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  • Basic Sling
  • Two Point Sling
  • For Light Replica

A basic rifle sling designed for use on Beginner and Lightweight Airsoft Replicas as a great starter sling. The sling is constructed with Nylon Strapping, which adjusts up to 145cm and is 3cm wide.

  • Low Profile
  • Ideal for Carbines
  • Attaches to Chest Rigs

A low profile and simple sling which aims to reduce clutter on your rig, and to transfer the weight of your RIF onto your chest rig, rather than resting on your neck.

  • Bungee Sling
  • Adjustable Length
  • Quick Release Buckle

A Single Point Sling for Airsoft Guns and other imitation firearms, that attaches to MOLLE compatible Plate Carriers and Chest Rigs. Ideally mounted on the back of your Rig and running over your Shoulder, this Single Point Bungee Sling will hold your Rifle off to one side, closely into your shoulder, whilst giving you the freedom to handle it as normal. The Sling has a Quick Release Buckle, allowing you to easily hand over your Rifle to a Marshal or take it off after a long day, and the Single Clasp is protected by a sleeve of Elastic, protecting your Airsoft Gun from marks.

  • One Point Sling
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Evenly Distributes Weight

A unique one point sling that mounts to a chest rig and feeds down the shoulder straps to evenly distribute weight across your shoulders, and make slinging a heavy rifle much more comfortable.

  • 2 Point Sling
  • Suited for AK
  • Easy to Adjust

Rugged and durable adjustable 2 Point sling ideally suited for Airsofters wanting to support the weight of their Airsoft AK Rifles. 

  • Alloy Clasps
  • Release Safety
  • 130cm Max Length

A tough Nylon Sling for use on Airsoft Replicas in a Two-Point Sling setup. It features robust Alloy Clasps, one of which has a Release Safety to ensure it doesn't pop off during use. The other Clasps has a Ring-Pull Release that makes it very easy to use in a hurry. With a maximum adjustment length of 130cm, this Sling is ideal for all uses up to Sniper Rifles.

  • Single Point Sling
  • Metal Secure Clasp
  • Connects to MOLLE

A Single Point weapon sling, with the added ability of mounting it to MOLLE Loops on chest rigs, giving the user quick access to their weapon, as well as allowing them to transition between shooting states without getting in the way like a traditional sling. 

  • For Belt/Sling
  • Holds 12 Shells
  • Elastic Shell Loops

A Shotgun Shell Pouch and Sling designed to hold up to 12 Airsoft Shotgun Shells for quick and easy access in a comfortable manner. 

  • Single point sling
  • Bungee section allows flexibility
  • Sturdy hook-clasp

The Single point bungee sling from EmersonGear proves an effective solution to the problem of what to do with your primary when it's sidearm time. Hook this sling up, and you can simply throw your rifle to your side, draw your pistol and get busy! This sling is constructed from durable nylon with a bungee section which reduces fatigue and strain on your sling point and attaches to your primary using a single alloy hook/clasp. This sling is perfect to take the weight off your arms during a long skirmish, and prevent those with butter fingers from dropping their precious rifles!

  • Two Point Sling
  • Padded Shoulder
  • Adjustable Length

A two point sing designed for M249 Airsoft weapons, allowing you to carrying your hefty pride and joy all day with maximum comfort.

  • Metal Loop
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Rubber Shoulder Pad

    A one point sling designed for MP9 gas blowback submachine guns, with a quick release clasp for easy handover to a marshal or other player.

    • Bungee Extendable 
    • Quick Release Buckle 
    • Essential Pistol Security

    A simple yet effective way of ensuring that your Airsoft pistol is always where it should be, tethering you and your gun together. 

    • Extends 66" Long
    • Padded Shoulder Strap
    • Quick Length Adjust Mech

    A new and uprated heavy duty, but lightweight sling from Viper Tactical in a 2 point system. Featuring a quick adjust lengthening or shortening mechanism which is to die for!

    • Single Point Sling
    • 1000D Cordua Nylon
    • Heavy Duty Alloy Clasp

    A Single point Bungee sling designed to hold your weapon when not in use, but also to take force from the drop of your weapon whilst quickly transitioning to a secondary weapon. 

    • Two Point Sling
    • 1000D Cordura Nylon
    • Heavy Duty Alloy Clasp

    Two Point Bungee sling designed to hold your weapon when not in use, but also to take force from the drop of your weapon whilst quickly transitioning to a secondary weapon.

    • Three Point Sling
    • 1000D Cordua Nylon
    • Heavy Duty Alloy Clasp

    A three point sling designed to hold your weapon when not in use, but also to take force from the drop of your weapon whilst quickly transitioning to a secondary weapon.

    • Multiple Buckle
    • Alloy Mount Clasp
    • Flexible Bungee Strap

    A single point bungee sling designed to be lightweight but strong, allowing you to secure your Airsoft weapon at your side in between games or whilst moving.

    • Dual Alloy Clasp
    • Single / Two Point
    • Fully Adjustable Size

    A Two Point Sling which as been designed specifically for use with ASG's Scorpion Evo Airsoft Submachine Gun. 

    • Heavy Duty
    • Bungee Retention
    • Push Release Clasp

    A heavy-duty retention lanyard designed to keep you secure during your extraction! Or for hooking on some gear/equipment when you don't have a free hand.

    • Real Leather
    • For MP40 AEG and SR40
    • Authentic WWII sling

    So you have the old school WWII SMG, but you have no way to carry it? SRC to the rescue! Introducing the MP40/SR40 WWII Leather Sling from SRC, an authentically constructed and styled real leather sling intended for use with MP40 AEGs and the SRC SR40 AEG or GBB. The sling is attached by looping it through the front and rear sling slots on the MP40, and when installed provides adjustable length to provide an easy way to carry your MP40 on your back.

    • 180cm Max
    • Bungee Core
    • Two Point Sling

    A Two Point Bungee Sling for Airsoft Guns that have a Front and Rear Sling Loops, allowing you to create an over-the-shoulder Sling setup. You could also connect both clasps to a single point at the rear, but it would be much more ideal to use a One Point Sling in this scenario. The Bungee Core helps take strain off the wrists, and will help you feel a little less broken after a hard day's Airsoft.

    • 3 point sling
    • HK hook style attachment
    • Ideal for long rifles

    The 3 Point Hook Sling from CS provides a perfect solution to the question of how to carry your longer and more unwieldy Airsoft guns. The sling includes 3 points of attachment, including 2 HK-style hooks and a loop with a buckle to secure it. This sling can be adjusted out to a massive 130 cm total length, making it well suited to any body type.

    • One/Two Point
    • Ideal for P90 SMG
    • Aluminium Clasps

    A Tactical Sling designed for use with P90 Airsoft Submachine Guns, holding the Gun on your Chest for easy access when using a Sidearm/Secondary. The included Loop should be installed to the rear of your Stock, and the Clasps of the Sling connected to the Loop to provide a Single Loop over your Neck. This holds the P90 in the ready position on your Chest/Stomach, but the Sling could also be used for other Two-Point applications by not using the included Stock Loop.

    • Bungee Sling
    • One/Single Point
    • Ideal for SMGs/ARs

    A Tactical Sling for Airsoft Guns / Air Rifles that features a Single Point Connection, making it ideal for smaller SMGs and Rifles with a Sling Loop near the rear. The Bungee design of the Sling allows your Rifle to bounce slightly, and improves comfort throughout the day, as well as reducing wrist fatigue and allowing you to use a Sidearm/Secondary/Pistol comfortably.

    • Coiled Lanyard
    • Strong Pistol Retention
    • Prevents Dropping / Loss

    A great but simple method of keeping your Airsoft Pistol on you at all times, keeping you and your gear together.

    • 2 Point Sling
    • Easy to Adjust
    • Suited for Airsoft AK Rifle

    A durable 2 point tactical sling, designed for use with Airsoft AK series weapons, from the AK47 to the various designs based on it.

    • Single point sling
    • Ideal for receiver end plates
    • Wide strap with bungee retention

    Are you looking for an alternative to propping your expensive RIF awkwardly against a wall when you need to free your hands for objective-based work, or to make use of your sidearm? If so, you have found what you need! The 8Fields Tactical One-Point Bungee Sling is designed for use with CQB setups or small and compact replicas and attaches to your gun via a single sling point. This sling sports bungee retention, giving you a bit of extra flex on the sling when needed, and a broad strap to more evenly distribute the weight of your primary and prevent discomfort. 

    • Single or two-point sling
    • Quick-release system
    • Adjustable length with bungee retention

    Can't make your mind up between a one or two-point sling setup? Thanks to our friends at 8Fields Tactical, you no longer have to! The 2-Point/1-Point Tactical Bungee Sling can be quickly swapped between a single point configuration and a two-point setup, in the field if necessary. The sling also features bungee retention, providing some flex to the sling for additional comfort, and has an integrated quick release system provided by two buckles, preventing the hassle of trying to untangle yourself after the game!

    • Two Point Sling
    • Fully Adjustable
    • Bungee Sections

    A sling designed for Airsoft Assault Rifles, Submachineguns and Shotguns, and can be used as both a Two-Point Sling for over the shoulder action, or as a Single Point Sling for resting. 

    • Quick Adjust
    • Two Point Setup
    • Very Large When Adjusted

    Exactly what it says on the label, quick adjust! The whole sling is very strong and with the large tabs of fabric you can adjust your sling in seconds depending on your combat situation.

    About Our Airsoft Rifle Slings & Lanyards

    Here at Patrol Base, we have a range of multi-purpose tactical one, two and three point slings designed for use on Airsoft guns, rifles, snipers and more. Our airsoft slings come in a wide variety of colours, allowing you to match your sling pattern with your chest rigs and vests. Plus, designed for versatility, your rifle sling can be set up in an array of ways to give a tactical advantage on the field.

    Setups include single point slings - these are ideal for SMGs and make great small rifle slings. Our two point slings work with larger rifles and are well suited as sniper slings. The more advanced three point setups are suited for specific configurations such as the SA80 / L85.

    We only stock the top quality Airsoft slings from manufacturers we know and trust, including  Viper Tactical, 8Fields Tactical and Vulcan Defence.

    Shop our full airsoft collection online with next day delivery. In need of a new replica to pair with your rifle sling? Shop everything from Airsoft revolvers to WW2 airsoft guns.