
Save £135.00
  • Needs Work!
  • Requires Parts
  • Experienced Techs Only

Another 'mystery gun' that turned up with the customer with a number of faults. It will be easier just to jot down the engineers notes:

  • Gearbox pin is out and missing
  • Piston has been stripped (poor reassembly?)
  • Blowback plate was in mag well
  • Small EBB Spring was stuck to the motor
  • HOP very stiff
  • EBB out of sync?

Parts needed from G&G

  • Gearbox pin
  • Piston

If you fancy yourself as a budding engineer, this is a great project to really test your mettle. The price should hopefully represent a neat discount by the time you have got it working again.

Was £409.99
Save £130.00
  • Refused Return
  • Needs Major TLC
  • Intermittent Trigger

A used/returned item that was sent back to supplier for repair, but it was refused under the grounds that the customer had tinkered internally (I have no notes to support this but I would purchase this Gun on the understanding that this may have happened). However, when you try to use the Gun it is clearly unhappy. Sometimes multiple trigger pulls are needed for a single shot, some trigger pulls will yield a short burst, the gearbox sounds 'flumpy' and the blowback will sometimes activate, sometimes not. It needs a full course of TLC, but is in very good external condition. Supplied in original box with carry handle, magazine, manual and front sight post.

Was £359.99
Save £80.00
  • Fuse Blower
  • Fix Me Please
  • Electrician Neede

This returned item was sent back to supplier and fixed... supposedly. Keeps blowing fuses, like a dramatic toddler. Shows signs of wear from use and being "fixed" and needs an appointment with a fuse whisperer.

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