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From £349.99
  • 11.1v Ready
  • 2500rnd Box Mag
  • High Density Polymers

G&G have long dominated the market for their wide range of entry-level to competition standard AEGs, and have now created the CM16 LMG, an electric Airsoft Light Machine Gun built off the highly successful CM16 series.

From £379.99
  • Alloy Construction
  • Light Support Variant
  • Folding Bipod And Rear Brace

Bring a little additional firepower onto the skirmish field in a weapon platform that’s scarcely bigger than a standard assault rifle! This is a highly accurate and authentic Airsoft replica of the L86A2 Light Support Weapon, the long-barrelled brother of the L85.

From £399.99
  • Sound / Auto Winding
  • Full Metal Construction
  • PARA Retractable Stock

Realistically constructed with Alloy externals, this weighty 6mm Airsoft Electric Gun is an accurate replica of the infamous M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, complete with the Retractable Para Stock, providing you with the firepower of a full squad in a compact and mobile platform.

From £409.99
  • Folding Bipod  
  • Full Stock Design
  • Autowind Magazine

An electrically powered 6mm BB Airsoft realistic replica of the updated M249 SAW MK2 with full solid stock, a squad support weapon with a 2400 round magazine and an inbuilt folding bipod allowing it to be fired from an emplaced position.

From £439.99
  • Full Auto Only
  • Support Weapon
  • 2400rnd Box Mag

An electrically powered 6mm BB Airsoft realistic replica of the original MK1 M249 SAW, a squad support weapon with a 2400 round magazine and an inbuilt folding bipod allowing it to be fired from an emplaced position.

From £474.99
  • Auto-Wind Box Mag
  • KRYTAC Unique Stock
  • Alloy Keymod Handguard

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, based on the Stoner LMG with a modern twist, this Airsoft Light Support Weapon is guaranteed to turn heads. The weapon itself is almost entirely constructed from Alloy, with a Polyer Stock and Pistol Grip, and comes with a Polymer Hi-Capacity Box Magazine. 

From £489.99
  • Para Stock Version
  • Huge Capacity Mag
  • Lay Down The Pain!

A chunky and realistic replica of the world-famous MiniMi M249 which is designed for rapid and precise response to threats, even when you haven't quite worked out where they are yet. This replica features the ever-popular and super-compact Para stock.

From £509.99
  • Railed Handguard
  • Folding/Sliding Stock
  • Stamped Steel Receiver

The LCK-15 is an Airsoft Electric Gun based on the AK-15, which is a modernisation of the AK platform that went through many iterations and updates to counter issues, until the AK-12 and AK-15 were finalised.

From £1,149.99
  • Custom Built
  • Limited Quantity
  • Genuine Zenitco Parts

A custom-built Bullpup PKP from 'Raptor' which is made in extremely limited quantities and to a ridiculously high standard, complete with genuine real-world Zenitco/Зенитка furniture. Converted from a PKP to this 8.6kg metal monster, we guarantee there is nothing like this on your local skirmish field!

From £209.99
  • Integrated Bipod
  • Dovetail Side Rail
  • Real Wood Furniture

An Airsoft 6mm BB AEG Light Machine Gun designed for the Support Role, based on the Russian Built RPK-74, with absolutely gorgeous wooden furniture and a built-in bipod.

From £1,269.99
  • Highly Realistic Build
  • Real Wood Furniture
  • CNC'd Hop-Up Unit

Based on the real world RPD this is an Airsoft replica of the world famous russian RPD Light Machine gun, which is chambered in 7.62mm, and was designed by Vasily Degtyaryov as a replacement for the DP machine gun. This Airsoft gun has been built by LCT, well known for their highly realistic and top quality replicas, with this rifle being no exception. This replica is a thing of beauty to behold, and terrifying to be shot at by.

From £1,369.99
  • Over 10KG
  • 5000rnd Box Mag
  • Steel Construction

A frighteningly realistic replica of the terrifying PKP Light Machine Gun, which offers a realistic weight of over 10kg, a box magazine with a capacity of 5,000 rounds and solid Steel construction including a Stamped Steel receiver.

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From £379.99
  • Realistic Replica
  • Heavyweight (5kg)
  • Real Wood Furniture

A highly realistic and well-weighted Airsoft Electric Gun replica of the M1918A2 BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle), which saw action in World War II and the Korean War as a portable Light Machine Gun.

From £409.99
  • Folding / Locking Bipod
  • Highly Detailed Replica
  • Support Gun

Looking for a support, but sick of the same old boring western replicas, why not go for something which is much more pleasing to the eyes from the glorious lands of Russia. If accuracy through volume is more your kind of thing, or you just love to spray and pray then LCT have got the perfect gun for you.

From £409.99
  • Stamped Steel
  • Integrated Bipod
  • Real Wood Furniture

An Airsoft Electric replica of the RPK Light Machine Gun which features lavish Real Wood furniture and a Stamped Steel receiver for an incredibly realistic AEG which can lay down the pain.

From £419.99
  • Fold Away Bipod
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Box & AR Mag Compatible

Not too heavy to run it all day, but a must for those looking to slay and score the highest kill streak of the day at their next Airsoft game day. Available in Black or Tan, the M249 MK2 comes with a 2400rnd box magazine to keep you running and gunning for hours!

From £429.99
  • 3500 Round Mag
  • Extendable Bipod
  • Adjustable Rate of Fire

The A&K M60 is an exact replica of its real steel counterpart, the name M60 'Vietnam' arises from its iconic use during the Vietnam conflict were it served as the U.S. Army's primary SAW (squad support weapon), and continued to do so until the US adopted the FN MAG / M240 in the 1980s. 

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From £429.99
  • Rate of Fire Adjust
  • Microswitch Trigger
  • Autowinding Magazine

A compact version of an instantly recognisable classic; the M60E4 "Pig". This tactical variant of the LMG was designed to bring hard-hitting firepower to battlefields where a large unwieldy Support Weapon would be impractical. As you would imagine, it's built like a tank and has excellent quality of life features such as an electronic trigger and rate of fire adjuster.

From £439.99
  • Full Auto Only
  • Support Weapon
  • 2400rnd Box Mag

Realistically constructed from both alloy and polymer, this 6mm BB Airsoft electric gun is an excellent replica of FN’s successful M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, this particular MK46 variant being modernised and featuring an ergonomic and retractable M4-style stock. 

From £449.99
  • Real Wood Stock
  • Removable Bipod
  • Heavyweight Replica

Realistically constructed from alloy, real wood and polymer, this electronically powered 6mm BB Airsoft gun is an incredibly authentic replica of the instantly recognisable WW2 era MG42, the infamous “Hitler’s Buzzsaw”.

From £479.99
  • 5000rnd Box Mag
  • Rate of Fire Adjust
  • Iconic Light Machine Gun

An Airsoft 6mm BB Support Gun, designed for use in Airsoft Skirmishes, and is a replica of the famous PKM Heavy Machinegun used widely by Russian Forces around the world.

Accuracy through volume!

A wide variety of top quality Airsoft Light and Heavy Machineguns, designed to allow the player to fulfil a support role for their team. Airsoft Support Weapons stand out, by allowing the player to put down a large volume of fire keeping enemies heads down so that the rest of the team can move up.

Here at Patrol Base we have a wide variety of top offerings, from some of the top brands such as: A&K, Classic Army, AGM, ARES, KRYTAC and ICS, with many different Variants to suit any taste.

If you can't find something that you like, or want something which isn't on the website why not contact us via Phone and we can do our best to source it for you! 
Telephone: 01484 644709