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  • Ten Pieces
  • Rubber Design
  • Textured Panels

A set of ten Rubber rail panels for KeyMod rail systems, which provides a protective and grippy surface to improve handling over the weapon, even when using gloves.

  • M-LOK rail cover set
  • Available in tan or black
  • 10 x Panels included

If your M-LOK rails are a bit too cold to hold in winter, or you want a bit more grip to help you manipulate your rifle effectively, we recommend some rail covers! The Armour Rail Cover panels for M-LOK by MGP are constructed from high density polymer, and are easily installed by adding a panel wherever you need it, and once in place, pushing the locking piece in to secure it. The set includes 10 rail panels and 10 locking pieces, allowing you to cover up to a massive 40cm of M-LOK!

  • Rubberised Build
  • 12 Pack of Covers
  • Easy to Fit / Remove

A 12 pack of Rail Covers, designed to provide a non-slip and more comfortable surface to 20mm RIS / RAS Rail.

  • Hand stop, rail panel, QD sling socket set
  • High density polymer with aluminium sling socket
  • For M-LOK rail system 

For those who prefer a traditional horizontal grip but still want an index point to help steer the rifle when things get up close and hectic, the Armour Hand Stop Set has your name on it! This set is easily mounted to any M-LOK rail system using a combination of screws and a push fit panel and provides a hand stop and a QD sling socket with a rail panel to go between. 

  • 22cm Shroud
  • Improve Aesthetics
  • Protect From Scratches

A Nylon cover designed to protect and improve the aesthetics of any suppressor or barrel it's installed on.

  • Rubberised
  • Textured For Grip
  • M-LOK Rail Covers

A set of two rubberised and textured rail covers for M-LOK rail systems.

  • Four Piece Set
  • For 20mm RIS/RAS
  • Make Rails Comfortable

A set of four Ladder Type Rail Covers which are made from a semi-rigid Rubber, and will easily slot over 20mm Rails to provide a more flush aesthetic, and to make the rail much more comfortable to hold. This is the perfect addition to any Rail System that has unused slots which are uncomfortable/unsightly. The Rail Covers are easy to manipulate, and simply need to be stretched over 20mm RIS to fit. They can even be cut to length if you require something more boutique.

  • Hard Rubber
  • For M-LOK Rails
  • Set of Four Pieces

A set of four Hard-Rubber blanking plates for M-LOK Rail Systems, which will effortlessly push into place and provide a much more comfortable and grippy surface to handle your replica. The panels have a soft-textured surface and are easily installed by pushing them into M-LOK Rail Slots.

  • Fits KeyMod Rails
  • Set of Four Pieces
  • For G&G SR Series

A set of four Rubber-constructed Rail Covers for G&G SR Series KeyMod Handguards. If you own a G&G SR Series AEG and you want a comfortable hand-hold which provides good grip even when wearing gloves, you need a set of Rail Covers. This set is designed for the G&G SR Series; it may fit other KeyMod Handguards but it is designed for and fits best on the G&G Armament SR Series Airsoft Electric Guns. To install to a Handguard, simply push the slots into the desired KeyMod slot and then push the Rail Cover forwards to 'lock' it in place.

  • Hexagonal texture
  • For KeyMod handguards
  • 4x 10cm Covers provided

If you love the slim feel of your KeyMod handguard, but it is a bit sharp, and a bit cold to grip during winter? G&G have the solution! These KeyMod rail cover panels are constructed from high-density polymer and feature a hexagonal texture on their surfaces to provide enhanced control over your KeyMod handguard in poor weather conditions and help prevent accidental cheese grating action from the KeyMod slots! The covers can be mounted quickly, with no need for tools, and are a great way to add comfort to your KeyMod setup or provide a visible and tactile index point to encourage a consistent grip on the rifle. The set includes 4 cover panels of 10cm in length which can also be cut down to cover smaller KeyMod surfaces if needed. Please note, we cannot accept returns on any rail panels which have been cut down.

  • Protect Your Optic!
  • For 20mm RIS / RAS Rails
  • 5cm x 5.5cm of protection

This lens protector is a must have product for any Airsoft Skirmisher who intents to play in a CQB environment, protecting your sights and scopes from being shot out by stray BB. Guess what's cheaper: A new sight, or a new lens protector?

  • Pack of Four
  • 16cm In Length
  • For 20mm RIS Rails

Built from lightweight polymer, these rail panels are designed to cover 20mm RIS / RAS rails and offer a more comfortable grip on your RIF.

  • Pack of 4 Panels
  • Textured Rubber
  • 15cm Length Panel

A four pack of Keymod compatible Rail covers, designed to give the user a firmer grip on their Rifle during use. The rail panels are constructed from Rubber and are 15cm in length. 

  • Durable Rubber
  • Can Be Cut To Size
  • For 20mm RIS / RAS

A set of rail panels which can be cut to size to give you a better grip on your 20mm RIS / RAS Rail set.

About Our Airsoft Rail Covers And Panels

Designed to fit the dimensions of a variety of rail covers, from Picatinny rails to M-LOK models. Give your weapon a touch of your own personal flair with an airsoft rail cover or panel from Patrol Base. Want something to cover up your airsoft rail or panels to provide a better surface for more grip, or simply want to give your airsoft gun a more unique look? Explore our great selection to find what you’re looking for.

Whether it’s Picatinny rail covers, 20mm RIS or a KeyMod rail cover, we’ve got it covered. With designs suited to the deep Picatinny slot dimensions, we can provide a rail cover to sync with the specific wide grooves of a Picatinny rail. 

We also have options ideal for specific gun types, including options for M4 assault rifles and more. Shop all our airsoft rail covers online or why not pop down to our Huddersfield store and try before you buy?