Get into the Action with Electric, Gas and HPA Airsoft Assault Rifles!

View the UK's latest range of Airsoft Guns, in many Configurations, with some of the most Iconic Types.

Here at Patrol Base we offer a great selection of Airsoft M4/15/16 Variants, AK Variants, and G36 Variants with both Modern and Era Weaponry you are bound to find something to peak all interests. Looking of a Standard Assault Rifle, we have you covered, you can check out our range of M4, AK and SCAR, or if you are looking for a more obscure Bullpup Configuration weapon you can check out our range of L85, AUG and more.

We also have a range of both Standard, Gas Blowback and Electric Recoil guns designed to suit all pockets. If you are in search of a Rifle which Simulates Recoil you can check out our range of Gas Guns in both Green Gas and HPA, or if you are looking for something which is less weather dependent have a look at our range of Electric Blowback Rifles.

Why not try out some of our best choices, such as the ARES Amoeba Pro Range, or the KWA PTS Syndicate ERG Rifle. If you're not sure what to buy online why not come down to Our Store based in Huddersfield, UK, near Leeds and try before you buy?