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The Airsoft Boneyard is the perfect place for those looking for a cheap start to their next project, or budding Airsoft Technicians seeking something they can take apart and explore to perfect their skills. From complete wrecks of Airsoft guns for very cheap to items with damaged boxes which are otherwise good to go, the Boneyard is a great source for the creative and technical!

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Airsoft Buying Guides

If you've been looking at grabbing some Airsoft Gear but you're a little thrown by all the jargon and terminology surrounding the many Airsoft Guns, Accessories, and Equipment, do not worry! As our buying guides are here to provide you with all the information you need to make a well-informed and confident purchase.

  • Buying Guide: Rail Systems
    Buying Guides

    Buying Guide: Rail Systems

    RIS, M-LOK, KEYMOD, URX!? We get it, there's a big mix of rail systems and attachment interfaces, but we're here to help you identify what each rail system is and decide which rail system works best for you.

  • Buying guide: Optics
    Buying Guides

    Buying guide: Airsoft Optics & Red Dot Sights

    Red Dots, Holographic Sights, Magnified, Short Dots! Flip to side magnifier!? Plenty to take in we know, but we're here to help clarify the different optics available to help you choose what suits your play style and setup. 

  • Buying guide: Assault vests, Chest rigs, and Plate carriers
    Buying Guides

    Buying guide: Assault vests, Chest rigs, and Plate carriers

    In the market for something to store your spare magazines, bbs, personal effects, hydration, and tactical snacks whilst you are on the skirmish field? This article should leave you well equipped to set yourself up with a basic, functional rig suited to the role of an Airsoft rifleman.