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Was £94.99
Save £38.00
  • Good condition
  • Missing brass valve
  • For TAGinn ML-36

This TAGinn CO2 kit was returned to us due to a missing brass valve. Otherwise, the kit is complete, and may still be of use to someone who knows their way around valves and gas-related stuff. 

Was £99.99
Save £40.00
  • Externally decent
  • Valve knocker damaged
  • No magazine included

This ASG P-09 was returned to us due to firing issues. The cause of this is damage to the valve knocker. The pistol is currently untested due to its magazine being missing, so assume it is dead. Externally the pistol is in decent shape but has some finish wear on the edges of the controls, the rear left corner of the slide, the front of the slide and the edges of the outer barrel/chamber area. This could be useful for someone with a P-09 to repair, or someone looking for a nice movie prop!

Was £99.99
Save £40.00
  • Non-functional
  • Missing front sight, potentially more
  • Good as a parts donor

This ASG CZ P-09 found its way to the Boneyard after having its front sight pinched for a repair. The magazine is missing, the front sight has been removed, and the gun does not work due to a fault with the hammer mech, though there may be other problems. Externally what remains of the pistol is in decent condition, with just some minor scratches on the safety catches and hammer. This would be useful purely as a parts donor for a P-09 in need of a repair/refresh. 

Was £149.99
Save £77.00
  • Externally great
  • Feeding issues
  • No battery and charger included

This G&G CM16 LMG Box magazine was returned to us due to feeding issues. The issue reported is that the magazine only winds intermittently and also has issues with the cutting off when the magazine is wound. Externally the magazine looks good, with no signs of damage. This magazine does not come with batteries or a charger, but takes 2x rechargeable CR123a. Could be useful for a tinkerer!

Was £119.99
Save £40.00
  • Externally rough
  • Piston does not hold back - piston/sear issue
  • Missing screws for the front rail mount

This Specna Arms SA-S03 was returned to us due to firing issues. The rifle slam fires when you attempt to cock it, pointing to an issue with the piston or sear. Externally the rifle has seen better days, and has scratches, marks and wear all over. This could be a handy source of spare parts, or be refurbished by someone with some skills. The front rail mount is included but the screws for it have gone missing, as has the dummy magazine. The box is also missing so the rifle will be shipped in a non-standard box. 

Was £129.99
Save £50.00
  • Externally decent
  • Fires but poorly
  • Scratches on outer barrel and controls

This ICS BM9 was returned to us due to firing issues. When tested the pistol fires fully auto, but very poorly to the extent that it is effectively non-functional. The pistol is in decent condition on the outside, with scratches on the raised edges of the trigger and controls, and a scratch on the top of the outer barrel. This may be of use as a parts donor, or for display. 

Was £109.99
Save £25.00
  • Externally fantastic
  • Runaway trigger
  • Minor scratch on outer barrel 

This WE EU18 was returned to us due to a runaway trigger. When tested, the pistol will immediately dump the magazine on fully auto as soon as the trigger is pressed. Externally the pistol looks good, with a scratch on the outer barrel around the chamber area, and some finish wear on the right side disassembly catch. This could be an easy fixer-upper with the right parts, or a source of fresh externals for any worn old EU18. 

Was £179.99
Save £74.00
  • Externally in perfect condition
  • Nozzle is broken, will not fire
  • Slight damage to the feed lips of the magazine 

This G&G GTP-9 was returned to us due to a broken nozzle. When tested, the gun does not fire, but releases all gas with the first shot. There are no marks or damage on the pistols exterior, it looks brand new. The magazine also has some cosmetic damage to the feed lips, though they still hold BBs perfectly. Great for a repair project. 

Was £169.99
Save £63.00
  • Non functional
  • Motor issue and MOSFET is dead
  • Externally decent, but dirty

This Double Eagle M904E was returned to us due to a motor and MOSFET issue. As it stands, the AEG is non-functional, and is unresponsive on all modes of fire. Externally, the AEG is in good condition, with some scratches on the tip of the flash hider, on the QD sling sockets in the stock, and on the fire selector switches. The AEG is also a bit dirty, and could use a wipe down. Potentially a decent project here, especially with the unique receiver and snazzy M-LOK front end!

Was £169.99
Save £55.00
  • Mechanically sound
  • Wobbly barrel
  • Dent in the upper frame in front of the rear sight

This Chiappa Rhino was returned to us due to a wobbly barrel. The wobble is present but it isn't obvious without holding the barrel and trying to wobble it. There is a small dent in the upper frame, ahead of the rear sight, and there are some marks here and there from use. The pistol has not been tested with CO2 inside but the mechanical aspects are fully functional. 

Was £229.99
Save £100.00
  • Externally perfect
  • Hammer mech fault
  • Non functional

This Chiappa Rhino was returned to us due to a fault within the hammer mech. The internal hammer does not function, and thus this pistol is a paperweight. The cylinder still cycles fine when the trigger is pulled, and the revolver has no obvious external damage. This would make a great wallhanger, prop pistol or display item! 

Was £169.99
Save £40.00
  • Selector switch has been removed
  • Selector blank from the right side is missing
  • Untested - currently set to safe, no selector!

This JG G3 RIS arrived at the Boneyard after having selector parts pinched for a repair. A selector switch and parts are in the box, but you may require other parts to have it working correctly. The selector blank from the right side of the trigger group is missing, as is the magazine. This AEG is untested, so assume it doesn't work and if it does its a nice surprise! On the outside the AEG is in decent condition, with a few marks on the stock bars, the RIS handguard and the trigger group, beneath where the selector once was. 

Was £229.99
Save £92.00
  • Fully functional
  • Cylinder release lever snapped
  • Small scratch behind the cylinder

This Chiappa Charging Rhino was unfortunately damaged in shipping/storage. The cylinder release lever has snapped, though the cylinder can still be opened by pulling back on what remains of the lever. Otherwise, the pistol is in near new condition, other than two scratches on the left side of the body, beneath where the cylinder release lever would normally sit and some barely visible wear to the cylinder index holes in the cylinder, from testing.  

Was £249.99
Save £112.00
  • Non-functional
  • Stock will not lock in the deployed position
  • Pins, screws, wiring and ETU have been pinched for a repair

This Ares VZ.58 found its way to the Boneyard after having many of its parts taken for a customer repair. The AEG is missing many of its pins, small screws and its ETU and wiring harness. There is also a fault with the stock, it will not lock into place due to a missing part from the folding mech. This could be handy for a homebrew builder, and could also make a decent wall hanger as the externals are in reasonable shape. 

Was £214.99
Save £65.00
  • Non-functional
  • Slide chipped on the inside
  • Scratches on the chamber and mock extractor

This Umarex Glock 34 was returned to us due to being non-functional. The slide will not stay on the pistol, and this appears to be due to a chip on the inside of the slide. Externally the pistol is in decent condition, with a scratch on the outer barrel chamber area, and some finish wear on the mock extractor. This could be handy for parts or for display.

Was £289.99
Save £103.00
  • Works sometimes, for a bit
  • Box magazine is untested
  • Externals great bar scratches on butt plate and bipod mount

This SA-249 CORE was returned to us due to intermittent firing issues. The AEG works sometimes, but stops shortly after. This will require some extensive work to have running reliably, be warned. The externals of this AEG are in good condition, with some scratching around the Bipod locking lugs and at the butt plate. The box magazine has not been tested, consider it a bonus if it works. This would be fantastic for display, but may also be useful for a techy person with the skills to make something of this beast. 

Was £289.99
Save £90.00
  • Externally good
  • Does not fire
  • Small green mark on the handguard

This SA-249 MK1 CORE was returned to us due to being in non firing condition. When tested the gun does nothing, no noise, no movement. The externals are in great condition with just a small green mark on the handguard and some wear on the Bipod locking components. Good for a project or parts harvesting. 

Was £379.99
Save £168.00
  • Externals are worn
  • Misfeeds
  • Charging handle spring is gone, mock bolt stuck

This Modify XTC G1-MS was returned to us due to various faults. The trigger pin works its way out of the receiver, there are scratches around the mag well, sling plate, controls and handguard. The rifle cycles perfectly but it only feeds the first round. The charging handle spring is either broken or missing, and as such the charging handle needs to be returned manually when actuated. The mock bolt is stuck to the rear and the dust cover needs to be opened by hand. There is also a spot of rust on the upper receiver rail. This rifle needs some TLC, though with the features this thing packs out of the box it would make a good project gun for those who are technically inclined. 

Was £419.99
Save £177.00
  • Externally intact
  • Non-functional
  • Scratches on the handguard and controls

This BOLT B4 Cobra was returned to us due to internal issues. The AEG does not fire in either mode and appears to have a Tamiya to deans adapter permanently attached to its mini-Tamiya battery connector. Externally the AEG is intact but the handguard is scratched on all surfaces from mounting accessories. The receiver shows some wear on the raised edges, and some marks on the left side of the upper. The controls also have some wear to their raises surfaces. 

Was £359.99
Save £110.00
  • Functions fine
  • Fire selector is a bit loose
  • Unidentified rattle from within

This Umarex G36c EBB was returned to us due to a loose fire selector, and a rattle from inside the gun which we are not able to identify. The AEG still works fine, including its 2 round burst function and the electric blowback. The box has a tear in its lid, but the AEG itself has no external marks or wear other than a tiny bit of finish has been worn off on the right side (as installed) of the flash hider. 

Was £419.99
Save £160.00
  • Fully Functional
  • Externals in good condition 
  • Lower receiver is cracked near rear pin

This BOLT B4 DEVGRU Extension was returned to us due to a crack in the lower receiver, near the rear pin hole. Currently, the rifle is solid, and feels as if the crack does not affect the structure of the rifle, though this crack will likely worsen, especially given the hard recoil this rifle provides. Other than this the externals are perfect, and the rifle functions fine as if it was new. 

Was £389.99
Save £120.00
  • Painted on scratches all over
  • Non functional
  • Ducko painted on the magazine well

This CM16 LMG was returned due to firing issues. The rifle is non functional, but would make a nice repair project for the technically inclined. The rifle has been painted to look like it is scratched, and there are real scratches too. There is also a small mural painted on the right side of the magazine well, depicting a "Depressed Ducko". The rifle does not function internally, and all we can say for certain is that the fuse is missing. The mock bolt carrier does not spring back into place, and there may be parts missing that we have not noticed. This is sold as spares or repairs, and would make a great project for someone who knows their way around AEG internals, and paint stripper! The box magazine provided in the box is untested and sold as non-functional. 

Was £369.99
Save £100.00
  • Cycles fine on both modes
  • Piece above the charging handle is snapped
  • Trigger guard/mag release assembly is missing

This Phantom M14 EBR was returned to us due to a broken piece above the charging handle. The trigger guard has since been pinched for a customer repair. The AEG still cycles on both modes but cannot feed BBs due to the missing trigger guard/mag release assembly. Externally the AEG is in decent nick, other than the broken piece below the charging handle the only damage present is a scratch on the trigger and some wear to the two tone blue paint. To fix this you will need to find a new trigger guard, or rig up a solution. 

Was £429.99
Save £144.00
  • Cycles fine
  • Magazine is very loose - Doesn't always feed
  • Barrel threads have been damaged

This BOLT BR47 was returned to us due to the magazine being very loose when inserted, causing intermittent feeding. This issue may be solved with a new magazine release or a new magazine but all of the mags we have on hand do not fit this rifle. The threads on the barrel of the rifle have been damaged, so may or may not be able to accept a muzzle device. The butt plate/battery compartment has had one of the tabs snapped, so it will no longer stay connected to the stock. The rifle has some wear to its two tone paint, and a scratch on the upper receiver where an optic was mounted. There are also some scratches at the tip of the sound amp muzzle device. This may be useful for the techy type who needs BOLT parts for a repair. 

Was £424.99
Save £139.00
  • Externally great
  • Top rail is scratched
  • Very low FPS

This Umarex MP7 was returned to us due to low FPS. When tested, the AEG chronos under 100FPS, pointing to a major air seal issue. The AEG is in great condition externally, with some very minor marks and a scratched area on the upper Picatinny rail. This would make a great display piece and may be worth trying to repair, though the parts may be difficult to source. The box has also been slightly damaged.

Was £439.99
Save £154.00
  • Externally decent
  • Missing switch assembly and HOP unit
  • Front sight was snapped - repaired and repainted

This A&K M249 found its way to to the Boneyard after having parts swapped for a repair. Most of the externals are in great shape, but the front sight has been snapped and repaired and then repainted in tan. The outer barrel has scratches on the top, as does the rear sight and bipod feet. The pistol grip also has a bit of a gouge on the left side. Internally this AEG is dead due to the switch assembly and HOP unit being removed, and it has not been tested so there may be other issues. This would make a decent shell for a HPA build, and could also be handy for someone looking to fix up their M249. There is no magazine included with this AEG but it accepts standard M4/AR15 AEG magazines. 

Was £424.99
Save £133.00
  • Externally decent - missing flash hider
  • Cycles on both modes
  • Call it Bob Marley, because it likes jammin!

This Umarex MP7 A1 AEG was returned to us due to firing issues. The AEG cycles fine on both fire modes, but does not feed due to either an issue with the HOP or the nozzle. There may be other internal issues with this AEG, as such we do not recommend it to anyone who is not confident in their ability to repair techy issues. Externally the AEG is in decent condition, with some scratches on its outer barrel threading, a slight scratch on the right side selector switch and a scratch on the right side of the front iron sight. The flash hider has also gone missing at some point. 

Was £424.99
Save £120.00
  • Minor scratches on metal parts
  • Cycles fine, does not feed
  • Possibly an easy fix for a tech

This Umarex MP7 AEG was returned to us due to a feeding issue. The AEG cycles fine in both fire modes but does not feed. The problem is not with the magazine, as that has been tested and works fine. All of the AEGs functions work, including the bolt stop, but there may be an internal issue with the nozzle/tappet plate or HOP which prevents it from feeding. Externally the AEG is in excellent condition, with the only damage visible being slight finish wear on the edges of the metal controls and sights, and a couple of scratches on the flash hider. Perfect project for the techy type, though you should be prepared to go inside the gearbox to fix this AEG. 

Was £434.99
Save £127.00
  • Functional in most ways
  • Stop firing on empty feature non-functional
  • Magazine has taken a drop - baseplate missing

This Umarex MP7 AEG was returned due to issues with its bolt stop/stop firing on empty feature. With the magazine removed, the AEG does not fire without the bolt catch held down, but when the magazine is in it fires like any other AEG, and does not stop firing when the magazine is empty. Externally, the AEG has some wear to its two-tone paint, and the right side selector is scratched as are the raised edges of the iron sights. The magazine looks like it has had a rough life, and is missing its baseplate, meaning the outer shell of the lower section moves freely. Could be a decent project gun, but only for the experts!

Was £379.99
Save £70.00
  • Externally near perfect
  • Was working fine, gearbox locked during testing
  • Minor wear and scratches on the sling mount

This G&G SR15 was returned to us for reasons unknown. The AEG is near perfect on the outside, but has some wear and scratches on the sling point at the rear of the receiver. The AEG was working perfectly but during testing the ETU beeped, then the gun stopped working, pointing to a locked up gearbox or an ETU fault. The AEG is non-functional, though it may not take much to bring it back. Perfect project for a techy type!

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