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RRP £6.99
Save £6.00
  • 10 pieces
  • In original packaging
  • For speed reducer 605252

Designed as replacement parts for a Swiss Arms speed reducer, these rubber membranes look new in their original packaging.

Please be aware we are not able to offer refunds or accept returns of this item.

RRP £6.99
Save £4.00
  • 5 sizes available
  • Unwanted items
  • Missing inner lining

Most of the berets we have here look brand new under some of the dirt they may have collected in the boneyard. However some of these berets have had their inner lining removed. Grab a bargain and get the military look for less.

Please be aware we are not able to accept returns or offer refunds for boneyard items.

RRP £6.99
Save £4.00
  • Slightly worn
  • Red teardrop patch
  • Nursing Corps style

This beret is designed in the style of those issued to the Royal Army Nursing Corps. Featuring a red teardrop patch, this item is slightly worn around the binding but otherwise intact.

Please note that we are not able to offer refunds or returns for this product.

RRP £19.99
Save £17.00
  • Like new
  • Size 63cm
  • Bonnet only

    This Irish military headdress looks new and unused with no noticeable damage or wear to the outer or inner lining. This product would be ideal for any player looking for a military look, but wanting something that stands out more than a traditional beret.

    Please note that this is nigh on impossible to place on a Polystyrene Head without making it look daft - we tried our best.

    Please be aware we are unable to offer refunds or returns for this item.

    Was £59.99
    Save £18.00
    • Repaired Item
    • Side Button Replaced
    • Polarity Markings Wrong

    A repaired item which has had a side button from the unit replaced by manufacturer. The unit is in perfect working order now with all functions working as they should. The externals of the unit are in good condition, aside from the Rubber Lens Cover insert which is rather twisted but should still work. Please note that this unit suffers from the classic issue of incorrectly marked polarity. Please insert the included batteries the opposite way to how the polarity markings suggests, otherwise the sight won't work. Included in an original box with Rubber Lens Cover insert, 2 x AAA batteries, Allen Key, Instruction Manual and Cleaning Cloth.

    • Green/Red Holographic style reticule with multiple levels of brightness
    Was £69.99
    Save £25.00
    • In Original Box
    • Padding Missing
    • Brand New Item

    A Multicam Railed BUMP Helmet which has had the internal padding foam removed to replace missing pieces from another unit. It is otherwise brand new in its' original box.

    Was £189.99
    Save £40.00
    • Ex-Display
    • Box Damaged
    • 330FPS w/ 0.2g BBs

    An ex-display item which has been regularly handled but is in surprisingly good external condition, however the box is in a sorry state and we couldn't consciously sell it as new due to some light marks on the externals. It comes in an original box with 300rnd magazine, spring and tools. It fires and functions great at 330FPS w/ 0.2g BBs.

    Was £399.99
    Save £200.00
    • Parts Missing
    • Gearbox Issues
    • Great Externals

    A used item which is really good external condition apart from a snapped charging handle and bolt release. It does however have some internal gearbox issues which need addressing. The gun seems to function fine on Auto (albeit with some nasty gear spin when the trigger is released). Single Shot is where things fall apart and it takes two trigger pulls to complete a cycle, with some nasty overspin-like noises from the gearbox. It shoots at 355+ FPS so would need a downgrade to be skirmish ready. This item definitely requires a full internal inspection, hence the dramatic price drop.

    Was £329.95
    Save £44.96
    • High Rate of Fire
    • Very Basic Repair
    • No Magazine Detection

    A very lightly used item that was returned for a fault which turned out to be that the spade connection in the Buffer Tube had pulled apart. The Gas Block was also loose inside the Handguard and so has been tightened up. The gun comes included in an original box with G2 Magazine, Speedloader, Cleaning Rod and Manual, and was tested at 310FPS w/ 0.2g BBs through our chrono, with a rate of fire of 1400RPM+ using an 11.1v LiPo. Please remember that this gun has Empty & No Magazine Detection, so if you're wondering why it won't fire when you connect a battery, that could very well be why.

    Was £379.99
    Save £80.00
    • Repaired
    • Box Damaged
    • Light Handling Marks

    A repaired item, the history of which we do not know. It is lightly marked as though it has been handled / fire selector moved and shoots absolutely amazing with incredibly trigger response from a 7.4v LiPo. The rails don't seem to have been used as they are scratch-free, and the protective foam is still wrapped around the Muzzle Brake. The gun achieved a steady 328FPS w/ 0.2g BBs through the chrono, and is supplied in an original box (damaged from being shot no doubt) with a mid-cap magazine. The only clues we can give are that a MOSFET/Wiring Issue was at fault, as there seems to be a securing putty/sheath around the Fuse that does not look original.

    Was £379.99
    Save £80.00
    • Fairly Marked
    • Fire Selector Repair
    • 330FPS w/ 0.2g BBs

    A used item which came to us for a warranty repair to the Fire Selector, at which point the customer decided to return it. Aside from being fairly marked it is in great condition, and happily shot 300FPS through the chrono with a great response from the trigger using a 7.4v LiPo. The Fire Selector is 'tastefully loose', so that its not a nuisance to move or too lose. It comes supplied in an original (but rather tatty) box with Mid Cap Magazine.

    Was £489.99
    Save £50.00
    • Repaired Mag
    • Great Condition
    • ~285FPS w/ 0.2g

    A used item which is in great condition, and has had it's electric box magazine repaired. The gun cycles and feeds consistently at ~285FPS w/ 0.2g BBs, the box magazine working as intended on all modes. The packaging has been opened/resealed multiple times so is a little tatty from use of tape. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on a solid LMG for a discount.

    Reduced Price Damaged, Scuffed, and Pre-Loved Weapons for Projects and Spares

    Airsoft Weapons which need some love. If you're looking for a project Weapon, or a Gun for Spares or Repairs you've come to the right place. Find yourself a Reduced Price Damaged, Scuffed, and Pre-Loved Weapon for Projects and Spares

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