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From £159.99 Pack price
Normally £165.94
Save £5.95
  • Everything you need to get started
  • M4 AEG, BBs, Speed Loader
  • Battery & Charger

If you want to get started with Airsoft but CBA figuring out what you need by yourself, the New Player Bundle is ideal for you! 

This bundle includes the Delta Armory DA-C04 CHARLIE™, one of our most popular M4 platforms known for its great performance-to-price ratio, a 9.6v Ni-Mh Battery and Charger, a Speed Loader, and 3300 BBs to get you up and running. 

The only thing we have left out is eye/face protection as this is often a case of personal preference. We recommend the Empire VFORCE™ Armor Full Face Mask if you want an affordable full-face mask, otherwise, you can check out our eye protection and choose your favourite by clicking here!

From £269.99 Pack price
Normally £309.97
Save £39.98
  • Matrix Launcher
  • Six MOSCART Shells
  • Ready to Give 'em Hell!

If you're wanting to bring some serious firepower to your next skirmish, there are few platforms that can rival one of these! The NUPROL Matrix MGL comes supplied with six MOSCART grenade shells in this bundle, and they're ready to unleash their payloads in under a second thanks to the launcher's revolver-like design, based on the real steel Milkor M32 MGL.

£99.99 Pack price
Normally £110.96
Save £10.97
  • RAVEN EU17 GBB Pistol
  • 0.25g ASG BBs & Speed Loader
  • ASG ULTRAIR Green Gas

If you are looking for a Gas Blowback Pistol but you're not sure where to start, this bundle was made with you in mind! The EU17 Complete Beginner Bundle includes the RAVEN EU17 GBB Pistol finished in Pre Two-Tone blue, ASG 0.25g BBs, a Speed Loader and a can of ULTRAIR Green Gas; everything you need to get started on your Airsoft adventure (other than your choice of eye protection!).

Being finished in Pre Two-Tone means you do not need UKARA or a VCRA defence to buy this set and you don't need to wait for the two-tone paint service either, you can order now and avoid the wait! Whether you are looking for a last-minute Airsoft gift or you want to get started with an Airsoft sidearm and everything you need to get shooting, this bundle will serve you well!

£14.99 Pack price
Normally £17.98
Save £2.99
  • ASG Cursed BBs Bulk Bag
  • ASG ULTRAIR Green Gas
  • Perfect for CQB skirmishing 

If you have some CQB to do and you shoot a lot this pack was made with you in mind! The GBB Pistol CQB Pack combines ASG Cursed BBs in a whopping 1KG bulk bag with ASG Ultrair green gas, a slightly higher power gas than standard green gas. If you do your dirty work up close and personal this pack will give you everything you need to keep your GBB pistol in the fight and save you a few quid at the same time! 

From £21.99 Pack price
Normally £23.98
Save £1.99
  • NUPROL Bio BBs
  • NUPROL 3.0 Red Gas
  • Great for GBB pistols in colder weather

We all know that when things get chilly, GBB pistols suffer the most! To correct that, the GBB Winter Sidearm Pack was put together to keep your metal slide GBB doing what it does best in near-freezing temperatures thanks to the increased power of NUPROL 3.0 red gas. This pack is perfect for GBB pistols with a metal slide such as RAVEN, VORSK and WE pistols but we do not recommend NUPROL 3.0 for pistols with a polymer slide. 

From £139.99 Pack price
Normally £143.95
Save £3.96
  • Perfect Sniper Sidearm
  • Includes BBs & Gas
  • Great Starter Pack

This pack comes with everything you need to get your new Airsoft sidearm up and running, including the pistol, three magazines in total, as well as perfectly matched BBs and Gas to get you playing. If you're looking for the ultimate backup to a sniper rifle on a budget, or want a project pistol that is highly modifiable to reach out to crazy ranges, and doing some whilst staying ultimately silent, the ASG MK23 is the sidearm for you. This setup performs perfectly in both out-door and CQB environments, making it a great choice for anyone looking to get into Airsoft and wants to be competitive in the field.

From £249.99 Pack price
Normally £261.96
Save £11.97
  • UTR45 + Red dot sight
  • 2 Extra Mid-cap magazines
  • Ideal for CQB and aggressive skirmishers

If you are a mobile, agile and hostile skirmisher, the Double Eagle UTR45 would be an asset to your kit list. We put this pack together to set CQB skirmishers up with one of our favourite platforms and equip it with a red dot sight and pair of spare mid-cap magazines, an ideal setup for a skirmisher who is light on their feet and uses every opportunity to close ground with the enemy and give them what for at kissing distance. With a speedy trigger response and an advanced programmable MOSFET system, the UTR45 is head and shoulders above anything else in its price range! 

From £84.99 Pack price
Normally £94.97
Save £9.98
  • CYMA M052 Pistol grenade launcher
  • 2 x S&T 120rnd 40mm MOSCART grenades
  • Big firepower in a small package!

If you need a big firepower increase but have limited space, the CYMA Pocket Rocket Stand-Alone Launcher Bundle was put together with you in mind! This pack combines the M052 40mm Pistol Grenade Launcher with 2 x 120rnd S&T 40mm MOSCART grenades, giving you a compact launcher which can be easily carried and 2 chances to shower the enemy with 120 BBs! If you want a run a launcher next skirmish but don't want to carry around another cumbersome platform or mount a massive n00b tube onto your primary, the M052 is the solution you were looking for. 

From £254.99 Pack price
Normally £277.97
Save £22.98
  • Double Eagle Falcon EFCS AEG
  • ASG B&T Tracer unit
  • VORSK 0.25g Tracer BBs

If you like a high-tech platform for a great price, this bundle should please you! The Double Eagle Binary Blaster Bundle combines a Double Eagle EFCS equipped AEG with binary trigger capability with an ASG B&T Tracer unit and some VORSK 0.25g Tracer BBs. 

For information on how to program your Double Eagle EFCS platform for binary trigger and other functions, see the "Further Information" section of the product description at the bottom of the page. To fit the tracer you will need to remove the grub screw in the flash hider and remove it, screwing on the ASG B&T tracer unit in its place, but other than that you are ready to go! 

From £189.99 Pack price
Normally £215.95
Save £25.96
  • HFC HG-203 MAC-11 GBB Submachine Gun
  • 2x HFC MAC-11 Green Gas Magazines
  • 3300 ASG .25g BBs & ULTRAIR Green Gas

If you need a backup platform with a bit more firepower than a pistol, the Panic Button Bundle should do the trick! This bundle includes the HFC HG-203 MAC-11 GBB Submachine Gun, 2 spare magazines, a can of ULTRAIR Green Gas, and a 3300 round bottle of ASG's Q Blaster 0.25g BBs to get you started with the spray and pray life!

£52.99 Pack price
Normally £60.97
Save £7.98
  • Matched Ni-Mh Bundle
  • Charger & Battery
  • Fire Safe Bag

This Airsoft Battery and Charger pack features the NUPROL 9.6v 1600mAh Ni-Mh Crane Battery,the NUPROL NPC-01 NiMh Battery Charger, and the NUPROL Safe Charging Bag which are perfectly matched to work with each other, a great choice for anyone new to Airsoft and looking for a battery for their gun. 

If your Airsoft gun comes with a sample 9.6v Block or Crane style battery and charger then this is one of the first things you should buy. The battery will last longer, charge better, and will be of much higher quality than the free gift battery included for testing in some Airsoft gun boxes!

£74.99 Pack price
Normally £85.97
Save £10.98
  • 2 x PTS Syndicate EPM 1 magazines
  • G&G Armament 0.28g Competition Grade BBs
  • Perfect for a high-end M4/AR-15 AEG

If you need the best mags around coupled with the best BBs, here you go! The Elite Lock 'n' Load bundle pairs 2 of the best AR AEG mags around, the PTS EPM 1 250rnd Mid-cap with the best BBs out there, G&G's Competition Grade 0.28g BBs. If you run a high performance M4/AR-15 AEG platform, this bundle was made with you in mind!

PTS EPM 1 Magazines require the very strong internal spring to be bedded in before use. To do this, simply fill the magazines using a standard speed loader (avoid using an ODIN or similar crank wound loader) and empty them again by pulling the BB retainer on the top of the magazine backwards with the feed/fill port pointed in a safe direction, preferably back into your BB bottle. Do this 2-3 times for each magazine before the initial use.

From £199.99 Pack price
Normally £218.93
Save £18.94
  • US Army style M4A1
  • 2 extra mags & speed loader
  • LiPo battery, LiPo charger & charging bag

If you like the M4A1 in its classic US Army configuration, this bundle was made with you in mind! The Delta Armory CHARLIE™ M4 Carbine Bundle pairs the DA-C03 M4A1 AEG with 2 extra spare magazines, a speed loader, a LiPo battery, LiPo balance charger and a battery charging bag. All you need to get busy with this carbine is your eye protection and your choice of BBs. We recommend 0.25g BBs for a good balance between affordability and performance! 

From £289.99 Pack price
Normally £312.96
Save £22.97
  • CYMA CM.045A AKS-74U AEG
  • PBS-4 Suppressor 
  • 2x 200rnd Mid-cap magazines

If you are the sneaky type of skirmisher and fancy using something Russian, the AKS-74U is calling your name! This bundle combines the superb CM.045A AKS-74U AEG from CYMA with a PBS-4 Suppressor and two spare 200rnd mid-cap magazines getting you ready to skirmish eastern style or as a mercenary/PMC. The PBS-4 is the caliber correct suppressor for the AKS-74U, giving you a professional setup which will impress the milsim inclined and avoid any of the "ACKCHYUALLY" moments. 

£22.99 Pack price
Normally £24.98
Save £1.99
  • VORSK 0.28G BBs
  • VORSK V12 Maximum GBB Fuel
  • Perfect for Gas Blowback Rifles

If you have a taste for realism and recoil and run a GBBR, this pack should keep you locked and loaded! The GBBR Performance Pack was put together based on our favourite combination of BB weight and Gas which we use in our GBBR platforms. 

VORSK 0.28G BBs were chosen to maximise consistency and make sure each shot has the best chance of penetrating foliage and resisting wind on its way to the target, and VORSK V12 gas was chosen to give the strongest recoil possible while maintaining accuracy thanks to V12's reduced lubrication in its formula. If you want to make the most of your GBBR in both performance and feel, this is what you need! 

From £199.99 Pack price
Normally £218.93
Save £18.94
  • M4A1 CQBR style AEG
  • 2 extra mags & speed loader
  • LiPo battery, charger & charging bag

If you have a taste for the classic Military configurations but move fast or primarily play CQB, this bundle should suit you perfectly! The CHARLIE™ M4 CQBR Bundle pairs the DA-C02 CHARLIE™ CQBR with 2 extra spare magazines, a speed loader, a LiPo battery, charger and a battery charging bag. All you need now is your choice of eye/face protection and some BBs to shoot! We recommend 0.25g BBs for a good balance between affordability and performance. 

From £319.99 Pack price
Normally £361.97
Save £41.98
  • G&G ARP9 AEG
  • 1500rnd Drum Magazine
  • 3300 ASG Q Blaster BBs

If you have your eye on the superb G&G ARP9 and want to make plenty of enemies in CQB, the G&G Armament ARP9 Battle-Ready Bundle is what you need! This bundle includes the G&G ARP9 AEG, God's gift to CQB specialists and aggressive run-and-gun players, paired with the punishing 1500rnd Drum Magazine from G&G and 3300 ASG Q Blaster 0.25g BBs. 

The result is some serious game-winning firepower paired with a platform that continues to dominate the game, both indoors and outdoors. If you'd rather spend time shooting than reloading, the CQBeast bundle will be an asset to your playstyle!

From £16.99 Pack price
Normally £18.98
Save £1.99
  • NUPROL Bio BBs
  • NUPROL 1.0 Summer Gas
  • Stay within FPS limits when the sun comes out!

If you have a summer of skirmishing planned, this pack should help keep you honest when the weather gets spicy! The GBB Summer Sidearm Pack combines NUPROL Biodegradable BBs and NUPROL 1.0 Summer Gas so you can keep your GBB pistol within skirmishable power limits and prevent excessive wear and tear when things heat up and gas pressure rises. 

£22.99 Pack price
Normally £24.98
Save £1.99
  • VORSK 0.28g Tracer BBs
  • VORSK V8 Performance GBB Fuel
  • Great for tracer-equipped GBBRs in CQB

If you go toe-to-toe with the speedybois in CQB using a GBBR, hats off to you, you have "cajones"! The GBBR CQB Tracer Pack is intended to keep your GBBR locked and loaded with VORSK's 0.28g Tracer BBs and VORSK V8 Performance GBB Fuel which should keep you within CQB-friendly velocities while keeping the thunderous recoil and snappy response GBBRs are known for. While this pack is primarily for GBBRs, if you run a GBB pistol with a metal slide and upgraded HOP-up this should suit your setup just as well!

From £224.99 Pack price
Normally £249.97
Save £24.98
  • S&T M320A1 40mm Grenade launcher
  • 2 x S&T 120rnd 40mm MOSCART Grenades
  • Weapon mounted or stand-alone launcher

If you are ready to up your Airsoft game, adding a grenade launcher to your arsenal is a sure way to have the enemy on the run! The US Grenadier M320 Bundle was put together to give milsim inclined Airsofters a ready-to-go 40mm grenade launcher set which can either be weapon mounted or used as a stand-alone launcher. 

The package includes the S&T M320A1 40mm Grenade Launcher and 2 x S&T 120rnd 40mm MOSCART grenades, leaving only the BBs and gas to buy. Whether you are busting bunkers or dominating the corridors of your local CQB site, a 40mm launcher will be a true asset to your loadout!

From £474.99 Pack price
Normally £528.95
Save £53.96
  • ASG HERA ARMS CQR AR-15 Milspec SSS Edition Rifle
  • ASG B&T Rotex-V Suppressor & Theta Optics Red Dot
  • 2x NUPROL 140rnd Mid-Cap Magazines

If you like the CQR look and have a sneaky playstyle this bundle should suit you well! The ASG HERA ARMS Covert OPS Pack comprises the impressive ASG HERA ARMS CQR AR-15 Milspec SSS Edition Rifle, the ASG B&T Rotex-V Mock Suppressor, a Theta Optics Spider Red Dot and two 140rnd NUPROL Mid-Cap Magazines. All you need to get shooting with the CQR is your choice of battery, charger and eye protection!

£26.99 Pack price
Normally £27.98
Save £0.99
  • VORSK 0.30g Bio BBs
  • VORSK V12 Maximum GBB Fuel
  • Perfect for woodland GBBR warfare!

If you run a GBBR in outdoor skirmishes this pack would be perfect! The Outdoor GBBR Skirmish Pack combines VORSK 0.30g Biodegradable BBs with VORSK's GBBR optimised high power green gas, V12 Maximum GBB Fuel. 0.30g BBs should give you excellent stability at long range, improved foliage penetration and greater wind resistance than lighter weights, and V12 will improve your rifle's resistance to cooldown and give you a snappy cyclic rate and immersive recoil.

£32.99 Pack price
Normally £34.98
Save £1.99
  • VORSK 0.3g Bio Tracer BBs
  • VORSK V12 Maximum GBB Fuel
  • Perfect for tracer-equipped GBBRs

If you are hitting up some outdoor Milsim events with your GBBR and you run a tracer unit, this pack is for you! The GBBR Outdoor Milsim Tracer Pack is intended for those who attend outdoor skirmishes and night operations with a tracer-equipped GBBR, combining VORSK's brightly glowing 0.3g tracer BBs made from environmentally friendly bioplastics with VORSK's flagship high-power green gas, V12 Maximum GBB fuel. 

From £409.99 Pack price
Normally £430.96
Save £20.97
  • CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 2020 Revision
  • 3x 75rnd Mags & 3300 Devil BBs
  • Victoptics 1x35 RD Scope

If you want to get straight into Airsoft with one of the best platforms on the market, this bundle was set up with you in mind! The CZ Scorpion EVO Warfare Pack combines the superb ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 2020 Revision with a 3 pack of 75rnd transparent magazines, a bottle of 3300 Devil Blasters, and a Victoptics 1x35 RD Scope. 

Marrying the EVO with the Victoptics Scope gives you a nice red dot mounted on one of the best AEGs out there when it comes to out-of-the-box performance. Whether you are starting your Airsoft journey and want to jump right in with an advanced AEG or you have been eyeing up an EVO for some time and enjoy a tasty discount, this bundle will give you what you need! 

£349.99 Pack price
Normally £362.94
Save £12.95
  • G&G ARP9 Pre Two-Tone AEG
  • 11.1V LiPo battery & Charger
  • 1500rnd Drum mag & 4000 BBs

If you want to start your Airsoft adventure with one of the best AEGs out there, kitted out with a drum mag and coming with plenty of BBs to fill it with, here you go! The Premium Beginner Bundle includes the awesome G&G ARP9 AEG, a G&G 1500rnd Drum Magazine, a LiPo battery, charger and safe charging bag, and a Bag of Evolution BBs to get shooting with!

From £379.99 Pack price
Normally £399.91
Save £19.92
  • Sneaky Starter Bundle
  • DA-B03-ETU BRAVO™ Silent Ops, Red Dot & 2 extra mags
  • LiPo battery, charger, charging bag, BBs & speed loader

If you want to start your Airsoft journey with something that shoots a little better than the usual beginner platform, this bundle is ideal. The Silent OPS CQB Bundle is based around the pre-upgraded DA-B03-ETU with its integral suppressor, hybrid aluminium/high-density polymer build and programmable fire controls including burst mode, pre-cocking and binary trigger. 

We paired the DA-B03-ETU with 2 spare mags, BBs and a speed loader so you can keep it topped up, a Red Dot Sight for fast target acquisition (lens protector recommended) and a LiPo battery, charger and charging bag to keep it fueled.

This setup would be ideal for a sneaky CQB specialist or an aggressive outdoors skirmisher who wants to start with the edge over other newcomers. The DA-B03-ETU is a cut above standard beginner AEGs thanks to its electronic trigger unit which gives it a frightening semi-auto trigger response and killer rate of fire!

From £199.99 Pack price
Normally £224.97
Save £24.98
  • PTS MTEK Flux Helmet
  • EARMOR M32 Plus MOD3 Headset
  • Helmet Rail Adapters

If it's finally time for you to get some comms going and you want to rock the best, this bundle is here to help you out! Containing one of the best helmets and best headsets available on the market, equipping this setup will send the message that you know what you're doing.

From £239.99 Pack price
Normally £252.96
Save £12.97
  • Double Bell VSR-10 Real Wood Stock
  • Theta Optics 2.5-10 x 40mm Scope with mounts
  • Maple Leaf VSR magazine & VORSK 0.36g BBs

If you're eyeing up a Sniper loadout, we made this bundle for you! The VSR "Very Skirmish Ready" Bundle includes the Double Bell VSR-10 spring sniper rifle with real wood stock, a Theta Optics 2.5-10x40mm Illuminated Scope with scope rings, a Maple Leaf VSR-10 transparent magazine and VORSK 0.36g BBs. 

This should get you off to a flying start with Airsoft sniping but if you need something to keep you hidden while you stalk the enemy team, grab yourself a ghillie suit!

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