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  • For EU Series
  • Very Strong Mount
  • 20mm RIS/RAS Rails

A 20mm Railed Mount for EU Series Airsoft Pistols, simply sliding onto the Flashlight/Laser Slot on the underside of the frame, and providing you with both a 20mm Rail for a Sight or Scope, as well as an underside 20mm Rail for a Torch, Laser or other single slot accessory. Unlike other Frame Mounts, this one is push fit with a spring-loaded release button for easy installation and removal.

About ACM Airsoft

ACM is not an Airsoft manufacturer as such, more a collection of Airsoft accessories made in China, thus the name All China Made. 

ACM products range from red dot sight and scopes and magazines to Airsoft accessories such as stocks and railed handguards and are usually very competitively priced. If you are building an Airsoft gun on a budget, ACM is your best friend!