Airsoft Guns, Gear, Parts & Accessories available in abundance at Patrol Base.

Just who are we? Open since 2009 here at Patrol Base we have been selling Airsoft Guns, Tactical Kit, Surplus and more, and today isn't any different. From our brick and mortar shop in Huddersfield we have been retailing and repairing Airsoft kit and shipping it right around the country. Whether in-person or via the phone and email we are here to answer your questions to ensure that you have as much fun as possible at your next Airsoft Game.

Looking to get into Airsoft, or simply want to try stuff out in person, why not come visit us in person in Huddersfield. Our store is located between Manchester, Leeds, and Wakefield, and features our entire range of Airsoft kit and accessories to pick up and try out.

Thinking about visiting us in person?
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Play Airsoft your way! We sell a wide range of Airsoft replica types, including Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles and even Light and Heavy Machineguns. Fancy something a bit more exotic? We even sell grenade launchers. Got a favourite gun from a video game or film? It's likely we'll have it. If you're looking for an M4 or AK we've got you covered, with a range of replicas of some of the most iconic weapons ever produced.

We stock a massive range of Airsoft replicas from leading brands such as: ASG, ARES, KRYTAC, Tokyo Marui, NUPROL, CYMA, and many more! We've hand picked our brands from the best Airsoft kit available on the market.

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Want to look the part? You can't skirmish in your everyday clothes, so why not get tactical? We have a wide range of Tactical Clothing to allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game, from Trousers, Shirts and Boots all the way to Helmets and Chest rigs we have a range of gear to suit any taste or loadout with competitive pricing for both new and seasoned players.

If you're looking to dive in head first we have a range of tactical gear from top brands such as 8Fields Tactical, Viper, NUPROL, EMERSONGEAR, Kombat.UK, Highlander and other brands we've hand picked to represent the best quality Airsoft Manufacturers have to offer.

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Need something fixing? Got a fault with your Airsoft gun or after some expert upgrades and advice? Come visit our In Store Airsoft Repair Centre for Repairs and Upgrades in Huddersfield, near Leeds, West Yorkshire. We can guide you through which upgrades to purchase and answer any technical questions.

If you can't make it to our store, you can post in your Airsoft guns. We will repair your beloved weapon even if it wasn't bought from ourselves. Whether its a bag of bits or a the smallest of problems we'll check it out!

Something broken?
You can visit our Airsoft Workshop in-store or post your kit to us for repair!

Wondering where to play? We want to give you the full Airsoft experience from start to finish, with this in mind we have everything you could ever want and more, we even have our own CQB Indoor Airsoft Arena and our Woodland Airsoft Site.

Our sites are run by Airsoft players, for Airsoft Players, some come down and check them out. If you're visiting us on a weekend why not make a day of it and book on to play at our CQB Site Halo Mill which just 5 minutes up the road once you've visited us to try out all your new kit!

Fancy playing Airsoft somewhere different?
Why not check out our Outdoor and Indoor Airsoft sites: Halo Mill, and Halo Mill: Proving Grounds >

Sick of BB Guns? Want to get your hands on something better? Something more realistic and reliable? Airsoft is a whole new ball game compared to BB guns. The Airsoft replicas we sell are not just BB guns, they're fully fledged Airsoft replicas.

Airsoft replicas are designed to be as realistic as possible, and to perform as best as they possibly can, with Airsoft replicas vastly out performing your standard 'blackpool special' springer BB gun. They're more expensive for a reason, and trust us, it's worth the cost.

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