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  • ETU Controlled 
  • Bulpup Rifle
  • SUSAT Included
  • Mock Suppressor
  • Flip-Up Ironsights
  • Rear Wired Gearbox

The Airsoft Gun is constructed Externally from Lightweight Polymer, and features Alloy Internals and a Rear Wired V2 Gearbox. The gun features many useful parts, when compared to the Standard M4A1 Platform, such as a Four Point RIS Rail Handguard, Suppressor and Flip-Up Iron Sights. 

  • Original AK47
  • Perfect For Beginners
  • Full Polymer Construction

An accurate and affordable Airsoft replica of one of the most infamous and recognisable firearms of the twentieth century.

  • Long Handguard
  • Railed Carry Handle
  • Full Polymer Externals

if you are looking to dominate the field with incredible range and upgrade-ability then look no further. The G608-4 G36V is one of the longest G36 variants with an exposed outer barrel system.

  • Top 20mm Rail
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Great Beginner Rifle

    An Airsoft Automatic Electric Replica of the iconic M4A1 Assault rifle used by Armed Forces around the World. The Airsoft Replica features and Alloy Buffer Tube, Charging Handle, Outer Barrel and Internals, along with a Polymer Stock, Receiver, Flash Hider, Carry Handle, Handguard and Pistol Grip.

    • Perfect Starter Weapon
    • Micro Switch Trigger
    • Polymer Construction

    A new electric 6mm airsoft rifle made by Nuprol as a budget entry level RIF but without compromising on quality. Constructed from polymer this weapon is light weight but tough enough to handle the rigors of an airsoft skirmish.

    • Massive KeyMod Rail
    • Full Length 20mm Rail
    • Ambidextrous Mag Release

    An electric powered 6mm Airsoft M4 styled weapon that is majoritively made from high density Polymers to keep the weight down, and after a few hours of carrying around you'll be thanking them for it!

    • Four Point RIS Rail
    • Polymer Construction
    • Rear Sling Plate Fitted

    An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, based on the M4 / AR Platform, which is a great entry grade Beginner weapon for those looking to start playing Airsoft, or even simply Backyard Plinking.

    • Modular Handguard
    • Unique Crane Stock
    • Top 20mm RIS Rail

    An Airsoft 6mm BB gun, based on the M4 Platform, and is built by Guay Guay, who are also known as G&G Armaments. The weapon is constructed with a Polymer Receiver, Grip, Stock and Hand Guard, with Alloy Outer Barrel, Front Post Sight, Rear Sight, Charging Handle, Buffer Tube and Sling Plate. 

    • Electric Gearbox
    • Large Rear Battery Storage
    • Incredibly Realistic Faux Wood

    Perfect for Airsofters with an interest in the early era of the Vietnam War, this is a perfectly performing replica of the original M14, complete with a faux-wood stock. 

    • Real Wood
    • Full Metal Construction
    • Hinged Upper Receiver

    A faithful replica of the real steel AKS-74u. Built with an alloy body this Airsoft weapon is designed to last, with a real wood hand guard and alloy folding stock this weapon is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for even the closest CQB action.

    • Folding Stock
    • Railed Hand Guard
    • Submerged Suppressor

    Am airsoft replica of the G36C, with a Railed front grip and sunken suppressor. The weapon itself has a Polymer body and folding stock, with an Alloy Hand Guard and Suppressor. 

    • Extended Handguard
    • Locking Folding Stock
    • Railed Front Hand Guard

    An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun AEG which is powered by Electric and is a heavily modified version of the G36 used by Armed Forces and Police Units around the world.

    • Sight Included
    • Great Beginner Gun
    • Four Point Handguard

      An Airsoft Replica of the iconic M4A1, but with customised Body Furniture to create a fancy and unique M4 Rifle, but with a twist, the Rifle also comes complete with a Red Dot Sight to complete the look. The rifle is constructed from a mix of Aluminum, Steel, Plastic, Nylon, with an Alloy Buffer Tube, Sling Plate, Outer Barrel, Dust Cover and Internals, with a Polymer Receiver, Stock, Hand Guard, Pistol Grip and Magazine.

      • Very Lightweight
      • Quick Spring Change
      • Great Trigger Response

      A PDW style Airsoft 6mm AEG, and is unique to Airsoft, and is specifically designed for that purpose. This variant is constructed entirely from Polymer

      • Ultra Compact
      • Loud Sounding
      • Pre-Two Toned

      An Electric Powered Airsoft 6mm BB Gun AEG which is designed to be ultra compact and loud, making it stand out from the crowd in CQB situations. This version of the weapon is pre-two toned, meaning no waiting for paint to dry!

      • Reprogrammable
      • KeyMod Handguard
      • Removable Flashhider

      An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun suitable for both beginners and experienced players, based on the ever-popular AR Platform of rifles, with updated furniture to bring it into the Modern Era.

      • Railed Handguard
      • Folding Skeleton Stock
      • 14mm CCW Outer Barrel

      An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, designed and built to look and be a functional replica of an AK74 Assault Rifle, but also features more modern body parts. The rifle is constructed mostly from Alloy, with an Alloy Receiver, Top Cover, Barrel, and Stock with Polymer Hand Guard and Grip. 

      • MLOK Compatible Handguard
      • Fixed Polymer Ergo Stock
      • Dynamic AK-47 AEG

      A 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun, based on the AK-47, given a comprehensive overhaul creating a truly Dynamic gun. 

      • G36 Magazine Compatible
      • Thumbhole Stock
      • Removable Bipod

      A 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun, based on a customised variant of the G36K designed for use as a Marksmans rifle. Taking both the G36K Carbine, and the SL8K Sporting rifle, JG have manufactured an Airsoft gun which combines the Ergonomic features of the Sporting Rifle, with the Practical and Modular features of an Assault Rifle. 

      • Ergonomic Controls
      • Pneumatic Blowback AEG
      • Sleek & Modern M4 Design

      A sleek and ultra-modern looking, Polymer bodied Electric Airsoft 6mm BB gun. The gun features rock-solid construction with very few wobbles or rattles, and due to the use of Polymer for the majority of the components, the guns overall weight has been significantly reduced. 

      • Electronic Trigger
      • CQB Length Barrel
      • ARES EFCS Gearbox

      a lightweight CQB length M4 AEG rifle. Comes with a 7'' metal rail perfect for attaching flashlights, lasers, PEQ box and any of your other accessories.

      • MOSFET System
      • POLYMER Version
      • KeyMod Rail System

        An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, based on the M4, this is the latest version of the G&G Combat Machine. The weapon is constructed almost entirely from polymer including the Receiver, Stock, Pistol Grip with parts like the Magazine and Stock Tube being alloy. 

        From £197.95
        • Tactical AK Platform
        • Railed Hand Guard
        • M4 Stock

        An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun designed and based of the AK Platform, but with a more tactical Western Design. The weapon is almost completely Alloy, with an Alloy Receiver, Outer Barrel, Rails, Buffer Tube and Internals, with a Polymer Stock and Grip.

        • Fully Licensed
        • SportLine Rifle
        • In-Built MOSFET

        An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun which is an Electric Powered Gun designed and based on the AR15 Carbine, the civilian version of the M4 Rifle, and is fully licensed by ArmaLite Firearms Company.

        • Electronic Trigger
        • ARES EFCS Gearbox
        • Positionable Rail Sections

        A lightweight carbine length M4 AEG rifle. Comes with a 12'' metal rail perfect for attaching flashlights, lasers, PEQ box and any of your other accessories.

        • CNC Finished
        • 6.03 Tightbore Fitted
        • Quick Change Spring

        An electric airsoft rifle by Nuprol, straight out the box it has a fantastic list off modern high end features usually not seen on weapons in this price range.

        • Unique Aesthetics
        • Ergonomic Platform
        • Sleek & Modern M4 Design

          A sleek and ultra-modern looking, polymer bodied Electric Airsoft 6mm BB gun. The gun features rock-solid construction with very few wobbles or rattles, and due to the use of polymer for the majority of the components the guns overall weight has been significantly reduced. This has been combined with some truly eye-catching, unique exterior aesthetics.

          • Keymod/20mm Rails
          • Full Metal Construction
          • Ergonomic Accessories

          A full metal Airsoft 6mm AKS-74U styled electric gun with a full Alloy/Steel body, with the small exception of a Polymer pistol grip and stock. 

          • Faux Wood Body
          • Semi-Auto Locked
          • Rail Mounting Points

          A semi-automatic AEG built and created by G&G as a replica of the famous US M14 Rifle, complete with an incredibly realistic looking faux-wood replica of the original 1950's era stock.