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  • Looks good on the outside
  • Doesn't hold gas on the inside
  • A good source for feed-lips etc. 

This Army Armament 1911 Mag is another one that turned up in a random box. The outside of the mag appears to be factory fresh but it won't hold gas for love nor money. A good opportunity for techs to acquire parts such as valves, feed-lips and the gas route bucking which would be more expensive when bought separately. 

Was £26.99
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  • HG-195B Desert Eagle GBB Magazine
  • Brand New
  • Cracked baseplate

A HG-195B GBB Magazine that had a shattered baseplate & which we attempted to repair, just needs some glue & patience.

RRP £26.99
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  • Leaking
  • Boxed w/ Allen Key
  • Good For Spare Parts?

What is there to say about this CO2 magazine for the ASG CZ P-09 GBB Pistol? Not much, except that this particular one has leak! It could be fixable if you have the time and patience, or it could be a handy purchase to use as spare parts for an existing magazine in your arsenal.

Was £25.99
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  • Gas tight
  • Externals have a small mark from insertion 
  • CO2 Cap threads damaged and repaired 

This XP18 CO2 Magazine was returned to us due to damage to the threads holding the CO2 capsule in the mag. The threads have since been repaired and the magazine has been tested and is gas tight. The only other mark is on the side of the magazine from insertion into the gun.

Was £39.99
Save £15.00
  • Headset Microphone
  • Doesn't work
  • Would still look cool on a helmet 

This Z.TAC headset microphone was returned to us due to it not working. It is still fully intact externally. This would still be useful as a prop or for cosplay. 

Was £49.99
Save £18.00
  • LED Flash Grenade
  • No Battery
  • No Sound

These LED Flash Grenades were a batch we had that had a few issues such as no high pitched noise when activated. The flash on them does work however there are no batteries supplied with them, they would need a very small type battery which we unfortunately do not sell. 

Was £54.99
Save £19.00
  • Externals great
  • Cycles but very sluggishly
  • Magazine release catch is missing

This ASG XP17 AEP was returned to us due to a missing magazine release catch. When testing I found it cycles and all fire-modes work but the rate of fire is poor. This may be caused by electrical issues inside, or poor shimming of the gears in the gearbox. A good source of rare AEP internal parts. 

Was £74.99
Save £39.00
  • Steel Trigger sear
  • Fixes Slam firing
  • Two for the price of one nearly!

These Airsoft Pro Steel sears for the A&K and King Arms Dragunov turned up in our workshop. We don't need them and they are quite rare these days. If you have a broken Dragunov Springer here is your chance to bring it back from the dead!

Was £88.99
Save £49.00
  • Proper Broken Mate
  • Magazine Missing
  • Super Scuffed

This gun appears to have been taken, yeeted about, and then thrown back in the box. The pistol was returned to us by a customer beyond repair. We took the pistol and removed the magazine for parts. We're lead to believe that the pistol did fire at some point, but whether it does or not now cannot be commented on. This pistol might be good for parts? But each bit looks individually battered, the grips and lower frame look ok though? The box comes with just the pistol, and nothing else.

Was £54.99
Save £15.00
  • Perfect on the outside
  • Only fires fully automatic
  • Missing charger

This ASG Challenger XP17 was returned to us due to the semi-auto fire-mode not working. This could be down to the selector components being misaligned in the slide or frame or could be something more serious. Either way, this is still a very useful tool for an Airsoft sniper, it's very handy to be able to dump a mag in the enemy's direction from a one-handed weapon as you re-locate (i.e leg it!). 

Was £54.99
Save £15.00
  • Perfect on the outside
  • Only fires fully automatic
  • Complete with battery and charger

This ASG Challenger XP17 was returned to us due to the semi-auto fire-mode not working. This could be down to the selector components being misaligned in the slide or frame or could be something more serious. Either way, this is still a very useful tool for an Airsoft sniper, it's very handy to be able to dump a mag in the enemy's direction from a one-handed weapon as you re-locate (i.e leg it!). 

Was £78.99
Save £34.00
  • Vertically Misaligned slide
  • For Spares and Repairs
  • Co2 Mag Damaged

This pistol was returned used from a customer after he discovered faults. It looks like the railed parts which connect the slide and frame have been machined slightly off, resulting of a slight incline leaving a visible gap on one side of the pistol where the slide and frame seats. The Co2 magazine also gasses out and is missing the Delrin buffer ring which seats the magazine in place. 

We would recommend this pistol as a prop, or for parts, or for someone who knows exactly what they're doing when it comes to tech-ing pistols. To discover the fault you'd have to take a close look at the pistol. We cannot return it to supplier because of the EU nonsense, so we're passing the savings on to you.

Was £74.99
Save £30.00
  • Possible wiring fault / issue
  • Starter Pistol 
  • AEP

This AEP was returned due to a MOSFET Issue inside which causes some problems firing, we would class this gun as none functional & would be best suited to someone looking for spares, repairs or a project to work on. The gun is Black, & comes with a Battery, Charger, Speed loader, Magazine & Original box. Condition is as new.

Was £74.99
Save £30.00
  • Does not shoot
  • Externals are perfect
  • Sounds like the gearbox is locked up 

This Cm.122 AEP was returned to us with firing issues. Having tested it I can confirm that it makes some noise but does not cycle. It's possible that the gearbox is locked up meaning it might be fixable by stripping and rebuilding the gearbox. Either way its a full metal P226 replica and would look great if used for display or as a movie prop. It could also provide a decent source for scarse AEP internal components. 

Was £64.99
Save £20.00
  • Fires full auto in both fire modes
  • Missing battery and charger
  • Good for spares or repairs 

This ASG XP17 Challenger was returned to us due to firing issues with the semi auto firemode. Full auto works perfectly, semi auto fires full auto. The charger and battery have gone walkies at some point but the magazine is included. Great for spares and repairs or a project. 

Was £64.99
Save £20.00
  • Magazine has broken feed lips
  • Hammer mech issue
  • Mis-feeds sometimes 

This ASG MK23 pistol was returned to us due to an issue with the trigger being sticky. This appears to be a fault within the pistols hammer/trigger mech. The pistol does still work but misfeeds. The magazine feed lips are broken but it still holds gas perfectly. Great for a MK23 parts hoarder! 

Was £74.99
Save £25.00
  • Spares and repairs
  • Looks good on the outside
  • When fired the motor goes "wuurrr" but nothing else happens

This CYMA CM.125S was returned to us due to the motor not engaging the gears. This could be just a matter of adjusting the motor height but could also be damage to the motor pinion gear or the gears inside the gearbox. The pistol is in non-firing condition and as such we only recommend this for the techy type as it may require work inside the gearbox to fix the pistol. 

Was £74.99
Save £21.00
  • Slide tabs broken
  • Occasionally Miss feeds
  • Internals appear usable 

This CM.126S was returned to us due to the tabs on the frame which hold the slide on being broken. The slide will no longer mount to the frame. The internals cycle fine but during testing, though I experienced the odd miss feed this may be a simple fix. Perfect if you want to build an odd-shaped custom gun and can't find a gearbox that fits! Not that the world needs more Nerf to Airsoft conversions...

Was £79.99
Save £20.00
  • Fires as soon as the battery is connected
  • Externals are perfect
  • Includes Battery and charger cable

This CM.128S was returned to us due to firing issues on all fire modes. When tested, we found that the pistol fires immediately upon connecting the battery. This is probably an electrical fault. Externally the pistol is perfect. A perfect parts gun or spares and repairs for the advanced tech. 

Was £72.49
Save £10.00
  • Fully functional
  • Externals are in perfect condition
  • Magazine is gas tight

This RAVEN 1911 MEU GBB pistol was returned to us due to it being unwanted, with claims of sluggish cycling. Having tested it I'm quite sure this doesn't cycle any worse than a new Raven MEU, with the obvious limitation on gas efficiency due to the small magazine accounted for. Still perfectly capable of finishing a full magazine and locking back with semi rapid firing (two shots a second, full magazine dump). 

Was £84.99
Save £20.00
  • Externally perfect
  • Makes a noise, cycles sometimes
  • Gearbox sounds laboured 

This CYMA CM.122S was returned to us due to firing issues. When tested I found the pistol works occasionally but most of the time it just sounds like it is trying really hard to work, but failing. The externals are still in perfect condition other than the green two tone paint. Perfect for someone who wants a fixer upper or someone in need of rare AEP parts.

Was £84.99
Save £15.00
  • Externally in fantastic condition
  • Cycles but not well
  • Issues with the hammer catching on the slide

This Army Armament R32 1911 was returned to us due to the hammer sticking on the slide as the pistol cycles, causing constant stoppages. This appears to be a fault in the hammer mech, possibly the sears. The pistol appears to be in full working order other than this, so if you know where to get parts or you have them lying around this could be a steal for you! 

Was £84.99
Save £15.00
  • Externally decent
  • Mag release screw threads are stripped
  • Still usable

This R32 1911 MEU was returned to us due to the magazine release extension having fallen off, and the threads on the inside of the mag catch being stripped. The pistol can still retain the magazine, and it can still be used, though it doesn't look great. Handy for someone who has a source for 1911 magazine catches. There are some minor scratches at the tip of the outer barrel but other than that the externals are good. 

Was £114.99
Save £38.00
  • Does not fire
  • Perfect Externals 
  • Great as a movie prop 

This CM.366M tactical shotgun was returned to us due to the action being stuck. The pump moves freely, indicating that the action is cocked however the pump will not return to battery and the trigger is dead. Possibly jammed up with something inside the barrel. Would make a great movie prop as it sounds great when racking due to the full metal construction, or as a project if you have the balls to go inside one of these. 

Was £99.99
Save £20.00
  • Still functional
  • No external damage
  • Doesn't appear to fit anything!

This SVD Rifle scope was returned to us due to it not fitting. Having tested it, it doesn't fit an AK side mount rail either. This is a perfectly functional scope, but will need modification to fit on most Airsoft AKs and SVDs (at least the ones we have tested). The illumination function also does not work, the reticle is still visible in black but due to a fault with the electrical parts it no longer lights up.

Was £119.99
Save £39.00
  • Does not cock at all
  • Damaged Piston?
  • Damaged Sears?

This gun was caught during testing out of the box before it was sent a customer. Originally the issue was a low FPS and erratic loading of BBs, so we sent it back to the supplier. We thought we'd get it back fixed, though instead we've received it back worse than before, as its now scratched, and does not cock. This could be multiple issues, and could be either the piston, sears, or some other nonsense, so unless you know what you're doing then swerve this boneyard. If you want the gun for its body that could be an option, but do note that he outer barrel is scuffed, and the rear cheek rest is missing a screw. Could be a cool project gun, but definitely will not fire. If you've got a gun with a damaged body you could swap out the internals.

Was £109.99
Save £29.00
  • Missing Rear Sight
  • 1911 Slide w/ Hi Capa Lower
  • Aluminium Lightweight Slide

This excellent piece of kit from WE is simply missing a rear sight, which does expose the nozzle spring & may result in a bye bye spring if fired, so we recommend not firing it until you can source a rear sight. The gun works great & looks great, an ideal buy for someone looking for a bargain.

Was £109.99
Save £29.00
  • The slide does not return to battery 
  • Small scratches on two-tone paint 
  • The top of the barrel has been filed by the previous owner

This Raven R226 was returned to us due to a claim that the magazine keeps falling out. After inspecting it I am certain this is a case of operator error. The previous owner also kindly filed the top of the outer barrel for some reason. The pistol's slide will not return to battery, it's possible to get it to sit properly after a field strip but firing a shot results in the slide sticking once again. The mag holds gas perfectly and is fully functional as new. Great for harvesting parts from if you own an F226/R226 already. 

Was £139.99
Save £58.00
  • Looks Very Used
  • One Shot Wonder
  • Gasses out in a Blaze of Glory

What can I say about this... The mag holds gas however as soon as you pull the trigger it fires a single BB and the slide goes into "Full Auto Mode" gassing out the entire mags worth of gas. It is two toned blue so no defence is required, although at this point I'm not sure what kind of perk this is. Paint worn on the magazine as we all on the pistol. All I can say is it must have been a very loved gun before we accepted it back. This is a project, good luck.

Was £109.99
Save £25.00
  • Hammer will not lock
  • Slide lock area is worn
  • The pistol is non functional

This WE Europe EU17 Gen.5 was returned due to a hammer mech fault, meaning the hammer will not lock back when the slide is racked. This results in a non functional pistol. There is also severe wear on the reliefs in the slide which interface with the slide lock, as such the slide can no longer be locked to the rear. The magazine is still gas tight and perfectly usable, though it has some wear on the shell from insertion. This pistol would be great for someone looking for parts. 

Reduced price pre-loved or damaged airsoft guns and parts for projects and spares

The airsoft boneyard: where guns and parts come in need of some love. Ideal if you’re looking for a cheap airsoft gun to get you going, or if you’re looking for a new fixer-upper project these second-hand used guns will be a perfect place to start. This is the Patrol Base collection of pre-loved and reduced-price airsoft guns, spares and parts, including everything from guns and sniper rifles to mags, grips and grenades.

All of the products you’ll find in boneyard come with information on issues and repairs needed. if you’d like more before you purchase however, feel free to get in touch with us.

Please note: Items cannot be returned for a refund once purchased. Before purchasing please check out our full breakdown of our terms and conditions.