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Tokyo Marui - L96 AWS Sniper Rifle - Black

Tokyo Marui L96 AWS Sniper Rifle - Black

  • Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
  • Highly Accurate Replica
  • Tokyo Marui High Quality

Tokyo Marui L96 AWS Sniper Rifle - Black - is a bolt action, spring-powered 6mm BB airsoft gun styled on the British L96 sniper rifle. The stock is made of a lightweight polymer, with the rifle and bolt components constructed from alloy. The rifle uses Tokyo Marui's well established VSR bolt design, featuring an easy to operate bolt with large handle and a lock type bolt safety. The hop up, which is used to adjust spin applied to a BB allowing accuracy and range to be improved, is an easy to access dial type under the rifle and does not require tools to use. Along the top of the rifle is a 7.2" long RIS rail for mounting a variety of sights or scopes. Like the real L96, the Tokyo Marui L96 stock has a large and comfortable thumbhole stock, with a buttpad and cheek pad that are adjustable to allow the user to enhance their grip. Unlike other airsoft L96s, the magazine is located in the correct position, directly under the mock ejection port, with an ambidextrous magazine release lever. At the front of the stock are two mounting points for an L96 and a universal bipod, in addition to sling mounts on both the left and right side. Removing the muzzle cap at the end of the barrel reveals an internal thread, which when combined with a CW 14mm threaded adaptor allows the fitting of a suppressor. This airsoft sniper rifle is the perfect purchase for an airsofter looking to purchase an authentic and accurate replica of one of the most iconic sniper rifles of the twentieth century.


A&K - ZB26 Support Weapon - Wood Stock

A&K ZB26 Support Weapon - Wood Stock

  • WW2 Period LMG
  • Real Wood Furniture
  • Alternative Bren Gun

A&K - ZB26 Support Weapon - Wood Stock, is a 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun which accurately replicates Zbrojovka Brno Institutes 7.92mm Mauser chambered ZB vs. 26 Light Machine Gun. The ZB vs. 26 dates back to 1927 when the man-portable LMG was a new and developing concept, which explains the ZB 26's unique appearance compared to the MG34/42 or the BAR. A&K have successfully created an authentic replica of the ZB 26, utilising all alloy and real wood construction. Just like the real thing, the outer barrel is removable, and features an accurate recreation of the iconic air cooling fins which run along its full length. The receiver features offset iron sights and the ZB 26s iconic top loading magazine. The replica also possesses real wood furniture. The sprung, rear-folding bipod allows users to fire the ZB 26 from a stable position, regardless of rough terrain. The reinforced alloy internals allow users to put up a wall of suppressive fire, while the long inner barrel gives the Airsoft ZB 26 excellent range performance. This highly unique Airsoft replica is the perfect gun for Airsofters with an interest in history and a wide range of historical re-enactors. As the legendary Bren gun was a license-build, re-engineered ZB26, this Airsoft gun can even be used as a stand-in for the Bren gun in WW2 British loadouts! Despite the Bren gun gaining more fame, the ZB 26 has had a far longer service and more varied service history, due in part to many militaries producing their own localised variant. In WW2 it was used by both the Allies and the Axis, it saw extended use in China throughout the Civil War, many even found use in Latin America. Whether youre looking for a period-accurate Airsoft LMG, want a unique replica for a collection, or simply fancy something different, the A&K ZB 26 LMG is an excellent purchase.


KRYTAC - MK II Trident LMG Enhanced - Black

KRYTAC MK II Trident LMG Enhanced - Black

  • Auto-Wind Box Mag
  • KRYTAC Unique Stock
  • Alloy Keymod Handguard

KRYTAC - Trident LMG Enhanced - Black is an Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, based on the Stoner LMG with a modern twist, this Airsoft Light Support Weapon is guaranteed to turn heads. The weapon itself is almost entirely constructed from Alloy, with a Polyer Stock and Pistol Grip, and comes with a Polymer Hi-Capacity Box Magazine. This variant of the Krytac Range comes with all of the features that make the brand great, with an full Alluminium Alloy Reciever, KRYTAC Mechbox Gearbox with 8mm Ball Bearing Bushings, an Easy Change Spring System allowing you to quickly change springs in the field, a radiused Gearbox to prevent cracking, an internal MOSFET Unit and ofcourse, an impressive Rate of Fire. The weapon features an adjustable hop-up system which is revealed by pulling back on the mock charging handle to reveal a rotary type system, allowing more precise tuning. The weapon features a unique KRYTAC KeyMod Handguard System, which allows the attachment of keymod Rails and Accessories to the top for Sights and Scopes, the bottom for Grips and Bipods and Left / Right for Torches and Lasers. The reciever of the weapon also features a 20mm RIS / RAS rail for attaching Sights and Scopes, aswell as an ambidextrous fire select and sling mount plate. As with the rest of the gun, the Stock is something Special too. The stock is six point adjustable and features a large battery space, aswell as two QD Sling Mount Points, and even a lower 20mm RIS / RAS rail for Monopod Setups. The high capacity box magazine has been fine tuned aswell, allowing the use of a 9v Battery, and uses a more heavy duty motor than standard LMG Box magazines. This rifle is perfect for those Airsoft Skirmishers who just have to have the best looking kit, or for those who are looking for a Support weapon that uses both Box Magazines and standard STANAG AEG Magazines.


A&K - PKM Airsoft Rifle with Drum Magazine - Real Wood

A&K PKM Airsoft Rifle with Drum Magazine - Real Wood

  • 5000rnd Magazine
  • Heavyweight HMG
  • Adustable MOSFET

A&K - PKM Airsoft Rifle with Drum Magazine - Real Wood is an Airsoft 6mm BB Support Gun, designed for use in Airsoft Skirmishes, and is a replica of the famous PKM Heavy Machinegun used widely by Russian Forces around the world. The Airsoft gun is constructed almost entirely from Alloy, with a Real Wood Stock and Carry Handle, with a Polymer Pistol Grip. The internals of the gun are fully pre-upgraded with a Bore-up cylinder kit, re-enforced cylinder head, hi-torque motor, ball bearing spring guide and more! The weapon features a adjustable MOSFET setup which allows you to change the Rate of Fire of the weapon on the fly, meaning you don't have to take out or replace batteries to get a slower / faster rate of fire. The magazine on this gun holds a whopping 5000 rounds, allowing you to keep shooting forever and ever, and can be filled by splitting the magazine or via a hidden fill port on the right and side of the magazine should you need to reload whilst firing the weapon. The bipod swivels left and right to adjust for your terrain and can be lifted back and clipped together to hold it in place from swinging during movement. The weapon features adjustable front and rear Ironsights, as well as a lightweight skeleton style stock with a fold up plate for shouldering the weapon. This is the perfect Airsoft Support Weapon for any self respecting player with a Russian Lead-out, or for those who want this Iconic bit of History to devastate the enemy team with.


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