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  • Ready for extreme stress
  • Decreases friction
  • Better energy efficiency

Upgrade your AEG with some advanced Open Steel Bearing Bushings from FPS Softair. Upgrading your bushings will decrease the friction caused by gear rotation, resulting in a higher burst speed and better energy efficiency. The open bearing ensures higher strength compared to closed because the ball bearings are larger.


  • Outer diameter: 8 mm
  • Inner hole: 3 mm
  • Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Reduces stresses
  • Improves lifespan
  • For V2 gearbox

Standard guides do not feature ball bearings, and these are included in this product because they reduce stress on the spring by letting it rotate freely. When upgrading your gearbox bearing spring guides should always be considered because they will improve the life-span of a spring by reducing sideways stresses.

The spring bearing is construction from tough but lightweight aluminium Ergal with a smooth anodised finish. Fits version 2 gearboxes in replicas models such as M4, M16, SR16, SMG-3, MC51, G3, MINIMI, LR300.

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  • Tempered
  • Stainless Steel
  • Installation Tools

A set of tempered Bushings from Modify which comes included with installation tools.

About Our Airsoft Bushings and Bearings

Offering a range of mm sizes, our Airsoft AEG bushings and bearings keep your Airsoft gun running smooth. Bushings and bearings are responsible for the smooth operation of your gears, and are essentially the 'socket' that the gears sit inside to spin freely - the smoother the operation, the better your game is. 

Both Airsoft bushings and ball bearings are rated by their exterior diameter and will need to match the rating for your gearbox (i.e. 8mm bearings only for an 8mm gearbox). An 8mm gearbox does not mean it takes bigger than 6mm BBs, this is just the size of the recess for the bearings to sit inside. 

But what is the difference between bushings and bearings? Airsoft bushings are more simple in design, tough and last a long time, especially under the use of higher-rated springs, whereas bearings offer less friction when turning, for a slicker operation. 

When using airsoft bushings, be sure to keep them well lubricated with a thicker gearbox grease, as they're not as free-spinning as bearings. You can explore our selection of gun grease as part of our range of Airsoft maintenance. Avoid the use of grease or lubricant on actual bearings as this can attract grit and dirt, potentially harming the operation of your AEG. 

Shop Airsoft AEG bushings and bearings now with Patrol Base and enjoy a smooth online process with next day delivery and easy returns.