Don't think BB Gun, think Airsoft Replicas...

If you've come here looking for BB guns, you've come here to have your eyes opened to a whole new range of high quality weapon replicas. Here at Patrol Base we don't sell just BB guns, we sell top quality Airsoft Replicas, with offerings of Pistols, Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns and even beastly looking Heavy Machine Guns!  These arn't just cheap BB guns, they're in a league of their own.

Here at Patrol Base we offer a wide range of BB guns for sale perfect for beginners and new players alike. 

How old do I have to be to buy a BB gun?

To buy a BB gun, replica firearm, or any other Air weapon in the UK you must be over the age of 18. This is a legal requirement set by the government. If you want to buy an Airsoft replica from us you must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid defence. If you don't hold a valid defence then we can always Two Tone the weapon for you.

If you are a Parent looking to purchase a Replica Imitation Firearm for your Child, you can gift the weapon to them without age restrictions from the Violent Crimes Reduction Act (2006). However, please consider that these items look like real weapons. If the police are called relating to actions taken with a Replica Firearm, it will be treated as if were a Real Firearm, which will usually include a visit from Firearms Officers. 

By gifting them the weapon you will be taking responsibility for supplying it, so please: Before Gifting any Airsoft Replica, please sit down with your Child and discuss Safety and the Responsibility of possessing a Replica Imitation Firearm.

Can I buy a gun for my Son / Daughter / Significant Other?

You can buy any Airsoft replica from our website as long as you are over the age of 18, and the item is Two Toned

If you're looking to buy a gun which features a military colour, such as: Black, Tan, Green or otherwise, then you will need an Airsoft defence such as site membership or a UKARA. 

The laws regarding selling realistic imitation firearms are very string (and with good reason), and cover the point of sale of the weapon. This means that if you are buying a realistic imitation firearm you will need to have the defence as you will be paying for it, and you're the individual it is being sold to, regardless if it is a gift or not.

We suggest that if you're looking to spend money on an Airsoft gift for a friend, relative or family member then you should spend your money on Vouchers rather than physical items. It might not be as fun to open on Christmas or Birthdays, but it'll allow the recipient to pick whatever gear they need, a highly personal subject! It also means that if they have a defence, they can buy that black gun with their own defence which will go with the rest of their kit.

Please note we cannot allow you to use another person's defence to purchase an Airsoft Realistic Imitation Firearm, even if it is a gift for them.

What is a Two Tone Airsoft gun?

For more information we suggest that you visit our Two Tone Service Information page.

Are all types of BB Gun safe for Airsoft?

There are many types of BB gun available, and it's important to understand the distinction between each one. People get confused between which type of BB gun to buy, and since Airsoft BB guns are designed to be shot at each other in an Airsoft Game similar to paintball, buying a BB gun which shoots metal pellets can spell disaster.

If you hear someone talking about a BB gun, they're not always talking about Airsoft guns, here are the main types of BB Gun commonly referred to by people outside the sport or in the media:

  • 6mm BB Gun / Airsoft Replica
    This is the type of gun used in almost all Airsoft skirmishes. Universally accepted as safe under certain power limits these types of guns are designed to shoot plastic pellets and be used in Airsoft Games, known as Action Sport Games in some countries. If you've seen a video on YouTube of someone playing with an Airsoft Gun, they will be firing this type of gun.
  • 8mm BB Gun
    This type of gun is very rarely seen nowadays, in-fact, there were only a hand-full of Airsoft weapons which used this type of ammunition. If you're getting into Airsoft its best to avoid this calibre, as the weapons which use them are usually complicated, almost vintage, and certainly not something you would want to skirmish with.
  • .177 BB Gun
    These types of BB Guns usually fire metal pellets, and are designed for pest control or target practice. Avoid at all costs for Airsoft games! These types of pistols can cause serious damage, some are even used for pest control! Not only are the BB metal which can break player's face protection and eye protection if shot directly, but these weapons usually fire at much higher power limits than Airsoft guns!

Are all types of BB Pellets safe for Airsoft?

In the Airsoft world, most pellets sold by reputable Airsoft retailers will be safe to use for Airsoft, this includes all type of 6mm BB which are made from plastic. There are several types of BB which fall into the 6mm Plastic BB category, with other features such as variant weights of BB, tracer style glow in the dark BB, and Biodegradable BB, but we'll be focusing on the main material types.

  • Plastic BB
    This type of BB is the ONLY type of BB in this list which is safe for Airsoft. These BB typically come in 6mm form, and can be purchased from any Airsoft retailer. Plastic pellets are used in Airsoft because they travel well, but deform on impact with the target. These types of BB are safer for Airsoft skirmishing because they deform (or in the worst case scenario break on impact), which makes them less likely to penetrate through clothes, skin, or eye and face protection.
  • Glass BB
    This type of BB are NOT SAFE FOR AIRSOFT IN ANY FORM. No reputable Airsoft retailer will sell these, and they're rare, you'll usually only find them imported on the sly from other country. We cannot stress this enough. If you go to an Airsoft site and use these you will be removed from the site almost immediately. Glass BB shatter on impact and can seriously hurt people. If people are using mesh goggles these can shatter and the tiny bits of glass can go through the goggles into peoples eyes. If you've been asked to purchase these as a gift for someone, or someone has given you them, bin them immediately. Not only will you hurt people, they'll also damage your gun if they smash inside.
  • Water BB
    This type of BB are NOT SAFE FOR AIRSOFT. Though because they're water they may not hurt people on impact, they're likely to break inside your weapon if you use them. We shouldn't have to tell you that water and electronics don't mix, but if a water pellet breaks inside your Airsoft replica you're on a one way trip to a repair shop. If you were thinking of buying these as a gift for your son or daughter, or as a gift for your significant other, you'll probably unfortunately do more harm than good. 
  • Explosive Pellet
    This type of BB are NOT SAFE FOR AIRSOFT IN ANY FORM. No reputable Airsoft retailer will sell these, and we would be very surprised if you actually got your hands on them. Not only are these types of pellets extremely dangerous to other people, they will also destroy your Airsoft replica's internals. If you go to an Airsoft site and use these you will be removed from the site almost immediately. There is also a question of legality with this type of ammunition, so it is best avoided at all costs.
  • Metal Pallet
    This type of BB are NOT SAFE FOR AIRSOFT IN ANY FORM. No reputable Airsoft retailer will sell these, they're usually designed for air pistols and air rifles. We cannot stress this enough. If you go to an Airsoft site and use these you will be removed from the site immediately. These are dangerous because they will break skin, damage eye protection, and in the worst case actually shatter eye protection. These should never be fired at a player. These types of pellets will damage your weapon's barrel by scratching it and possibly even tearing the soft hop-up rubber, leaving you on a one way trip to a repair shop.

We recommend that you only buy 6mm Plastic Airsoft pellets from us, as we've vetted their quality and use them ourselves in our own personal Airsoft replicas. If you do go to another retailer please ensure that the BB are Airsoft safe, and they're made from plastic / polymer. If you're still confused you can always get in touch with us via our Contact form, or talk to your Airsoft game site beforehand.