Aim-O Anti-Reflection Lens Cover for 50mm Riflescope

Code: AO 5322-BK
  • Fits To 50mm Scopes
  • Reduces Tell-Tale Glare
  • Protect Sight From Impacts

A must have for anyone who worries about their optic potentially being shot out. Not only a protector, but this item can also remove lens glare that would normally give your position away.

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An affordable unit that can be attached by screwing into place and also removed within seconds. This item is also great for use whilst transporting your rifles to protect your optics from being smashed with any loose accessories or tools within the same compartment. It attaches to riflescopes with an objective lens of 50mm, and they must also have a threaded end for a sunshade.


  • Screw on design
  • Protect your optic from incoming fire
  • Quick fit and removal when required
  • Removes tell-tale lens glare
  • Fits to 50mm aperture optics
  • Perfect finishing touch to a rifle setup

Package Includes:

  • Anti-Reflection Lens Cover for 50mm Riflescope



External Part Type
Lens Protector


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Item Colour
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Weight and Dimension

Product Height
Approx. 5cm
Product Width
Approx. 5cm
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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.03kg