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  • Minor Scratches
  • Not Currently Working
  • Boneyard Product

The Nuprol WeCon RU RDS Reflex Sight is a non-magnified red dot sight, designed to aid the user in quick target acquisition. The sight mimics a 'Russian' design, so is very popular with those using an AK style weapon platform. Although this sight comes with it's original box and allen keys, there are some signs of wear on the body (slight scuffs/scratches to the paintwork). At present the sight does not appear to be working, so would require a bit of technical know-how to get it functioning again.

RRP £69.99
Save £30.00
  • Boneyard Product
  • Slide Release Tabs Missing
  • Fantastic External Condition

This is a damaged item that is still functional but is missing some semi-vital parts. The slide release tabs that hold the slide in place on the frame are missing, meaning that when the magazine is removed there is nothing stopping the slide from falling off the frame. When the magazine is inserted this won't let the slide return past its' idle position, so the weapon does still function and fire however once the magazine is removed the slide will just fall off as there is then nothing securing it. Aside from this the weapon is in fantastic condition with barely a scratch on it - this issue was probably caught before sale meaning this should be a brand new item aside from the missing parts.

RRP £104.99
Save £45.00
  • Intermittent Trigger Fault
  • 1x Shell Included
  • Very Good Condition

The CYMA CM.355 Tactical M870 Operators Shotgun is a modern take on the classic Remington 870 shotgun, with a 'Magpul' style fore-grip and stock. The body of this tri-burst shotgun is also manufactured from a durable alloy, making it more hard-wearing than it's polymer counterparts. This particular model is being sold in the boneyard section because of an intermittent trigger fault, meaning the gun might not always cock and fire properly. The bodywork is still in great condition, with only a couple of very minor scratches visible. The gun comes in its original box with a single 30rnd shotgun shell.

RRP £89.99
Save £25.00
  • Non-functional
  • Decent Condition
  • Pre Two Tone Blue

This Umarex airsoft rifle is a replica of the iconic MP5 (A3 variant), as used by the SAS (amongst many others) and immortalised in such games as Counter Strike. This particular version comes in a pre-painted two tone blue, meaning you don't require a defence to purchase this RIF. The bodywork is still in decent condition, with the exception of some scratches to the blue paint on the stock arms (inevitable) and a small crack in the top of the polymer stock. Unfortunately, at some point in its life the flash hider has been lost, but you could probably pick one up elsewhere fairly easily. At present the gun is non-functioning and the fire selector seems to be misaligned on the gearbox. This listing is for the gun only - there are no accessories included (not even a magazine).

RRP £99.99
Save £35.00
  • Replica of Popular 'G' Pistol
  • Alloy Slide
  • Boneyard Product

There is little negative to say about this ASG G-Series 17 Railed Frame airsoft pistol. It fires at around 320fps on 0.20g BBs (using ASG Ultrair) and feels pretty snappy. The included green gas magazine holds around 24 rounds, which should be enough to keep you running. Also included is the hop-up adjustment tool. The gun does have some signs of use/wear - mainly around the top of the outer barrel in the ejection port of the slide, but this is a common issue with many 'G Style' replicas. All the original trades are still clearly visible, including the 'F in a Pentagon' which makes it legal to purchase if you live in Germany!

Package Includes:

  • ASG G-Series 17 Railed Frame (Black)
  • 24rnd Green Gas Magazine
  • Hop Up Adjustment Tool
  • Magazine Loading Tool
RRP £84.99
Save £15.00
  • Boneyard Product
  • Loose Safety Lever
  • Excellent Condition

This weapon has previously been returned to us for a loose safety lever. The safety is still functional, however will only move into 'safe' and stop the hammer from falling when the lever is fully rotated downwards, further than where safety should normally engage. Aside from this the pistol is in excellent condition with only the slightest marks from use. There are small signs of dirt from use, marks on the breach where the pistol has been fired and a slight scuff on the front sight post. The weapon is incredibly consistent with a three shot chrono result of: 301fps, 300fps, 299fps.

RRP £109.99
Save £25.00
  • Boneyard Product
  • Quick Spring Change
  • Ambidextrous Design

This is an exemplary boneyard product, with very little wrong with it aside from some faint scuffs on the metal work and a faulty flash hider. The original flashhider included with the weapon was not sitting correctly on the end of the barrel, forcing your BBs skyward. With the flash hider removed, the weapon functions absolutely flawlessly, hitting smack on the iron sights at 331fps. This weapon is commonly used as a hire weapon, and with good reason; they take a lot of abuse and get the job done. This example of it is in better condition than most hire weapons and so would be an ideal starter gun for someone looking to get going on a budget.

RRP £129.99
Save £35.00
  • Repaired Item
  • Resprayed Black
  • Boneyard Product

A previously used ex-repair item that has been two-toned blue at some point in its' life, however the previous owner has done a pretty good job at covering it up with black spray paint. The exterior of the weapon is marked in the usual places you would expect, such as under the fire selector and in places on the rail system. There are signs of underspray on the stock (parts of the two tone showing through) and on the flash hider. The weapon itself functions great still chrono'ing happily at 312fps on a 0.2g BB. The original foam from the box is missing and so the weapon is wrapped in bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

RRP £199.99
Save £45.00
  • Boneyard Product
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Functional Bolt Release

This is a repaired item that had a trigger contacts issues where the contacts were pushed too far apart to interact with one another. They've since been moved back together and the weapon feeds and functions fire, firing at 91m/s. The contacts did look to have a little scorching on the surface so it wouldn't be a bad idea to get new trigger contacts in this weapon at some point. Aside from that the rear sight post has broken and is included in the box, along with two 20mm rail pieces and the light scratches acquired during its' life!

RRP £269.99
Save £90.00
  • Lightly Marked
  • Boneyard Product
  • Magazine Damaged

This is a used item that has received some damage to the magazine during its' life span. The lip on the front of the magazine which hooks into the receiver and allows the mag to rotate into place has snapped off and so the magazine won't stay seated in place, meaning that the rifle outputs roughly 250fps. We believe that the lack of seal on the magazine is the source of the loss of power but there could also be a hop issue that is slowing the BBs on their way out of the barrel. There are some light marks here and there on the weapon, especially on the electric blowback bolt cover as this moves during firing. Please bear in mind this weapon requires an 11.1v LiPo battery to run and has a Large Tamiya connector in the stock.

RRP £249.99
Save £70.00
  • Repaired Item
  • Minor scratches
  • Boneyard Product

This pre-used, ex-repair CYMA CM.040N Full Metal AK airsoft replica is tested and working, with only minor scratches to a couple of spots on the body (buffer tube nut, . The gun comes with its original box and accessories - including a battery and charger (2-pin EU type). The gun fires very well, at a respectable 315fps on 0.20g BBs.

Package Contents:

  • CM.040N Full Metal AK
  • 'Palm' Style Hi-Cap Magazine
  • 9.6V 1200mAh Crane Battery
  • 2-Pin Euro Charger
RRP £239.99
Save £45.00
  • Boneyard Product
  • Light Visible Marks
  • Rail Pieces/Magazine Included

This is a used item that has some visible signs of wear, however these are very faint and it would take a very close inspection to notice them. There are no other signs of a fault other than some light visible marks. It chrono'd at 295fps and still has all original rail pieces and the high cap magazine included in the box.

RRP £269.99
Save £55.00
  • Excellent Condition
  • Ex-Repair
  • Boneyard Product

This ex-repair, pre-loved Nuprol Delta Enforcer Bravo is still in excellent condition, with only minor signs of use on the stock. The gun fires well and chrono's at a respectable 320fps on 0.20g BBs. The alloy construction of both the receiver and the hand guard means that this airsoft RIF should withstand a rugged days game-play with ease. The included iron sights are of a flip-up design, allowing you to fold them out of the way should you wish to mount your own optic on the monolithic top rail.

Nuprol are known for including a few higher spec components in their Delta Series rifles - and this gun is no exception! Included as standard you get a 6.03mm tightbore barrel, to help keep those shots on target. Also, the microswitch trigger system gives a very positive, satisfying feedback with every shot. The only thing missing from the original box is the instructions leaflet.

Package Includes:

  • Nuprol DELTA Enforcer Bravo (Tan) - BY211
  • Metal STANAG Hi-Cap Magazine
RRP £259.99
Save £35.00
  • Boneyard Product
  • Great External Condition
  • Rounds Jam In Hop Chamber

This weapon is in a fantastic like-new, fresh out of the box condition externally, however has a few gremlins lurking within that need addressing. During chrono, the results vary from 186-285fps - and by spamming the trigger the rounds stop feeding until the magazine is removed and you clear the weapon, leading us to believe it is a hop issue causing the varied chrono results. The motor sounds a little harsh and could ideally do with realigning or replacing. This is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on an otherwise quite rare weapon, and a chance to challenge your technical skills.

RRP £339.99
Save £100.00

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