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  • Anti-Fog system
  • Mounts to any helmet or goggles
  • Requires custom installation

If foggy goggles are getting you hit, the Novritsch Anti-Fog Unit V2 will fix that! The Anti-Fog unit blows cool air through your goggles to clear any fog build-up, giving you the clear vision needed to stay at the top of your game. Capable of being mounted either to goggles or a helmet, the Anti-Fog Unit V2 even has a turbo mode, so if you find yourself fogging up quickly you can clear it in a flash!

This anti-fog device mounts to any helmet and goggle setup but does require custom installation so make sure you are comfortable with this before ordering. The set includes the Anti-Fog unit itself, an air hose, 2 velcro sections, a magnetic manifold adapter, a USB type-C charger cable and a punch tool to carry out the necessary mods. Make foggy goggles a thing of the past!

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