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  • Alloy Receiver
  • M1A1 Military Model
  • Bundle Deal Available!

The M1A1 isn't quite the infamous and iconic Gangster Gun without it's drum magazine now is it! Don't worry boss, you can grab the CM.033 and the Drum Magazine for the price of the gun alone via this CM.033 Bundle Deal! Simply scroll down on this page, click add to cart beneath the bundle deal, get your 1920's Gangster on and save your self some money in the process! 

  • Mag Adaptor for AR36
  • Swap AR36 Mags for AR-15!
  • Mag share with your M4 Friends!

AR36 Airsoft Magazine Adaptor! Change your AR36 Mags to AR-15 ones with this super easy mag adaptor! Simply pop this onto your receiver via the body pin of your AR36 and you're good to get using some AR-15 / M4 Magazines in your AR36! No more having to stock up on loads of mag variants, now you can even mag share with your M4 Airsoft Friends!

  • Advanced Design
  • Textured front to enhance grip
  • Brings your SMG-5 into the 21st century

If you are planning a modern SMG-5 build I have great news for you! You can ditch that dowdy old cocking handle and swap it out it with this ACR-esque modern replacement from CYMA. Made from sturdy Alloy and designed in a thoughtful way, featuring a lightening cut to keep weight down and grip surfaces where you need it, unlike the original. The CYMA extended cocking lever gives ergonomic advantages together with looking operator-af. Suits an M-LOK handguard perfectly!

  • Protect Your Optic!
  • For 20mm RIS / RAS Rails
  • 5cm x 5.5cm of protection

This lens protector is a must have product for any Airsoft Skirmisher who intents to play in a CQB environment, protecting your sights and scopes from being shot out by stray BB. Guess what's cheaper: A new sight, or a new lens protector?

  • Available in Black or Tan
  • Solid Alloy construction
  • Closely Resembles Clip yank ASAP sling plate

An enhanced sling plate for your AR15/M4 AEG, the Big Dragon Ambidextrous sling plate facilitates some serious functionality over standard CQD-type sling plates. The most useful being providing the ability to transition the rifle from shoulder to shoulder to enable dynamic shooting from cover and unconventional positions without resulting in your sling becoming tangled. Works well with Mission 2/3 style slings but is compatible with any sling with hooks.  

  • Folding Foregrip
  • Side Screw Tightens
  • Tightly Locks into Place

A very easy to use fore grip that can be locked in a compact or full vertical position depending on your situation and requirements. 

  • Skeletonized Trigger
  • Designed for M4/AR15 AEG
  • Increased Fire Control Manipulation

A Skeletonized trigger designed for Airsoft M4's & AR's.

  • Pistol Mag pouch
  • Mount onto your Belt
  • Fits Most Pistol Magazines

The pouch is constructed from 600D Nylon, and is held together by bungee cords which allow the pouch to be fully adjustable in depth and width.

  • Helmet cover for FAST Maritime 
  • Features Elastic Loops for foliage
  • Helmet NOT included

Is your replica FAST helmet too shiny, like a bald mans head? Don't fancy painting it? The FMA maritime helmet cover solves this issue whilst providing excellent function with its camo fabric and extra loops for foliage if you want to truly disappear in the woods. 

  • Light enhancing
  • Green Fibre optic
  • Compatible with 1911 with rear sight dovetail

Need to shoot faster with your 1911 GBB pistol? This is what you'll need! Compatible with any 1911 variant which has removable sights via a dovetail cut in the slide. Works great with a red fibre front sight.

  • Cybergun FAMAS Magazine
  • 300 Round Capacity
  • Alloy Construction

A 300 Round High Capacity Magazine designed for the Cybergun Famas.

  • Alloy construction
  • Low profile mount
  • 8-slot RIS rail for scope

Not a fan of SMG-5 dioptre sights? I'm not sure how, but if they don't suit you then here's a way you can still shoot sharp with your SMG-5/MP5 AEG. Allows mounting of red dot sights and shorter length magnified optics. Looks extra cool with an MRDS on!

  • M-LOK compatible
  • 6-slot Picatinny rail
  • Aluminium construction

Made from Aerospace grade Aluminium with such sharp machining you may cut yourself, I know this is just a rail but it is one of the nicer ones I have seen! Compatible with real spec M-LOK slots, this rail will not work on plastic M-LOK M4 handguards. 

  • Modern AR15 enhancement 
  • Access your Bolt catch/ release quicker
  • Lock the bolt open without removing your hand from fire control

If you are into your real-world tactical training and are up to date on AR15s, you will know what this is. A battery assist device replica, this piece attaches to your bolt catch 'ping pong paddle' on the left side of your AR15/M4 receiver and allows you to operate the bolt catch with your trigger finger. For an AEG, this is more for the cool factor than anything, but for GBBR or Tokyo Marui's NGRS, this can be a serious game enhancer, speeding up your reloads and giving you optimally positioned controls, even more so than a stock AR15!

  • Grippy textured surface
  • High-Quality Polymer construction
  • Close replica of P-magazine gen.3

    Hard as nails this mag is. Surprisingly heavy given its polymer construction - this is a result of the high-density fiber reinforced polymer construction, meaning you can drop this magazine repeatedly and the only consequence will be scratches! Being a mid-capacity mag it has no rattle, allowing you to stalk the enemy in complete silence. The magazine body features a window on the side revealing realistic-looking dummy ammunition, follower and spring, adding to its already incredibly realistic look. The baseplate can also be removed and replaced with ranger plates, magpods or magpuls. 

    • 175 PSI Output
    • Power Up Green Gas
    • For GBB Pistols, Rifles

    A Performance enhancing Green Gas designed for use in Alloy / Metal slide Gas Blowback Pistols & Rifles. The VORSK V6 Green Gas provides you with a highly consistent composition of Gas to Silicone lubricant ratio, thus keeping your magazines and seals healthy while providing you with a super strong recoil and great shot-to-shot consistency! VORSK V6 Is the perfect Fuel for your Pistol!  

    • 20mm RIS/RAS
    • For Ironsight Block
    • Fits AKS-74U Variants

    An Aluminium constructed Rail Mount for AKS-74U Platform Airsoft Replicas, which will install to the Rear Ironsight Block and provide a 20mm RIS/RAS Rail for installing a Red Dot Sight. If you own an AKS-74U and you want to start decking it out with bells and whistles, then this is an ideal place to start.

    • MOLLE compatible
    • Available in a wide range of colours
    • Fits one 5.56mm Style Box Magazine

    A huge pouch for your huge mags. Available in all the camo patterns you know and love. Compatible with the ubiquitous MOLLE system which has even started to appear on civy backpacks its so common. I know you probably don't need to carry a second box mag unless you are more trigger happy than I thought possible but this is also useful to carry your BB bottles, Gas, Snacks and other large items. 

    • Vertical Foregrip
    • 20mm RIS Attachment
    • Rubber Textured Surface

    A 20mm Vertical Foregrip for picatinny rails and RIS handguards, designed to fit onto your airsoft rifle and provide a secure, stable and comfortable point of aim, ideal for M4's, AK's and other standard size Assault Rifles.

    • Foam filled interior
    • CCW threads at one end, CW at the other
    • Lightweight suppressor - Perfect for pistols

    Need a suppressor that looks fitting on your pistol? Perhaps you have a honey bodger build planned and need a suppressor that will fit in a wide handguard? The Dummy Suppressor from KUBLAI is what you will need. 

    • Protective Cover
    • Conceal Your Muzzle
    • Ideal for Matching Camo

    A NYLON Constructed Moderator / Suppressor cover, ideal for those who want to keep their muzzle hidden & protected.

    • Modern design
    • Foam-filled interior
    • 14mm CCW thread

    Looking to give your AEG that tactical look? Hiding an extended barrel but don't want the long gun look? This CYMA suppressor features full metal construction, 14mm CCW threads and a modern design that is a nice break from boring suppressors - looks at home on a P90 or other modern looking space gun!

    • Clip Straight On!
    • Retention Style Holster
    • For Airsoft Desert Eagles

    A Tactical retention style holster for your Desert Eagle! Have your hand cannon at the ready at all times with this dedicated Deagle holster!

    • 15 Round Capacity
    • For Airsoft Shotgun
    • Multiple Colour Options

    An Airsoft Shotgun Shell that holds 15 Rounds, providing 5 shots for TRI burst shotgun users and 15 shots for single shot shotgun users. The shell comes in a pack of six, and is available in multiple colours. Will fit most airsoft shotguns. 

    • Full metal construction
    • Attaches to CYMA SMG-5 SD5/6
    • Does not work with regular threaded outer barrels

    Scuffed your SD suppressor and can't find a replacement? Here it is, take that ugly old suppressor off and get a nice new one, your SD5/6 deserves it!

    • SMG-5 Style grip
    • Compatible with M-LOK
    • Perfect for a PDW with M-LOK rails

    If you are rocking a super shorty M-LOK railed AEG you may find that you cannot fit a foregrip and hand stop on your rifle. Having been in that situation I can tell you, it is annoying. Finally, a solution! The Cyma M-LOK foregrip with integral hand stop not only gives you the functionality of a double-duty M-LOK accessory but also makes your AEG look a bit like an SMG-5K! What's not to love? Modern functionality with classic design aesthetics, the best of both worlds!

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    • Rifle Suppressor
    • For AR / M4 / AR-15
    • 14mm CCW Thread

    A Tactical Assault Rifle Suppressor for Airsoft Rifles, rocking a 14mm CCW thread this classic suppressor style will fit right on almost any Airsoft Assault Rifle!

    • Replaces rear sight
    • Provides 8 Picatinny rail slots
    • Built-in white dot emergency backup sights

    The AK series of rifles are famous for many things, having the best Iron sights is not one of them. This rail replacement for your rear iron sight retains basic functionality with its built-in emergency backup sights whilst providing the option to mount a red dot sight!

    Designed specifically for Micro red dot sights, the 8 slots provide plenty of room for larger red dots but it would look rather silly. It's your AK though, make the purists cry if you feel like it!

    • PEQ style battery case
    • Optimized for MP-5/SMG-5
    • Compatible with any AEG with RIS

    Need somewhere to store that THICC battery? This will do the job. Made from strong polymer this battery case weighs next to nothing meaning less overall weight when you add your battery. This battery box attaches to any 20mm RIS system but its slim and long design is optimized for SMG-5 variants with 20mm RIS systems installed.

    • 220 PSI Output
    • Power Up Green Gas
    • For Gas Blowback Rifles

    A Super Performance enhancing Green Gas designed for use in Gas Blowback Rifles. The VORSK V12 Green Gas provides you with a highly consistent composition of Gas to Silicone lubricant ratio, thus keeping your magazines and seals healthy while providing you with an ULTRA STRONG recoil and great shot-to-shot consistency! VORSK V12 Is the perfect Fuel for your GBBR. 

    The latest and greatest airsoft products to hit the market

    Looking for something new that you might not have seen before? Well, you've come to the right place. We have a range of brand new airsoft guns, tactical equipment and products, hand picked from the best of everything our suppliers have to offer.

    All of our new products are tested in-house by our staff who not only sell airsoft, but play it too. If we're not happy with the way a replica or piece of tactical kit works or functions we won't sell it. If we're not convinced that the new product will function to our high expectations it won't hit our shelves.

    We keep an eye out for the newest brands of rifles, pistols, shotguns, snipers and more so you don’t have to. Simply browse our selection of new airsoft products to find the freshest addition to your collection. Plus, enjoy next day delivery options when you buy online.  

    Throw away all those cheap BB guns and upgrade your collection to high quality Airsoft replicas designed to look more realistic, are made from higher quality materials, and shoot further. Take your gameplay to the next level, and never look back. You can be the envy of your friends with a replica which looks the part and will outperform any seaside special BB Gun. Want to know more? Check out our guide on why airsoft replicas are better than BB guns.