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  • 100rnd Capacity
  • Transparent polymer construction
  • For East Crane/E&C EC-202 AEG series

If you are rocking the EC-202 you will need some mags to keep it doing what it does best. The East Crane 110rnd Mid-Cap Magazine For EC-202 AEG is constructed with a transparent polymer shell and a steel feed spring, showcasing detailed mock 7.62x51mm cartridges inside for that realistic look. This mag is compatible with the EC-202 AEG series but will not fit other 417-style Airsoft guns. 

This is a mid-cap magazine, meaning it is loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the mag using a speed loader or loading rod. Thanks to its spring-loaded design you will never experience the dreaded battle rattle while carrying this mag, making it great for milsim skirmishers and those who prioritise stealth!

From 401.99
  • Full metal construction
  • 6.04mm Tightbore inner barrel
  • In-Line MOSFET pre-installed

If you are into the big boy style of 7.62x51, the EC-202 should suit you! This full metal AEG is based on a well known platform we all love the look of, and is packing more than its fair share of pre-upgraded internals so the look matches the performance. On the outside, we are treated to 20mm Picatinny rails wherever they are needed, a low-profile snag reducing stock with 6 positions of adjustment and a full complement of ambidextrous controls, making this a great platform for left or right-handed shooters. 

Internally, the EC-202 is kitted out with a 6.04mm tightbore inner barrel, rotary HOP-up unit, steel gears, a reinforced V2 long gearbox and an In-Line MOSFET to keep the electrical efficiency high for a fast trigger response and above average rate of fire. If you have plenty of normal assault rifles and your collection is lacking 7.62x51mm replicas, the EC-202 would be an asset to your arsenal!

From 401.99
  • Full metal construction
  • 6.04mm Tightbore inner barrel
  • Locked to semi with quick change spring - DMR ready!

Whether you are doing a US Army Sniper impression or you simply appreciate a big boy 7.62x51mm style AEG which is ready for DMR duty right away, the East Crane EC-901 SASS SR-25 DMR should suit you well. This AEG is styled after the real steel M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System (SASS) which replaced the M24 Sniper Rifle in US Army service and is finished in Flat Dark Earth to match the real thing. 

Not content with simply looking like a DMR, the EC-901 is locked to semi-automatic only and is rocking a 6.04mm tightbore inner barrel, rotary HOP-up unit and quick change spring system, making for an easy switch to true DMR capability for anyone who can master the super slick quick change spring. The heart of this beast is a version 2 long gearbox (aka V2.5) and an in-line MOSFET to improve trigger response and electrical efficiency, coupled with steel gears running on 8mm ball bearing bushings. If you have an appetite for DMRs, this is the DMR which made Western militaries fall in line and follow suit with their own semi-automatic sniper rifles!

From 389.99
  • Full metal construction
  • 6.04mm Tightbore barrel & quick change spring
  • Semi-automatic only - Ready for DMR duty!

If you are in the market for a 7.62x51 style AEG but you want something unique, the EC-909 LR OBR is calling your name! This AEG boasts full metal construction with an absolutely gorgeous matt black anodised finish applied and is set up out of the box for DMR duty thanks to its quick change spring system, in-line MOSFET and semi-auto locked fire controls. 

On the inside, we are treated to more than our fair share of pre-upgraded internals, especially at this price! A 6.04mm tightbore inner barrel coupled with a TM-compatible rotary HOP-up unit gives the EC-909 the range and accuracy to duke it out with the best. The steel gearset runs on 8mm ball bearing bushings to reduce stress on the gearbox shell and reduce friction, allowing for higher power springs to be installed while remaining within the parameters set by the manufacturer. The gearbox is a version 2 long (sometimes known as version 2.5), meaning greater cylinder volume which is ideal for longer inner barrels. If you want a DMR that looks like nothing else you can buy or build yourself, the EC-909 is the one!

From 425.49
  • Full metal construction
  • 6.04mm Tightbore inner barrel
  • Programmable trigger & quick change spring - DMR ready

Where my milsim bois at? The East Crane EC-202 M-417 DMR is the marksman rifle you have been looking for, whether you run a UKSF, Delta or any other SF loadout! Boasting full metal construction, a quick change spring system and a programmable MOSFET capable of semi-automatic only, the EC-202 is ready for whatever role you place it in, but we think it would make a beast of a DMR!

With a 6.04mm Tightbore inner barrel, rotary HOP-up unit, version 2.5/version 2 long gearbox and CHONKY 7.62x51mm style magazines, the EC-202 is kitted out for long range skirmishing, whether you push it up to DMR limits or not. On the outside, we have more 20mm Picatinny rails than we will ever need, a 14mm CCW male threaded barrel, ready for a suppressor or tracer and a snag-reducing low-profile stock with full adjustability for ease of movement. Wack a big scope on this bad boy and get to work!

About East Crane Airsoft

East Crane Airsoft, also known as E&C, offer a wide range of full metal Airsoft AEG guns, including detailed replicas of famous DMR rifles such as the 417 and SR-25 and a full line of AK47 replicas from the AK-74 of the Cold War to cutting edge modernised AK replicas seen in the hands of Spetsnaz soldiers in the current day. 

East Crane is renowned for their reinforced gearbox design and pre-installed tightbore inner barrels, and some models even come with a MOSFET fitted straight out of the box. If you want a rock solid and reliable Airsoft AEG rifle in a unique external style and full compatibility with Tokyo Marui spec upgrade parts, East Crane is one Airsoft brand to keep a close eye on!