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Was £29.99
Save £15.00
  • Missing original packaging
  • Aluminium construction
  • Fits RMR/T1/T2 red dot sights

If you want to shoot while you shoot, we suggest a sight mounted to your sight! The WADSN LPVO Mount Offset Optic Base is designed to mount to the WADSN LPVO 30mm Scope Mount and provide an instantly accessible red dot sight. This mount base is compatible with RMR, T1 and T2 style sights, and may also fit others.

This item is being sold as a Boneyard solely because it is missing the original packaging, but it will be sent safe and sound as usual.

So grab this mount for a great discount price.

Was £59.99
Save £35.00
  • Reported not working
  • Scratches
  • Box missing

This item is being sold as a Boneyard as it has been reported as not working, however, this is unconfirmed at the time of writing. The mag also has some minor scratching and is missing its original packaging.

So if you're fine with these foibles, grab it now at a discount!

Was £319.99
Save £95.00
  • Dead MOSFET / ETU
  • Non-functional
  • Cosmetically near mint

This item is being sold as a Boneyard as it has a dead MOSFET / ETU and sadly does not work. This could potentially be remedied with a replacement by those with some technical knowledge but for now it is being sold as non functional.

It's a shame because the rifle is in near mint cosmetic condition, and as such is a bargain at this price.

So if you fancy something to tinker with or maybe just some spare parts, grab this at a huge discount before it goes!

Was £319.99
Save £55.00
  • Non-functional
  • Potential MOSFET issue
  • Fantastic cosmetic condition

This item is being sold as a Boneyard as it was a repair job. The gun has had a new piston and piston head. However, after a few tests of the gun working, it no longer cycles or feeds, most likely down to a faulty MOSFET.

This could potentially be fixed with a replacement, by those of you with technical knowledge who fancy a project to work on, but for now, it is being sold as non-functional.

A shame too, because the gun is in near-mint condition.

So if you fancy something to tinker with, this would make a great project that could be restored to its former glory!

Was £359.99
Save £95.00
  • Cracked lower receiver
  • Minor scuffs
  • Tested - functional

This item is being sold as a Boneyard as it has a crack in the lower receiver. This is on the left-hand front near the magwell. This doesn't affect the functionality of the rifle, as it has been tested and fires perfectly fine and while the crack present doesn't seem to affect the integrity of the rifle, be aware that an issue might surface in the future.

Close to the crack are a couple of relatively noticeable scuffs, but other than that, the gun is in fantastic condition.

This is a bargain at this price, so grab it before it goes!

Was £339.99
Save £70.00
  • Functional - Full auto only
  • Minor scratches and marks
  • Externally good overall

This Evolution Airsoft E-416 was returned to us due to a firing issue in semi auto. The gun works fine but fires full auto in the semi position. Externally the AEG is in good condition with some wear to most of the raised edges across the AEG, primarily on the rails and sling plate. This is a fixer-upper for a tech who knows their way around MOSFETS, as the fault is likely related to the ETS.III ETU. 

Was £339.99
Save £40.00
  • Wobbly grip and stock
  • Mock charging handle issue
  • Tested - functional

This item is being sold as a Boneyard as the pistol grip and stock wobbles. This is down to part of the lower frame no longer holding a screw and the grip and rear and now loose, so this may need seeing to at some point, but for now the gun is still together and intact. 

Another issue is that the mock charging handle is broken, in that it will pull back, but will not spring back and retract when let go.

The gun has been tested and is fully functional with no issues

The gun will be perfectly fine to skirmish with and this beautiful rifle is in fantastic condition, but it may need some work doing in the future to restore it to 100%. If this interests you, come grab yourself a bargain today!

Was £349.99
Save £50.00
  • Repaired - Fully functional
  • Externally fantastic
  • Ready to hit the skirmish field!

This G&G Wild Hog was returned to us due to a MOSFET issue. The MOSFET has since been replaced with a brand new one and the gun now fires perfectly in both fire modes. Externally the AEG is in great condition, with the odd mark here and there but nothing distracting or obvious. If you are after a cheap but high quality AEG to hit the field with straight away this would be a fine choice! 

Was £479.99
Save £165.00
  • Non functional
  • Cycling issue
  • Feeding issue

This item is being sold as a Boneyard item due to cycling and feeding issues. They could potentially be fixed by those of you with technical knowledge however as this moment the rifle is being sold as non functional. Cosmetically the rifle is in great condition, only showing slight signs of wear in the form of minor scratches on the KeyMod system.

So if you fancy a project to tinker with or simply some spare parts or furniture, think about grabbing this for a discount price!

Reduced price pre-loved or damaged airsoft guns and parts for projects and spares

The airsoft boneyard: where guns and parts come in need of some love. Ideal if you’re looking for a cheap airsoft gun to get you going, or if you’re looking for a new fixer-upper project these second-hand used guns will be a perfect place to start. This is the Patrol Base collection of pre-loved and reduced-price airsoft guns, spares and parts, including everything from guns and sniper rifles to mags, grips and grenades.

All of the products you’ll find in boneyard come with information on issues and repairs needed. if you’d like more before you purchase however, feel free to get in touch with us. 

Please note: Items cannot be returned for a refund once purchased. Before purchasing please check out our full breakdown of our terms and conditions.

Please also note: We do not offer a buy-back service for pre-owned products. Boneyards are all sourced internally from our stock.