An almighty range of Airsoft RIF's, Two Tone guns and much much more!

Here at Patrol Base we have a wide range of the most modern and up to date Airsoft guns and replicas, as well as some well know classics. We stock some of the highest quality brands on the market, with some well know fan favorites, as well as high end unique pieces for a selection of the most respected brands in the Airsoft Market.

Worried about picking up a gun without getting some hands on time? No worries! Patrol Base is one of the most well known UK Airsoft Shop based in West Yorkshire you can come visit us in-store in Huddersfield, located between Leeds and Manchester. We offer specialised Workshop services both in-store and post, so you can sit safe in the knowledge knowing should anything go wrong we're readily available to get your kit repaired and back to you in as little time as possible!

Looking to start Skirmishing in CQB? You can get a wide selection of Airsoft Pistol, Airsoft Submachine Gun, and Airsoft Assault Rifle ready to rock and roll from our UK Store. Looking for something for outdoors? We also sell Airsoft Sniper Rifles, and Airsoft Shotguns, and Machineguns to really put the fun into your games.

Looking for that new Airsoft gun in your life? These aren't your stereotypical 6mm BB gun, these guns are fully fledged Airsoft Replicas! Here at Patrol Base Airsoft we have a wide range of Airsoft Rifles, Long Guns and Pistols made to put a smile on your face at your next Airsoft Skirmish, with all our guns designed to shoot 6mm Plastic BBs for play at Airsoft Sites and Venues.

We have a wide variety of guns for every occasion. For those chasing all year round performance we have a range of Electric Powered Airsoft AEG, also known as Automatic Electric Guns which are powered by a motor and a specially designed gearbox system.

For those wanting a more realistic experience we also stock Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns which are powered by Gas and feature moving Slides and Bolts which when fired rack back to simulate the recoil of a real weapon! If you fancy yourself a Sniper we also have a vast range of Bolt Action Rifles to suit all tastes.

Looking for a gun from a specific era? We've got that covered too! We have a range of both modern and era guns for both the modern skirmisher, or for historical re-enactors who are looking for that special gun to complete their kit setup.

Looking for something tasty from a specific brand? We ship in a huge selection of Tokyo Marui pistols, rifles, shotguns and more, directly from Japan. If you're looking for something a little bit more down to earth at a lower price point we also stock NUPROL, G&G, and ARES rifles, which offer an excellent affordability to performance ratio!

If you're new to Airsoft and are looking to get set up we have options for everyone, with low end starter guns all the way up to professional grade gun , and we can help you through the entire process from start to finish! If you want to try before you buy you can also visit us in-store in Huddersfield, between Leeds and Wakefield. We have the largest selection of Airsoft Guns in the UK, so if you're looking for that something special in your life we're sure to have it!

Help! I'm new!

Don't worry, we all started somewhere! Below are some helpful hints and tips when it comes to getting into Airsoft, and information on buying your first Airsoft Gun!

What is an Airsoft Gun?

An Airsoft gun are replica of firearms designed to fire a 6mm plastic Ball Bearing (known as a BB), and can be used for target shooting, as well as part of Airsoft Games and Skirmish days where players work together to shoot the other team and sometimes complete objectives. If you've still got no idea what we mean, the closest comparable hobby is Paintball.

Sometimes confused with air weapons Airsoft replicas are very much different in their uses. Typically, Air rifles and Air weapons fire metal pellets or ball bearings, whereas an Airsoft replica will fire Plastic 6mm BB which are much much safer allowing players to not only shoot targets, but each other without too much fear of hurting each other! You'll usually find that Air rifles are much more powerful than Airsoft replicas.

What types of Airsoft Gun are there?

  • AEG

    Also known as Electric powered guns, these Airsoft guns are powered using a motor and battery which powers a gearbox to create the force needed to launch be BB

  • Gas

    Gas pistols and rifles, as you probably guessed, use gas to propel the BB. These types of replica are the most realistic, offering blowback / recoil and realistic magazine capacity.

  • Spring

    Typically used in bolt action rifles spring powered replicas are manually cocked, and when the spring is released the force is generated to propel the BB.

Do I need a license to purchase an Airsoft gun?

Yes and no, technically you do not need a lisence to buy or own an Airsoft replica, however the retailer needs to ensure you have a reason for purchasing before they can sell you one. This is typically known as an Airsoft defence. However, no matter what, you'll need to be over 18 in order to purchase an Airsoft replica.

If you don't have a defence then you'll have to buy your Airsoft gun painted in two-tone, meaning the replica is painted over 51% a bright non-military colour such as Red, Green, or Blue. This can be applied to any replica on our site. To apply the two-tone we strip the gun down to its parts, spray the correct bits, rebuild the gun and test it.

One of the most common defences for Airsoft players is the UKARA defence, which is a huge list of players registered at Airsoft sites around the UK. When you attempt to purchase an Airsoft replica we'll check for a relevant defence against your name and if we can confirm it we'll ship you your gun!

If you want to learn more about Airsoft Two-Tone you can do via our Two Tone Information Page.
If you want to learn more about Airsoft Defences on our Defence Information Page.