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  • Six Available
  • Unwanted Items
  • Ideal Replacements

A series of Vanguard Roll Pin Belt Buckles which are ideal replacements. These are old items that have not been available online, and so haven't sold. There are six available at the time of writing.

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  • Returned
  • Faint Marks
  • Loose Stitch

A returned item that has a loose loop of stitching on the neck and faint marks on the front.

  • Super Greasy
  • Totally Scuffed
  • Missing Spring Plug

This magazine has appeared from the shadow realm to haunt us, we're not sure how we have acquired this magazine, but we can only assume that it came as part of a damaged return. The magazine is greasier than your average Airsofter on a long game day, and has paint scratched from every contact point conceivable. The magazine is missing the bottom plug which holds the feed spring in place, so when you remove the base plate the spring will fly out (watch those eyes!). Surprisingly, the magazine holds gas, so could be usable with a bit of TLC.

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  • Used
  • Box Damaged
  • Scratched Paintwork

A used/ returned Tango N96 Bipod. Shows clear signs of skirmish with some deep scratches and missing paint, it also seems th bipod has either been adjusted or taken apart as the main lever screw for the legs has tool marks on it. The box is also heavily damaged.

Was £29.99
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  • White Marks
  • Chemical Marks?
  • Fine Working Order

A used/returned 400rnd Hi-Cap Magazine for G&G GEC36 Airsoft Guns, that seems to have been 'cleaned' with some kind of chemical that has turned marked the upper plastic. The Mag still works as it should, and is supplied in an original box.

Was £29.99
Save £10.00
  • Untested
  • Box Damaged
  • Charger Missing

A used/ returned SMG-5 battery operated drum mag. Minor scuffing on the top of the mag where it has been tested in a gun, however since being returned we are unable to test the mag as the charger was never returned. The damaged box does include the battery but it is not charged.

Was £27.99
Save £5.00
  • Easy Fix
  • Loose Seal
  • Otherwise Fine

This magazine was found to be faulty and returned without packaging. The nitrile seal which seats the top of the CO2 bulb when it is inserted is loose. The mag could be fixed by lightly gluing the seal in place, however the magazine was returned without packaging which is why its made it's way to the boneyard. An easy fix for a cheap mag!

Was £59.99
Save £27.00
  • Marked
  • Feeding Issue
  • 260FPS w/ 0.2g

A used/returned Two Tone Red Shotgun that is in fairly good external condition but has an intermittent feeding issue whereby it will either not feed, feed one round or work as normal. When it fire properly, it achieved the 260FPS that would be expected of a Tri-Burst Shotgun. Supplied in an original box with 3 x Shotgun Shells, Speedloader and Manual.

Was £62.95
Save £21.96
  • Reported Stain
  • Absolutely Fine
  • No Quibble Return

This is a returned item that was sent back to us under complaints about the lack of double stitching on the rig, and is also reported to have a drink-spill stain somewhere, which cannot be found. The rig seems to be in absolutely fine condition.

Was £74.99
Save £25.00
  • Snapped Slide Tabs
  • Top Cover Insecure
  • Mechanically Fine

This pistol is a customer return which has snapped rear top tabs which hold the slide in place. A common fault when the top slide is incorrectly removed using force, however mechanically the pistol is completely fine. 

If you're looking for a project gun, or want parts for an AEP then this is a great purchase. The package comes with the battery, charger unit and plug, but the box is missing. (Un)fortunately, depending on how you look at it anyway, the pistol is Two-Toned.

Was £74.99
Save £25.00
  • Magazine Falls Out
  • Tested at 211FPS on a 0.2g BB
  • Speed Loader Missing from the Box

A returned/ repaired AEP Pre Two Toned and repaired by our professional workshop. however sadly a fault has remained. The magazine is not secure in the pistol and as a result wants to fall out, this has also resulted in a few scratches in the bottom of the mag as well. Inside the included original box is the battery and charger, the pistol itself and magazine. The normally included speed loader is missing. 

Was £99.99
Save £45.00
  • Runs Away
  • Nozzle Broken
  • Repainted Slide

A used item that has suffered its' fair share of issues. For a start, the Two Tone Blue Slide has been painted Black. They haven't done the worst job, but it's definitely the reason its in such a state. The Nozzle is also unhappy, and isn't sliding/returning as it should, indicating an issue with the spring. The Trigger doesn't seem to be connected, and when you release the Slide Release (or work the Slide) then the Pistol will immediately start to run away (fire without stopping) on automatic, despite not having an auto function.

Was £79.99
Save £25.00
  • Slightly Off Centre Tube
  • Supplier Repaired
  • Otherwise Fine

Returned by customer because as you look down the tube it is ever so slightly off centre. This is from where it has been put together in the factory, because the unit and the battery housing are two separate parts. Due to this being handled by a customer it has slight scuff marks on the outside, but is otherwise fine. The tracer functions fine, and is unaffected by the very very slight kink where the tubes 95% match up.

Was £89.99
Save £30.00
  • Returned from Supplier
  • No battery included
  • Slight scuff marks

This gun was returned by a customer, then sent for repair, we received it back without a battery. The gun has been since returned from supplier as working but has been untested by us due to not having the battery. The gun looks new and undamaged, however we can't guarantee on its functionality.

Was £119.99
Save £45.00
  • Working Great
  • Glued Front Sight
  • Faint Router Leak

A used item that has had the Front Sight Post glued in place, and also has the tiniest leak from the Router / Knocker Valve. First shot through the Chrono was 355FPS w/ 0.2g BBs, but this settled to 333FPS on the second shot. Supplied in an original box with PVC Patch, Manual, Magazine, Spare Parts and a Barrel Tool.

Was £119.99
Save £45.00
  • Light Marks
  • 290FPS w/ 0.2g
  • Sight Post Glued

A used/returned item that has had the Front Sight Post glued in place, evident by suspicious white stains. The Pistol works great, firing at 290FPS w/ 0.2g BBs and a healthy, strong recoil. There are light marks on the some of the metal work, as seen in the pictures. Supplied in an original box with Magazine and Spare Parts.

Was £129.99
Save £54.00
  • Fires Once
  • Lightly Marked
  • Poor Performance

Here we have a chance for one lucky Airsofter to purchase the worst performing Airsoft Gas Pistol of 2020. This Pistol was (quite rightfully) returned for lazy performance - when filled completely the Pistol will manage about two shots, the Slide travels about 1cm and Gas escapes the entire time the Slide is cycling. This Pistol ideally needs someone who knows what they're doing. It achieved 277FPS through the Chrono with the one shot we did manage.

Was £109.99
Save £23.00
  • Paint Worn
  • 292FPS w/ 0.2g
  • Great Condition

A used Two Tone Blue item that was returned under reports of gassing out in 2-3 shots. This is almost certainly user error, as the fault could not be replicated on our end, and is actually shooting really good using ASG Ultrair and Blaster 0.2g BBs. Peak FPS through the Chrono was 292FPS, and held this value until we shot the pistol very fast to try and trigger cooldown. The Pistol cleared the whole magazine effortlessly and finished on a lowest value of 262FPS. The Paint is worn in areas but this is a great discount Pistol for a lucky Airsofter.

Was £149.99
Save £53.00
  • Untested
  • Heavily Used
  • Spares / Repairs

A heavily used item that is ideally suited to spares/repairs, as it has quite a list of issues resulting from neglectful ownership. The body pin feels loose, the lug on the Magazine has snapped off so it no longer seats in the gun, the top rail is detached from the gun and part of the polymer chassis inside the Handguard/Battery Compartment has been repaired with glue.

The Gearbox turns over healthily, and it was tested by dropping BBs into the feed tube, yielding 325FPS w/ 0.2g BBs. Supplied in a very tatty original box with (broken) magazine, battery, charger and top 20mm rail.

Was £139.99
Save £40.00
  • Tested at 415FPS on 0.2g BBs
  • Damaged Box
  • Not Holding BBs

A used /returned sniper rifle. With some minor marks on the barrel from use and wear marks on the plastic stock it has clear signs of use. The Safety Lever is snapped off. Included in the damaged original box is 3 magazine, a bipod and scope. 

The rifle also has an odd quirk when loading. sometimes after being cocked the loaded BB will roll out of the end of the barrel,  however this is not always the case.

Was £174.99
Save £50.00
  • Lightly Marked
  • Supplier Repair
  • Fixed Feeding Issue

A used item that was sent back to supplier for repair, as it was not feeding from any Magazine. The issue is now fixed, and the Gun was tested at 297FPS w/ 0.2g BBs. The Gun is in good condition, but has wear on the external rails. Supplied in an original box with magazine and 20mm foregrip.

Was £199.99
Save £60.00
  • Paint Untidy
  • 339FPS w/ 0.2g
  • Dust Cover Loose

A used/returned item that was sent back to us under complaints of the Dust Cover not staying shut, and the Paint Job not being up to standard. It is in perfect working order, firing at 339FPS w/ 0.2g BBs, and comes supplied in an original box. The Dust Cover doesn't stay shut, and there is some overspray/untidy paint inside the Handguard and on the Buffer Tube, but its going to wear eventually anyway.

Was £199.99
Save £50.00
  • V. Light Marks
  • Supplier Repair
  • Dead on Arrival

A brand new Gun that was dead on arrival at our facility, and so was sent back to supplier for a repair. It has now returned and is throwing at a super consistent 299FPS w/ 0.2g BBs, but has faint marks here and there from the repair. Supplied in an original box with magazine, manual and spring.

Was £219.99
Save £60.00
  • Box Damaged
  • 319FPS on a 0.2g BB
  • Magazine jamming up

Recently repaired by our workshop and in full working order, this AEG functions perfectly fine. As a used rifle it does show obvious signs or skirmish and would love some TLC. The magazine however can be tough to love, with frequent jams and BB ejection when outside of the rifle, it may not have much life left. 

Was £249.99
Save £70.00
  • Stock Sheared
  • 300FPS w/ 0.2g
  • Magazine Insecure

A damaged item that has had the Stock sheared off by its previous owner, and the supplier rejected it for warranty. It was also noticed that the Magazine-Release Paddle doesn't grab the Magazine as it should, meaning the Mag won't stay in place. The Magazine is fine, but can't be inserted far enough into the magwell for the Paddle to 'snap into position' and grab the Mag. It was tested by holding the Magazine in place, yielding 300FPS w/ 0.2g BBs. Supplied in an original box with magazine and manual.

Was £339.95
Save £89.96
  • 305FPS w/ 0.2g
  • Shoots Amazing
  • Handguard Loose

This is a used/returned Two Tone Red item that has a fair few external marks and wear on the paint, but most pressingly has a loose Handguard, no doubt caused by an absent screw from where the Handguard meets the Receiver. Aside from that, it shoots amazingly at 305FPS and a very high rate of fire. Supplied in an original box with magazine. 

Just remember that this model has a no-mag-no-fire system, so it won't fire unless it is actually loaded with BBs.

Was £359.99
Save £100.00
  • Damaged
  • 300FPS w/ 0.2g
  • Good Condition

A returned item that has a tiny crack on a non-important part of the Receiver, that doesn't affect function in any way. The Gun works great, firing at 300FPS w/ 0.2g BBs, and comes supplied in an original box with Magazine, and Basic Battery/Charger. The Gun is in great condition aside from the crack (pictured).

Was £369.99
Save £100.00

A returned item which had an issue with the MOSFET, which has now been rectified and it shoots at 280FPS w/ 0.2g BBs. This still seems a little lower than usual so there may be some investigation around the Piston/Barrel/HOP to be had, however it is working as it should and comes supplied in an original box (slight damage) with a magazine. There are some marks on the handguard from use.

Was £368.95
Save £92.96
  • Rifle Body Loose
  • Real Wood Scratched 
  • Charging Handle Loose

A returned and repaired M14 in real wood, sadly with a few scratches from use. The body of the rifle is now loose in the stock and we believe this is causing the inconsistent FPS result of 190FPS to 310FPS with large jumps between readings. The charging handle is also completely loose with some parts unattached inside the body of the weapon causing a rattle. The rifle does come with one mag and the damaged original box. 

Was £399.99
Save £100.00
  • Feeding Issue
  • Kink in Feed Spring
  • 277FPS w/ 0.2g BBs

A returned item that has a feeding issue, due to a kink on the Bowden Spring of the Box Magazine. The Magazine is clearly winding and feeding BBs, but gets stuck at the kink. Once you gently massage the Spring, the BBs shoot through and start to feed again but will get caught up again quickly. The Fuse Terminals are also frustratingly loose and could do with being crimped together on a more permanent basis. The Stock pulls a little too far away from the Receiver when pulled to extend it, which means it wobbles some when extended, and could do with tightening up. When the Gun fires, it does so at 277FPS w/ 0.2g BBs, and is supposed in a non-standard box.

Reduced Price Damaged, Scuffed, and Pre-Loved Weapons for Projects and Spares

Airsoft Weapons which need some love. If you're looking for a project Weapon, or a Gun for Spares or Repairs you've come to the right place. Find yourself a Reduced Price Damaged, Scuffed, and Pre-Loved Weapon for Projects and Spares

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