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From 130.49

    This Airsoft M4 is constructed from Lightweight Polymer, and features Alloy Internals and a Rear Wired V2 Gearbox. The gun features many useful parts, when compared to the Standard M4A1 Platform, such as a Four Point RIS Rail Handguard, Suppressor and Flip-Up Iron Sights. A great starter rifle for getting into Airsoft.

    From 141.99

      This Airsoft M4 is constructed from Lightweight Polymer, and features Alloy Internals and a Rear Wired V2 Gearbox. The gun features many useful parts, when compared to the Standard M4A1 Platform, such as a Four Point RIS Rail Handguard, Suppressor and Flip-Up Iron Sights. A great starter rifle for getting into Airsoft.

      • 200rnd Capacity - Massive!
      • High-density polymer construction
      • Fits most Airsoft AK AEGs

      If you run an AK and you want capacity but without the dreaded battle rattle, CYMA has a treat for you! The 200rnd Polymer Mid-cap Magazine For AK AEG packs a whopping 200-round capacity into a standard length spring loaded mid-cap, meaning no issues getting nice and low in the prone position and of course, no tactical maracas as you chase the enemy down!

      These mags are styled after modern polymer magazines for 7.62x39mm style AK rifles and have reinforcement ribs across the design and dual witness windows on each side showcasing mock cartridges for added realism. The magazine is also marked with recessed numbers indicating the capacity of the real magazine, and at the baseplate, we are treated to realistic 7.62x39mm calibre markings. The polymer used in the construction of these mags is very strong and has a textured feel, a hallmark of robust high density polymers with fibre reinforcement. If you need AK mags with a modern look, no battle rattle and an impressive capacity, these are the ones to get!

      • 30rnd Capacity
      • Alloy construction
      • For CYMA CM.030 / 122 / 123 / 126 / 127 / 132 AEP

      If you're after spare AEP magazines you are in luck! The CYMA 30rnd Magazine is compatible with the CM.030, CM.122, CM.123, CM.126, CM.127 and CM.132 AEP, and should also fit the ASG XP17 Challenger AEP. This magazine is constructed with an alloy shell, polymer follower and steel feed spring, and can be loaded using an Airsoft speed loader through the feed lips at the top of the magazine body. This magazine holds 30 BBs and is a very compact design so it is easy to carry loads!

      • Extended Magazine
      • For AEP Electric Pistols
      • Lightweight / Easy to Carry

      This is an Extended Magazine for a range of CYMA AEP Airsoft Electric Pistols, which not only has an awesome external design to look like the real thing when inserted, but carries loads more BBs and allows you to make the most of the 'Full Auto' function on your AEP.

      From 53.49

      An Airsoft Hand Held Grenade Launcher which is used to fire 40mm Airsoft MOSCART / Grenade Shells. The launcher is heavy duty and is constructed with a full Alloy Body, with a Polymer Grip. 

      From 141.99
      • 20mm quad rail
      • Great starter gun
      • Vast attachment range

      CYMA brings us a fantastic M4 rifle at this price range. Great for starting your Airsoft skirmish journey, this electric 6mm BB gun, commonly known as an AEG is built and designed to replicate the M4A1 used by armed forces around the world. With 7 inch 20mm RIS rails, you have the option to add any accessories to suit your playstyle, with the length being good middle ground between close quarters battle (CQB) and commando size.

      • Solid Stock
      • For SMG-5 Replicas
      • Removable Butt Pad

      A Polymer Solid Stock for SMG-5 replicas, which easily bolts on to SMG-5 Airsoft Guns to provide a stable aiming platform and a large battery compartment if your AEG is rear wired.

      • Aluminium construction
      • For PDW stock
      • Extra space for longer batteries

      If you, like many others run the coveted PDW style stocks but find yourself needing more battery space, CYMA have got something that fits the bill. Designed for rifles such at the CM.097E and CM.041G, this stock extension unit attaches to the base of the stock and gives you roughly 3cm of additional space to house larger batteries, which allows you stay in the field longer and keep picking off those all important targets.

      Constructed from tough and sleek aluminium, this extension will blend right in with your loadout and no more will you fear running low in the heat of battle.

      From 165.99
      • Fixed Stock
      • Steel receiver top cover
      • 20mm Picatinny railed handguard

      Get into Airsoft skirmishing with a modern tactical variant of the world renowned and iconic AK47.

      With it's tried and true design, this AK makes for a great starter rifle and a great budget friendly gun that is reliable, thanks to it's alloy internals, barrel and top cover and also lightweight thanks to it's polymer construction.

      The CM.028A comes with some tactical upgrades such as 20mm RIS/RAS railed handguard and threaded barrel to attach your favourite accessories.

      Included in the package is a 525rnd Hi-cap magazine so you're ready to go with a huge BB capacity allowing you to lay down some serious supressing fire right out of the box..

      From 118.49
      • AEP - Automatic electric pistol
      • MOSFET Edition
      • High Rate of Fire

      The CYMA CM.121S is a replica of the fearsome Desert Eagle in Airsoft Electric Pistol form with a twist. This AEP is built around a MOSFET which leaves you with a savage Rate of Fire and much higher performance than a normal AEP.

      From 118.49
      • AEP - Automatic electric pistol
      • MOSFET Edition
      • High Rate of Fire

      The CYMA CM.121S is a replica of the fearsome Desert Eagle in Airsoft Electric Pistol form with a twist. This AEP is built around a MOSFET which leaves you with a savage Rate of Fire and much higher performance than a normal AEP.

      From 94.99

      If you are wanting to get into Airsoft skirmishing, look no further than the CM.125, a great starter pistol for beginners, or a budget friendly sidearm for when your primary is empty and need to get a quick draw on an opponent. 

      Designed to be easy to use, right out of the box, this electric Airsoft 6mm BB gun let's you get into action right away.

      Constructed with an alloy mock slide and polymer frame, the CM.125 is lightweight and efficient at both semi and full auto, this pistol has everything you need to get started with your first Airsoft sidearm!

      • 2 Point Sling
      • Easy to Adjust
      • Suited for Airsoft AK Rifle

      A durable 2 point tactical sling, designed for use with Airsoft AK series weapons, from the AK47 to the various designs based on it.

      • High density polymer construction
      • 20mm Picatinny rails at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock
      • For AK-47/74 AEG and GBBR assault rifles

      If you are an AK fan but are getting green-eyed over the M4/AR-15's accessory options, a railed handguard will cure that! The CYMA 20mm Picatinny Railed Handguard for AK AEG is constructed from solid high density polymer and provides 20mm Picatinny rails at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock positions, ready for 20mm Picatinny accessories.

      The side rails are short lengths, ideally designed to mount a tactical flashlight or aiming laser but can also be removed if you prefer slick sides on your handguard. The top rail features 12cm of rail space, allowing for a forward mounted red dot sight to be fitted for that slick PMC look. The bottom rail is 11cm long, providing enough room at the front so you can add a vertical or angled foregrip, or even a bipod if you see fit. The sides of the lower handguard also include ribs for extra grip, similarly to the standard issue AK-10x polymer handguards. If you want to mount your mission essential kit to your AK AEG or GBBR this handguard is one of the cheapest ways to do it!

      • 120rnd Capacity
      • Steel shell with polymer internals
      • Compatible with SMG-5/SD/K AEG series

      If you have dreams of building an old school SMG-5 but you can't find the right mags, get them here while they last! The CYMA 120rnd Old School Straight Mid-cap Magazine for SMG-5 AEG Series matches the real steel early style of SMG-5 magazine perfectly, including its straight body design, reinforcement ribs and steel shell construction.

      These mags are mid-caps, meaning no battle rattle as you go room to room with your SMG-5 doing what it does best, and should be compatible with practically any SMG-5 AEG platform out there. The mags can be loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine body using a standard Airsoft speedloader or loading rod and hold 120BBs, a respectable capacity for such a compact magazine design. If you have your old school handguard and your Maglite ready, finish your build off with these old school straight mags!

      From 130.49
      • Full metal construction
      • MOSFET pre-installed
      • Licenced by Salient Arms though EMG

      If you have decided to get an AEP for those frosty days where GBBs simply won't work but you have a taste for the finer things in life the CYMA EMG CM.135S Salient Arms BLU AEP would suit you perfectly! This AEP is manufactured by CYMA and licenced by Salient Arms through EMG, and boasts full metal construction and a pre-installed MOSFET to give it an impressive trigger response and rate of fire. 

      While the slide doesn't cycle, this AEP is no slouch, being equipped with most of the ergonomic upgrades that make the Gas Blowback SAI BLU such a pleasure to shoot and a highly visible red light-enhancing front iron sight paired with an anti-glare rear sight for fast target acquisition. The BLU also has a 14mm CCW male threaded outer barrel protected with the classic Salient Arms style thread protector, meaning, unlike most AEPs, this one is ready for a tracer unit right away! If the plain jane looks of most AEPs have put you off, this stylish and cutting-edge design should seal the deal! 

      • For M14/M1A
      • 20mm RIS Rail
      • Secure Mounting

      An Alloy constructed mount for the M14/M1A platform, which secures above the ejection port via the threads on the side of the receiver and allows you to mount 20mm compatible accessories/sights.

      From 402.49
      • CNC steel gears (13:1)
      • Reinforced Ver. 2 gearbox
      • Modern external furniture

      The CYMA CM.041G is a new model in the Platinum Series, which offers a solid external build combined with awesome internal components, for an SMG-5 experience like no other. With an internal MOSFET, CNC Steel Gears and more contained within a reinforced Version 2 Gearbox, this is one of the finest SMG-5s available at the moment. Quoted to have a ROF of 25RPS and a very fast trigger response, this is perfect for getting gritty up at the front of the skirmish.

      • Complete V2 gearbox
      • Compatible with M4/AR-15 AEGs
      • Quick change spring, ETU/MOSFET & high torque motor

      If you have had a gearbox failure and you don't fancy opening it up, the CYMA Complete Version 2 Gearbox w/High Torque Motor & ETU is a pre-upgraded and pre-wired replacement which can be installed with minimal effort and no need to solder or open the gearbox shell. As always, we recommend you have some technical experience before installing a new gearbox, but when it comes to Airsoft upgrades this is about as easy as they get.

      This gearbox set is designed for M4/AR-15 AEGs and has the correct nozzle length and selector plate for the task and is also pre-wired to a Deans connector so you can benefit from a lower resistance connector for increased electrical efficiency. Also included with the set is a CYMA high torque Neodymium magnet motor, providing a very snappy trigger response and the power to handle stronger springs than a standard motor.

      The icing on the cake is the pre-installed MOSFET/ETU which prevents gearbox lock-up on semi-auto, provides further improvements to the trigger response and a boost to the rate of fire. If your M4 gearbox has issues or you want to freshen up an old M4 with a brand new and pre-upgraded gearbox this set would be a fantastic choice, avoiding the messing around and getting you back to shooting with minimal effort!

      From 70.99
      • Pump action
      • Shell loaded
      • Tri shot

      Short and compact like it's real world counterpart, but still packs a punch. 

      This Airsoft stockless variation of the iconic M870 if for those of you for an operator's choice to clear rooms in CQB skirmishes and with it's satisfying pump action and tri-shot spread, enemy insurgents won't last long with this shotgun making quick work of them!

      From 82.99
      • Electric Pistol
      • Great Starter Sidearm
      • Fully Automatic Mode

      A non-blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Electric Pistol which is based upon some of the World's most popular pistols, with all of the best bits taken and combined to create one unique pistol which is highly ergonomic.

      From 283.99
      • Rear Wired
      • Dovetail Side Rail
      • Integrated Suppressor

      The CYMA CM.099 is a faithful replica of the infamous VSS Vintorez Sniper Rifle, a specialist Russian DMR from the AS VAL family that fires the specially-made 9x39mm. This Airsoft Electric Gun replica ticks all the right boxes for a VSS replica, including a rear-wired Stock which makes battery installation much easier than other VSS models.

      From 94.99
      • Great Starter Gun
      • Electric Pistol
      • Hi-Capa Style Design

      An electric powered non-blowback Airsoft pistol, also known as an AEP (Automatic Electric Pistol), designed to function and work like the popular Hi-Capa style pistol.

      • Lightweight polymer build
      • Windowed mock cartridges
      • 550rnd Capacity

      Those of you looking for an AK mag with a more modern aesthetic and some unique stylings, this variant from CYMA is one to consider. The mag features a 'witness window' in which transparent areas either side of the mag reveal mock cartridges, making the mag look that bit more realistic.

      The magazine is that of a high-cap design, meaning that is wheel-wound at the bottom to reload and holds a whopping 500 rounds, which is great for those of you that love to full-auto liberally. The mag is filled at the top via the fill window and should fit that vast majority of brand and variants of AKs.

      From 390.49
      • Full metal construction
      • Automatic tri-shot shotgun
      • Triple wheel adjustable HOP-up system

      If you have been looking for the meanest AEG for CQB skirmishes, you have definitely stumbled across it in the CYMA CM.102 SGR-12! This automatic electric shotgun is a close copy of the original Tokyo Marui design and boasts full metal construction to go with its ferocious in-skirmish firepower. This shotgun is capable of both semi and fully automatic fire, with each cycle of the custom gearbox firing 3 BBs down range from 3 independent inner barrels, each with its own HOP-up adjuster. If you have ever dreamt of using a tri-shot shotgun which doesn't require pumping before each shot, now you can!

      • Polymer construction
      • 500rnd wheel wound high-cap magazine
      • For AK Airsoft AEG series

      If you run a modernised, tactical Airsoft AK AEG rifle you will probably want some equally modern magazines! The 500rnd AK74 Reinforced Polymer High-cap Magazine from CYMA is designed with a strong reinforced polymer shell with ribs across all its surfaces, to add strength to the shell and provide additional grip. The base plate of the magazine is also slightly widened to allow it to be more easily drawn from a magazine pouch for fast and easy reloads. This magazine holds a whopping 500 rounds and can be filled through the fill window on the top of the magazine, and is wound using the winding wheel on the baseplate. This magazine is compatible with any standard AK style Airsoft AEG, but its shallow curve is a tell-tale sign that this is a 5.45 style AK magazine, for those who like to keep it real!

      From 100.49
      • Tactical Model
      • Tri-Burst Design
      • Accessories Included

      A Pump Action, Spring Powered Tri-Burst Airsoft Shotgun, which accepts an Airsoft Shotgun Shell inside the breech, and will fire three BBs which each Trigger pull. This tactical variant comes supplied with a 12ga Choke and 20mm Receiver Rail, as well as a Shell Holder, Speedloader and Shotgun Shell.

      From 118.49
      Was 130.49
      Save 12.00
      • High Rate of Fire
      • Upgraded Gearbox
      • MOSFET Pre-installed

      An Airsoft Electric Pistol which has an upgraded Gearbox with a pre-installed MOSFET, meaning you get a high rate of fire in a pistol which works perfectly in any weather conditions!

      • 1500 Round Capacity
      • Makes your P90 a big mo'fo
      • Requires an AR15 style High cap to function

      Finding your P90 is running out of ammo before you're done shooting? Maybe you think your P90 just isn't quite ugly enough? Just bought a P90, have no mags but a pile of old M4 highcaps? This magazine solution from CYMA will make you all happy. Huge Capacity to help you dominate the field, borrow your boring AR user mates magazines and hose the enemy down with a support weapon that fits in your pocket, the CYMA Mag adaptor Box mag is doing double duty!

      About CYMA

      CYMA is renowned for making great starter Airsoft weapons suited for any budget. Originating from China, CYMA makes a wide range of Airsoft AEGs, ranging from M4 replicas, Bolt action sniper rifles and AK47 platform RIFs to various Airsoft SMGs and pump action shotguns. CYMA even makes AEPs (automatic electric pistols), offering replicas of all the iconic designs including Desert Eagle replicas!

      In recent years CYMA have elevated its products and brand and is now regarded as a top-quality brand that rivals other premium brands, as demonstrated with their much-lauded Platinum Edition, High-Speed Edition and Blue Edition ranges. CYMA is also behind some of EMG's licensed RIFs, providing the high quality bodies and internals for EMG's replicas.

      CYMA also offers a wide array of Airsoft accessories and spare parts such as magazines, RIS/RAS rail systems, complete gearbox upgrade kits and both internal and external parts. CYMA offer something for every Airsofter, at any budget with great value for money.