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Was £459.99
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  • Fully Licensed
  • VFC Avalon Gearbox
  • Quick Change Spring

This Airsoft Electric Gun is built to a stunning standard under full license from Sig Sauer, made by VFC with the Avalon Gearbox. Not only do you get a rock solid exterior, but a Quick Change Spring System, Steel Tooth Piston and Rotary Hop Unit are a short list of what awaits inside.

Was £164.95
Save £34.96
  • Sight Included
  • Great Beginner Gun
  • Four Point Handguard

An Airsoft Replica of the iconic M4A1, but with customised Body Furniture to create a fancy and unique M4 Rifle, but with a twist, the Rifle also comes complete with a Red Dot Sight to complete the look.

Was £149.99
Save £20.00
  • Full Stock Design
  • Polymer Construction
  • Great Starter Package

An Airsoft Electric Powered 6mm AEG BB Gun, producing a satisfying 320fps, incredibly light weight and reliable Airsoft RIF. An excellent beginner Airsoft weapon but also highly favoured by experienced Airsofters due to its out of the box performance.

Was £158.99
Save £19.00
  • CQB Weapon
  • Ultra Compact
  • Loud Sounding

An Electric Powered Airsoft 6mm BB Gun AEG which is designed to be ultra compact and loud, making it stand out from the crowd in CQB situations.

  • CQB Weapon
  • Ultra Compact
  • Loud Sounding

An Electric Powered Airsoft 6mm BB Gun AEG which is designed to be ultra compact and loud, making it stand out from the crowd in CQB situations.

Was £239.99
Save £60.00
  • EFCS Controlled
  • Two Round Burst
  • Electric Blowback

A Nylon Fiber Polymer replica G36C from ARES, complete with the usual Electronic Fire Control System (EFCS) treatment, an incredibly fun electric blowback and a rarely-seen two round burst.

Was £209.99
Save £30.00
  • Pre-Two Tone
  • Electronic Trigger
  • Player's Choice Award

The G&G ARP 9 has been long established on the market as an exceptional entry level and intermediate gun, with an Electronic Trigger Unit, MOSFET and Rotary Hop Unit lending to its' incredible performance. It's so good in fact, that it not only won the 9th Annual Player's Choice Award, but it has been blessed with its' own Pre Two Tone Blue model, so that those of you still waiting for a membership can dive straight in with a seriously competitive gun. If you want to play with no delay, then get one of these in your basket today.

Was £221.95
Save £21.96
  • Reprogrammable
  • KeyMod Handguard
  • Ambidextrous Design

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, based on the AR Platform of Rifles, with a unique Handguard and Stock System to make it stand out from the crowd. 

Was £299.99
Save £40.00
  • MLOK Rail
  • GOS V5 Stock
  • 5.56mm Receiver

The CQB beast is back again, and better than ever! This latest top-quality AEG offering from G&G accepts the widely used and Airsoft 5.56mm STANAG Magazine - basically any Airsoft M4 magazine - making this incredibly practical for Airsofters with a large stockpile of Airsoft STANAG mags.

  • Mock Suppressor
  • Flip-Up Ironsights
  • Rear Wired Gearbox

The Airsoft Gun is constructed Externally from Lightweight Polymer, and features Alloy Internals and a Rear Wired V2 Gearbox. The gun features many useful parts, when compared to the Standard M4A1 Platform, such as a Four Point RIS Rail Handguard, Suppressor and Flip-Up Iron Sights. 

  • Lightweight
  • Ideal For Beginners
  • Battery & Charger Inc.

A more traditionally styled M4A1 electric powered replica, aimed towards beginners, that features a sliding Stock and a four-point RIS handguard for grips, lasers and torches.

If you're in the market for an ideal platform to get you started in the sport, are looking for a garden target rifle to enjoy with the family or need a dependable backup RIF for when the worst happens... The CYMA CM.507 has got your back.

  • Great Starter Gun
  • Multi-Position Stock
  • Mock KeyMod Handguard

A great for beginner Airsoft Skirmishers and Back garden Plinkers. The weapon is constructed from mostly Polymer with some alloy and features KeyMod Style Rail. The gun features a top rail for attaching sights and scopes, and front rails for attaching grips, torches, lasers and and a huge range of aftermarket parts and accessories.

This is the perfect weapon for any Beginner Airsoft Player, or for those who just simply want to shoot in their back garden. Coming in at a great price for any starter Airsoft skirmisher the gun has plenty of room for aftermarket external upgrades to make the gun unique and truly yours.

RRP £139.99
Save £30.00
  • Polymer Build
  • Perfect Starter Gun
  • Micro Switch Trigger

A new electric 6mm airsoft rifle made by NUPROL as a budget entry level RIF but without compromising on quality, and is constructed from polymer this weapon is light weight but tough enough to handle the rigors of an airsoft skirmish. The gun is available in a variety of colours allowing you to pick the perfect gun to match your kit.

The gun features plenty of rail space for attaching aftermarket external parts for customisation, with plenty of options for upgrades available this gun simply cannot be ignored.

  • Top 20mm Rail
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • Great Beginner Rifle

An Airsoft Automatic Electric Replica of the iconic M4A1 Assault rifle used by Armed Forces around the World. The Airsoft Replica features and Alloy Buffer Tube, Charging Handle, Outer Barrel and Internals, along with a Polymer Stock, Receiver, Flash Hider, Carry Handle, Handguard and Pistol Grip.

  • Real Wood
  • Alloy Receiver
  • Ideal First Gun

This Airsoft Gun is powered by a Battery installed underneath the Dust Cover, and features a Real Wood Handguard and Alloy Outer Barrel Assembly / Receiver for a realistic shooting experience. This shape of replica has been made for countless years and companies have become rather good at pumping them out for a cost-effective price, this makes it a very attractive purchase for those looking to get into the sport, someone wanting to try something a bit more 'Eastern', or someone looking for an ideal Backup or Spare Gun for a Sniper Rifle or emergencies.

  • Polymer Construction
  • Rear Sling Plate Fitted
  • Full Length Carbine Barrel

Incredibly light weight and reliable Airsoft RIF. An excellent beginner Airsoft weapon but also very favourable by experienced Airsofters due to its out of the box performance being so good in a low price bracket.

  • Ideal For Beginners
  • Soundhog Flash Hider
  • Lightweight & Durable

An electric powered M4 based Airsoft replica, which is constructed mainly from Polymer to offer a lightweight and maneuverable platform which packs a punch.

  • Ultra Compact
  • Loud Sounding
  • Pre-Two Toned

An Electric Powered Airsoft 6mm BB Gun AEG which is designed to be ultra compact and loud, making it stand out from the crowd in CQB situations. This version of the weapon is pre-two toned, meaning no waiting for paint to dry!

  • Pistol Sized AR
  • Quick Change Spring

This pistol-sized AR is the ultimate CQB package! Specna Arms have outdone themselves once more with this compact package offering robust externals, a wealth of internal upgrades and a GATE X-ASR MOSFET to top it all off.

RRP £224.99
Save £25.00
  • CNC Finished
  • 6.03 Tightbore Fitted
  • Quick Change Spring

An electric airsoft rifle by Nuprol, straight out the box it has a fantastic list off modern high end features usually not seen on weapons in this price range.

Was £259.99
Save £35.00
  • Electronic Trigger
  • ARES EFCS Gearbox
  • Positionable Rail Sections

A Rifle length 6mm Airsoft Gun, based on the widely used M4 with the suppressor on this airsoft weapon is sunk into the rail system to give it a unique look.

  • Intelligent MOSFET
  • Officially Licensed
  • SSS Gearbox

If you're looking for a weapon which doesn't just look unique you've found it. Built in partnership between ActionSportGames, ICS and HERA ARMS this rifle is an Airsoft gun like no other. Based on the AR15 Mil-spec variant of the HERA ARMS CQR this rifle uses ICS's brand new SSS AEG Gearbox design and is officially licensed and fully trademarked.

The Airsoft replica itself is constructed from a mixture of high quality alloys and polymers, with an Alloy Receiver, Handguard Outer Barrel and Internals, with a Polymer Stock, Magazine, Foregrip and Flip-up Iron Sights. The rifle features a high quality finish, with heavy duty materials leading to a highly detailed and realistic looking rifle. The rifle isn't just a quality build, it also come fully trademarked with all the textual markings and logo shown on the real rifle for higher levels of realism.

  • Suppressor Inc.
  • Strong Recoil/Kick
  • Sturdy Build Quality

A stunning and well-built replica of the AR family, which comes with a gorgeous suppressor and features Bolt's Recoil Shock System which provides a hard recoil whilst you churn through the 300rnd High Cap Magazine. 

  • QD Sockets
  • Hard Recoil/Kick
  • SR16 Rail System

A rock-solid replica of the SR16 platform which is made from a combo of Aluminium, Steel and Nylon Fiber Polymers, and comes packed with Bolt's Recoil Shock System to provide a hard kick in the shoulder during use.

  • Full Polymer
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Battery & Charger Included

Great starter kit or for any one who is interested in back yard target shooting. The weapon is constructed almost entirely from Polymer, and features an Alloy Gearbox. 

  • Lightweight
  • Solid Construction
  • Great Beginner / Backup

For this money this is an excellent Airsoft RIF. Although most of the externals are made from Polymer, the main components are alloy. We were surprised when we first shot this to feel how smooth the gun actually cycles.

  • Top 20mm Rail
  • Flip Up Ironsight
  • S-System Handguard

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun which takes a base platform M4, then adds a fancy Handguard System to give this weapon a unique look and feel. The weapon is constructed mainly from Polymer, with a Polymer Receiver, Stock, Buffer Tube, Handguard, Flash Hider and Sights, with an Alloy Outer Barrel and Internals.

  • 6.03mm Inner Barrel
  • 20mm Railed Receiver
  • Threaded Outer Barrel

An electric powered Airsoft replica of the lesser-seen CAR-15 or XM177, which comes included with a Battery & Charger, as well as having a Quick Change Spring System and Tightbore Inner Barrel.

  • Unique Compensator
  • Finger Ridged Receiver
  • 21'' Monolithic Top Rail

Custom external components come together to create one unique looking piece. Featuring a highly customisable top rail, which in total is 21'' in length.

  • Folding Stock
  • Folding Foregrip
  • Railed Hand Guard

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, based on the AK47, but with a more tactical and updated look. The weapon is constructed mostly from Alloy, with a Polymer Stock, Pistol Grip, Foregrip and Hand Guard. 

About Our Two Tone Assault Rifles

Picking the right primary gun is important, and we have a wide range of two tone airsoft assault rifles for you to choose from. These are ideal if you’re still waiting for your UKARA or Airsoft Defence. Choose between blue, red and green two tone colours or if you can’t find one you like, you can choose any assault rifle we have onsite and we’ll two tone it for you. 

A total beginner? Don’t worry - we have great introductory two tone rifles to help you hone your skill. For seasoned players and skirmishers, we have you covered too with a selection of high-power, professional-grade rifles to get you locked and loaded for game day.

At Patrol Base, price isn’t a problem. Our interest free finance plans mean you can buy your two tone airsoft assault rifle now and pay later. We also offer a price match guarantee so you know you’re getting the best deal with us.

Can’t wait to get your new piece delivered? Opt for our next day delivery, available for UK mainland addresses! Please be advised that if your airsoft rifle of choice is not already two toned, it will take us 1-5 days to complete the two tone service. Your next day delivery service will then apply once the two tone treatment is complete.

Shop our two tone airsoft assault rifles today or visit us in-store and try our rifles out for yourself in our dedicated range.