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RRP £6.99
Save £6.00
  • 10 pieces
  • In original packaging
  • For speed reducer 605252

Designed as replacement parts for a Swiss Arms speed reducer, these rubber membranes look new in their original packaging.

Please be aware we are not able to offer refunds or accept returns of this item.

RRP £6.99
Save £5.00
  • 100% wool
  • Leather trim
  • New and unused

Grab an out-of-the-box new and unused beret for a discounted price. Different colours and sizes are available.

Please note that we cannot accept returns or offer refunds for boneyard products.

RRP £6.99
Save £5.00
  • 5 sizes available
  • Unwanted items
  • Missing inner lining

Most of the berets we have here look brand new under some of the dirt they may have collected in the boneyard. However some of these berets have had their inner lining removed. Grab a bargain and get the military look for less.

Please be aware we are not able to accept returns or offer refunds for boneyard items.

RRP £6.99
Save £5.00
  • Slightly worn
  • Red teardrop patch
  • Nursing Corps style

This beret is designed in the style of those issued to the Royal Army Nursing Corps. Featuring a red teardrop patch, this item is slightly worn around the binding but otherwise intact.

Please note that we are not able to offer refunds or returns for this product.

RRP £10.99
Save £8.00
  • Unused items
  • Impact absorbance
  • Back and joint pain relief

    If you often find you need to take a break during games because of leg and foot pains then you'll definitely benefit from these heel pads. Specifically designed to absorb impact, reducing shock to your joints and tendons.

    Please be aware we are unable to offer refunds or returns for this product.

    RRP £20.99
    Save £9.00
    • Used Item
    • Light Scratches
    • Gas Seal Untested

    A used CO2 magazine for the Army Armament R28 / R26 series - which has several light marks and excessive grease on the knocker valve from lubrication. I don't have any CO2 bulbs to hand so I can't test the gas tightness of it, which is reflected in the price of the item.

    Do you feel lucky, punk?

    Was £16.99
    Save £3.00
    • Otherwise New
    • Deans Connector
    • Damaged Packaging

    This 8.4v 1600mAh NiMH Battery with Deans connector has slightly damaged packaging, so is offered for a reduced rate on the Boneyard.

    Was £40.99
    Save £26.00
    • Loose Rear Glass
    • Obvious Signs of Use
    • Sold as Non-Functional

    A used / returned / repaired item which has been returned to supplier several times, but keeps returning to us with faults. Currently, the unit has obvious skirmish marks (mud stains) and a loose rear glass panel (eye piece lens). There were batteries installed in the unit upon testing but the Target Dot wouldn't turn on, whether this is due to a broken unit or dead batteries I cannot be sure, so the price for this unit will be very low, if it happens to work... bonus!

    Was £22.99
    Save £6.50
    • Ex Display
    • Broken Baseplate
    • For WE Hi-Capa 5.1

    An ex-display CO2 Magazine for a WE Europe Hi-Capa 5.1 - the baseplate retaining tab is broken so the baseplate is loose.

    Was £24.99
    Save £5.00
    • Almost New
    • Very Faint Leak
    • Very Faint Scratches

    An almost brand new magazine with barely noticeable scratches on the rear, and the faintest leak you've ever heard in your life coming from the fill valve - I can't stress enough how faint this leak is. The fix will be a slight tightening of the Fill Valve or maybe a re-lube and re-seat of the O-Ring underneath. Not supplied in original box.

    Was £24.99
    Save £5.00
    • Gas Tight
    • Tiniest Scratches
    • Almost Brand New

    An almost brand new gas magazine for the WE Europe 4.5 XDM, which is in almost perfect condition aside from some very light scratches. Not supplied in original box.

    Was £59.99
    Save £35.00
    • Snapped Slide Tabs
    • No Battery/Charger/Mag
    • Variable FPS: 186-219FPS

    A damaged item with snapped Slide Tabs, meaning the slide won't stay in place. It has been Two Toned blue and doesn't include Battery/Charger/Mag., but is included in the original box. The pistol works fine but FPS results range from 186FPS to 219FPS w/ 0.2g BBs, which isn't immediately an issue, but normally the FPS out of the box is steady at 210FPS.

    Was £29.99
    Save £5.00
    • Massive Block
    • Brand New In Box
    • No Quibble Return

    An unused battery which was returned to us for no-quibble reasons. It is in fine working order, and comes supplied in an original brown/plain box. The customer had the bright idea of writing their details and our returns address all over the box, but we're super good and kind like that so we allowed him to return it for no-quibble reasons.

    Was £55.98
    Save £25.99
    • Sold as a Pair
    • 'Low Pressure'
    • Great Condition

    A set of returned items which were reported as having 'low pressure operation'. Roughly translated this means that the magazines don't output the amount of gas that they should. This information comes from the Workshop team, and has not been tested on the Boneyard end due to a lack of CO2. As I cannot be certain about their current condition, they are sold as non-functional.

    Was £44.99
    Save £10.00
    • Ex-Display Item
    • Great Condition
    • Damaged Packaging

    An unsold item which has been on display in the shop for a while, and so has had the packaging damaged from being opened multiple times, to explain to people that it won't fit their Airsoft Gun unless its' an Ares model with the threaded Flash Hider.

    Was £54.99
    Save £18.00
    • Elevation not working
    • Customer Returned
    • Supplier Returned

    This FLIP-UP Reflex Red Dot Sight was returned by a customer for  its elevation not adjusting and then returned to supplier for repair. After being returned twice the issue has still not been fixed, so it is going to the boneyard as the items now cost more in postage than it is worth. The dot has been testing as working, but cannot be adjusted for elevation.  If you have any experience with fixing sights and scopes then this may be a little project, or if you're wanting a backup sight for close range CQB where elevation is not an issue this sight may be for you.

    Was £49.99
    Save £10.00
    • Slide Tabs Broken
    • 220FPS w/ 0.2g BBs
    • Great External Condition

    A damaged Airsoft Electric Pistol which has snapped slide tabs, meaning the slide is insecure on top of the pistol. It otherwise works fine at 220FPS w/ 0.2g BBs. It is in very good external condition, and comes supplied in an original box with Battery, Charger and Speedloader.

    Was £74.99
    Save £25.00
    • Slide Wont Lock In
    • Cosmetically great
    • Everything In Box

    A CM.123S MOSFET Edition AEP electric pistol which is cosmetically and mechanically fine,but the slide wont lock on. This problem can be caused when the mock slide is pulled off instead of the mock slide release being clicked down before removing it. The pistol works fine, so if you wanted you could in theory tape the slide on using camo tape, or by ordering replacement parts. The pistol would also be great for stripping down to component parts should you need the spares as the mock slide is the only problem.

    RRP £74.99
    Save £25.00
    • Repaired
    • New Condition
    • Broken Slide Tabs

    An electric pistol that was returned to supplier with broken slide tabs and a non-functional gearbox. It has been returned to us with a functional gearbox, but the slide tabs remained damaged. The pistol was damaged in house when it arrived here as a new product for testing, and so is technically brand new in box (as corroborated by the pristine external condition). It comes supplied in an original box with charger and speedloader (and the integrated LiPo battery). The pistol still functions exactly as it should, the only issue is the slide needs securing in place.

    Was £79.99
    Save £30.00
    • Two Tone Red
    • Trigger Sear Fault?
    • 280FPS w/ 0.2g BBs

    A used/returned item which has a possible fault with the Trigger Sear. When the trigger is gently pulled the Pistol will attempt to fire automatically. A strong and disciplined Trigger Pull will yield a proper Semi Auto function. It is two tone red and in considerably good condition, firing 280FPS through the chrono using 0.2g BBs. This result dipped to 240FPS whenever the Pistol tried to fire automatically, as it consumes a lot more gas when it does this. It comes supplied in an original box with magazine, manual, and barrel tool. 

    The only report available from an engineer is 'what would be a broken firing pin on a real pistol' - there is a small silver component included in the box (pictured)

    Was £94.99
    Save £35.00
    • Low Rate of Fire
    • Inconsistent FPS
    • Repaired by Supplier

    This item has been repaired by supplier but was returned with a very low rate of fire, even on a fully charged battery, indicating there is still work to be done. The FPS results ranged from 186-340FPS using 0.2g BBs. All other aspects of the gun seem to be fine, there is just the issue of low ROF and inconsistent FPS. Externally, the gun is in great condition, with the exception of the front body pin which has marks from being punched out. It comes supplied in an original box with Magazine, Suppressor, Battery and Charger.

    Was £119.99
    Save £50.00
    • Parts Missing
    • Spring Powered
    • Brand New in Box

    A brand new item which has had the Magazine and Cylinder Assembly removed to perform repairs on another rifle. it comes included with all other parts as you would out of the box with a brand new rifle, including Speedloader and Lancer Tactical patch.

    Was £109.99
    Save £35.00
    • Returned by Customer
    • Cosmetic Damage
    • Vents Gas

    A WE Europe M92 Gen2 Gas Blowback Pistol which was returned to us by a customer after skirmishing for a few games before it started to develop faults. The pistol will vent all the gas from the magazine after a few rounds making it unskirmishable. You may be able to salvage some parts, however there are signs of use externally on the pistol with a scuffed outer barrel from the replica being shot. A great project gun for someone who has had these problems before and fixed them.

    Was £145.99
    Save £61.00
    • Customer Returned
    • RMR Plate Wobbly
    • Repaired Somehow

    An  Custom HX10 Hi-Capa (Split Slide) which was returned by a customer for a replacement because the RMR palate was wobbly, and was fixed in house by our returns guy. Because we're unsure of if the plate will hold if it is removed again it has been sent to boneyard. The gun also shows signs of heavy use, with marks from the pistol locking back, sights being used, and scuffs on all the moving parts we suggest this pistol has been heavily skirmished. This pistol may be a great buy for those who want a fixer-uper, or for those who want to split the pistol for internal parts.

    Was £129.99
    Save £40.00
    • Slow Cycling
    • 300FPS w/ 0.2g
    • Great Condition

    This Gas Blowback Pistol was returned for poor performance. It was tested through the Chrono with a peak result of 320FPS w/ 0.2g BBs, and the last shot out of the magazine being 290FPS. The slide felt very sluggish during each shot, but it cycled completely each time and never dropped below 290FPS. It comes included in an original box with a 14mm CCW thread adapter, magazine and user manual.

    Was £134.99
    Save £45.00
    • Returned Item
    • Lightly Marked
    • 320FPS w/ 0.2g

    A used item that has been returned from a customer, is in good condition and seems to operating absolutely fine. Tested at a consistent 320-300FPS through the chrono, using 0.2g BBs. It is supplied in a non-standard box with a gas magazine.

    Was £149.99
    Save £40.00
    • Dust Cover Damaged
    • Fire Selector Damaged
    • Otherwise Perfect

    This AEG has suffered damaged to the Rear Sight Post / Dust Cover assembly, and also the Fire Selector. This means that when you raise the Dust Cover to install a battery you will need to be very careful not to snap what remains of the hinged Dust Cover Assembly. The Fire Selector feels stiff yet smooth, and doesn't positively 'click' into position - Safe / Semi / Auto still roughly works as intended, however it is difficult to tell if you're locked into the correct position. It achived 320FPS w/ 0.2g BBs through our chronograph, and showed no issues feeding. It comes supplied in an original box with Battery, Charger and Magazine.

    Was £159.99
    Save £40.00
    • 330FPS w/ 0.2g BBs
    • Fire Selector Missing
    • Damaged Suppressor

    This item was damaged in transit to its' new owner. It is a Two Tone Green electric-powered MP5 by Jing Gong, and has a Damaged Suppressor which will no longer install (unless you want to glue it in place). It also has a missing Fire Selector on once side, however this can be replaced, and thanks to the ambidextrous Fire Selector can still be used from the opposite side. Aside from this, it works absolutely great, turning over fast on a 9.6v NiMH and outputting 330FPS average using 0.2g BBs. Supplied in an original (but slightly tatty) box with Magazine, Battery & Charger and the damaged Suppressor.

    Was £149.99
    Save £30.00
    • Not Feeding
    • Tappet Issue?
    • Screw Missing

    A Two Tone Red Assault Rifle which is yet to go out to a customer - it was noticed after being sprayed that there is an issue with it feeding, and a screw missing from the short RIS Rail Section included in the box. Upon inspection, it was noticed that there is motion from the nozzle when the gearbox cycles, but is locked in place when not cycling, indicating there may be an issue with the Tappet Plate. The externals are in fantastic condition, and it is otherwise brand new and unused, aside from the mentioned issues. It comes included in an original box with Magazine, Battery, Charger and 20mm Rail Sections.

    Was £159.99
    Save £30.00
    • 345FPS w/ 0.2g
    • Two Tone Green
    • Damaged Suppressor

    This item was damaged in transit to its' new owner, and has suffered damaged to the Suppressor, meaning it no longer attaches unless you're willing to glue it in place. Aside from that it is in a very healthy condition - even the Two Tone is unmarked - it cycles happily on a 9.6v NiMH and outputs 345FPS average using 0.2g BBs. It comes in an original box with Magazine, Battery & Charger and the damaged Suppressor.

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