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  • Non Functional
  • PEQ Style Battery Box
  • Mock Engraving & Stickers

An Airsoft battery box for Front Wired AEGs, designed to imitate the appearance of a real PEQ-15 laser/light module and hide batteries. 

  • Polymer construction
  • Non-functional battery box PEQ15
  • For 20mm Picatinny rails

If you have a front wired AEG with a tiny battery compartment, we have just what you need! The PEQ15 Battery Container from Specna Arms is a stylish looking polymer box, designed to hide your AEGs battery and allow you to use PEQ style block batteries in a front wired AEG which is short on space. This battery box is realistically sized, and sports all the fine details of a real PEQ15, but in non-functional "dummy" form. Unlike many PEQ battery boxes out there, this one also includes mock lens covers with mirrored inserts and realistic warning labels in all the correct places, making this "dummy" PEQ hard to distinguish from the functional versions! This battery box should fit any battery designed for a "Micro PEQ" or "PEQ15" style battery box.

  • Dummy PEQ Box
  • For Hiding Batteries
  • Ideal For Front Wired

This is a Dummy PEQ Box that is designed to look like a Laser/Light Module, but is actually an empty shell that can be used to hide a Battery for your Airsoft Gun.

  • Non Functional
  • PEQ Style Battery Box
  • Mock Engraving & Stickers

A mock PEQ Box, designed to hold PEQ size Airsoft batteries for your AEG weapon enabling easy access and storage for batteries on front wired weapons by mounting onto a 20mm RIS Rail system.

  • Adjustable size
  • Engraved & Stickered
  • Mock PEQ Battery Box

A mock PEQ Box, designed to hold PEQ size Airsoft batteries, but can be extended with the use of an included extension module for larger batteries.

  • PEQ style battery case
  • Optimized for MP-5/SMG-5
  • Compatible with any AEG with RIS

Need somewhere to store that THICC battery? This will do the job. Made from strong polymer this battery case weighs next to nothing meaning less overall weight when you add your battery. This battery box attaches to any 20mm RIS system but its slim and long design is optimized for SMG-5 variants with 20mm RIS systems installed.

  • Dummy PEQ
  • Fits 20mm Rails
  • Holds Small Battery

A dummy PEQ Box that attaches to 20mm Rails and can be used either to make your Rifle look extra 'Special Forces', or to conceal a compact Battery inside. This is very useful for Front Wired Guns, especially those that don't require a massive Battery, such as a HPA setup.

About Our Airsoft Battery Boxes

Store your power externally!

Compatible with pretty much any airsoft gun you’ll find here on our site, upgrade your weapon and your look with an airsoft battery box - yes, that includes our electric M4 rifles too. Our PEQ boxes are ideal to allow you more room to carry a bigger airsoft battery on your AEG. And a bigger battery means more fuel and more time on the field. 

Our airsoft battery boxes are designed to be used externally and slide smoothly onto your airsoft rail for ease. Plus, we know you don’t want the cables on show, which is why you can find PEQ boxes on our site that offer holes to hide them. Extra size doesn’t have to mean extra weight - our lightweight battery boxes mean you can carry more charge without being weighed down. 

We only stock the best named brands, including NUPROL and more, and if you’re in the market for a new airsoft battery charger, we stock plenty of those too!

Shop our airsoft PEQ boxes online today. Want to try out your new battery box before you buy? Visit our Huddersfield store.