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  • Boneyard Product
  • Very Easy To Replace
  • 11.1v 1100mAh Capacity

Reduced in price due to being marked slightly with a knife upon opening the original box that contained several other G&G items. This item is very lightly marked and could be very easily restored with a little bit of heat. However, we are selling this item reduced for one lucky owner of a G&G MP5 that features the hand guards with inbuilt batteries. This unit works as new and comes in the original packaging just cut open and re-secured.

RRP £36.99
Save £24.00
  • Front Rail
  • Strong Action
  • Boneyard Product

This is damaged item that just about works however will need some work and spare parts to be fully functional once again. The slide release was missing and so has been fitted with a re-purposed one that functions, however the slide lock from the magazine is missing and so it won't lock on empty unless a new magazine is used. The slide lock safety is missing on one side, it is still connected to the right hand side however it has no spring to it and can easily be taken off safe. Finally the knocker valve has a leak meaning that a CO2 bulb is drained within minutes. A new magazine should fix a lot of the issues on this sidearm but please bear in mind the work that is required to get this back to its former glory. The weapon is in great condition aside from the listed issues, and would make an excellent prop for TV and film projects if not purchased for a revival project.

RRP £119.99
Save £50.00
  • Boneyard Product
  • High Density Polymer
  • Excellent Starter Pistol

This is a damaged item that is still functional but is missing some semi-vital parts. The slide release tabs that hold the slide in place on the frame are missing, meaning that when the magazine is removed there is nothing stopping the slide from falling off the frame. When the magazine is inserted this won't let the slide return past its' idle position, so the weapon does still function and fire however once the magazine is removed the slide will just fall off as there is then nothing securing it. Aside from this the weapon is in fantastic condition with barely a scratch on it - this issue was probably caught before sale meaning this should be a brand new item aside from the missing parts.

RRP £104.99
Save £30.00
  • Strong Blow Back
  • Boneyard Product
  • Full Metal Construction

This is a damaged/used item that has made its' way back to us through our no-quibble returns policy. The weapon itself is absolutely fine and functions as it should, however the magazine that is supplied with it has a small leak from the knocker valve, meaning that pressure slowly escapes until the CO2 bulb is empty. A replacement magazine will definitely fix all the issues on this handgun however the current magazine could be rescued by removing the knocker valve and giving it a good service, re-seating it with some thick grease. This weapon used to be two toned however the previous owner was kind enough to rather carefully remove the two tone paint service - they have done this rather well, hardly scratching the metal at all, however there are still small portions of blue left in places around the slide (pictured).

RRP £119.99
Save £40.00
  • Boneyard Product
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Interchangeable Grips

This is a repaired item that previously had damage to its' nozzle - that has since been replaced and is now like new aside from some extremely light scratches on the slide. The weapon shoots absolutely great with no cycling issues at all and has a strong healthy kick. Included in the box is the original magazine and some spare backstraps to customise the look and handling of the weapon. This is an excellent opportunity to get some money off a solid and reliable sidearm at the cost of having some light scratches that you were going to put on it anyway!

RRP £114.99
Save £30.00
  • Boneyard Product
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Functional Bolt Release

This is an ex display item that is in perfect working order apart from the following issues: There are some ever so faint scuffs here are there which as you can hopefully see from the pictures are very minimal indeed. The magazine feels a little stiff when inserting and so needs a good slap to ensure its' in place - it feed and functions fine as normal though. Finally the handguard doesn't separate from the front very easily, which actually makes it easier to insert the battery as the handguard doesn't fully remove away from the body. It probably just needs pulling a little harder than we dared do. Other than that it is a fine functional CAA full metal M4 - which unfortunately are now discontinued so this is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on one.

RRP £269.99
Save £84.00
  • Boneyard Product
  • CNC Alloy Construction
  • Compact 10" Barrel AK21

This is a repaired item that has been sent back to NUPROL to address faults on the weapon - as part of the repair they have removed the charging handle and locked the dust cover in the open position to make it easier to access and adjust the hop. The weapon is in a like new condition (aside from the mentioned faults) and looks like it did when it first came out of the box, no scratches! It also still has all the original bits that came in the box from the factory such as the 45 degree ironsights, foregrip and hi cap mag. Save yourself some pennies on a nearly new and highly competitive primary weapon, at the cost of not having a charging handle to pull on and break.

RRP £279.99
Save £70.00
  • Boneyard Product
  • Quick Spring Change
  • Full Alloy Construction

This is a perfectly fine and functional item that just has some light cosmetic issues to sort out. The catch to extend and collapse the stock is missing, which can be resolved by rigging up some kind of lever or just replacing the stock entirely. The bolt release button is missing and the charging handle no longer opens the dust cover, presumably because the mock bolt is in the open position and can't be closed due to the lack of bolt release. One of the body pins doesn't look to be original, and the other bodypin is missing the screw that secures it in place, however it is still holding tight. Beyond that the weapon has some very light scuffs on the metal sections like the front rail but nothing that catches the eye.

RRP £334.99
Save £100.00
  • Boneyard Product
  • Quick Spring Change
  • Full Alloy Construction

This is a used item that has some slight cosmetic damage in the form of light scratches and a missing faux (non-functional) body pin. The weapon is currently sat on a fairly consistent 405fps, and is locked to single fire via the Ares Amoeba Programmer - which can be put back at any time either in-store or with your own Amoeba Programmer. The trigger response is very nice indeed with the Ares micro switch trigger in as standard, making this an ideal out of the box DMR, or as a project for someone wanting to squeeze the most potential out of what this weapon has to offer. The weapon is running on almost stock parts, with a high power spring installed to achieve the 400+fps out of the muzzle. On a final note this weapon requires an 11.1v battery to turn over and won't even entertain the idea of being run on a lower voltage battery. 

RRP £319.99
Save £85.00

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