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  • Steel shell
  • 400rnd Capacity
  • For Double Bell BY-805 SCAR-H AEG

If you are rocking the big boy SCAR-H AEG from Double Bell you will need some big boy mags to go with it! The Double Bell 400Rnd High capacity magazine is intended for their BY-805 SCAR-H AEG, and is a wheel wound high capacity magazine. The winding wheel is located at the bottom of the magazine, and the fill window is on the top. All you need to do to ready this mag for battle is fill it up with BBs through the fill window, then wind the magazine using the wheel on the base plate. This magazine has a steel shell and polymer internals, giving it a realistic feel and high strength.

  • Transparent polymer construction
  • 200rnd Capacity - BIG mid-cap
  • For M4/AR15/SCAR-L/416 AEGs

If you want big capacity but no battle rattle, Battleaxe has your back! The 200rnd Transparent Polymer Magazine is a medium capacity spring-loaded magazine with an impressive 200 BB capacity. The magazine can be loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine body and is constructed from strong transparent polymer so you can keep track of how much ammo you have left with a quick glance. This magazine is designed specifically to work in 416 and SCAR-L AEGs with their reprofiled magazine wells, but will also fit and feed in M4/AR15 AEG rifles. If you are sick of being caught out with an empty mid-cap on your gun, this magazine should give you all you need to avoid missing easy kills!

  • 130rnd Capacity
  • Reinforced polymer construction
  • For AK47/74 AEG rifles

Looking for AK magazines for a modern, tactical AK AEG? The CYMA 130rnd Reinforced Polymer Magazines have the looks you need, with some enviable functionality built in. These magazines have a ribbed exterior body which both strengthens the shell and provides gripping surfaces for better control over the mag in wet weather, and are constructed from rough textured reinforced polymer. The baseplate is also ribbed and flared out to allow better grip when ripping the mag from a pouch when you are reloading in a hurry.

This is a replica of a modern AK magazine design known as the "Intrafuse", and would suit a modern tactical 5.56 or 5.45 style AK build perfectly but will fit and feed in AK AEGs of all stripes. This magazine is a spring fed mid-cap which is loaded using an Airsoft speed loader or loading rod through the fill/feed port on the top of the magazine.

  • Stubby Design
  • Steel Outer Shell
  • VN/Vietnam Style

A Mid-Cap Magazine for M4/M16 Platform Airsoft Guns, which is made with a Steel Outer Shell to make it tough, well weighted and realistic. It has a 'stubby' design as seen in the M16s of the Vietnam War Era, and is a Spring-Loaded design which will feed all the BBs until empty without the need for winding. This is ideal for DMRs or Period Replicas, or for anyone who wants Mid-Cap Magazines that are low profile and won't get snagged on your kit as much as full size ones.

  • 150rnd Capacity
  • Rubber Baseplate
  • Mock Bullet Window

This Magazine is designed for Airsoft M4/AR Platform Electric Guns, and features a gorgeous, modern design with Mock Bullet Window and Thick Rubber Baseplate. It holds a total of 150rnds and is filled from the top using a Speedloader. If you need an ultra modern Magazine to finish off your Custom M4 build, then the Battleaxe 150rnd Mid-Cap Polymer Magazine for AR-15/M4 is the ideal choice.

  • 150rnd Capacity
  • Polymer construction
  • 416 Style mag for M4/AR15 AEG

Looking for polymer magazines for your 416 or SCAR-L? Shopping for polymer mags can be tricky with these platforms, but the Battleaxe 150rnd 416 magazine fills the void! This magazine is designed to fit and feed in both M4/AR15 and 416/SCAR-L AEGs, saving the trial and error and guesswork if you own one of the latter two platforms. This magazine is constructed from strong polymer and features ribs on its external surfaces for reinforcement and to provide extra grip when reloading under pressure or in poor weather conditions. On the right side of the mag we are treated to recessed markings, reading "Cal.5.56mmx45" and "30" with a bullet symbol above. This magazine is loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine using an Airsoft speed loader or a loading rod/tool.

  • 140rnd Capacity
  • Polymer construction
  • Affordable Mid-caps for AK AEG!

If you want a full loadout of many, many magazines, but you don't want to be weighed down by pouches full of unnecessary steel, the NUPROL Essentials 140rnd Mid-cap for AK AEGs would be perfect for you. This magazine is styled after the original AK47 7.62x39mm steel magazine but is constructed from lightweight polymer so you can carry ten and still remain agile. The magazine holds 140 BBs and can be loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine body using an Airsoft speed loader or loading rod/tool. This magazine is a 7.62 style mag, and is most appropriately used in 7.62mm AK replicas such as the original AK47, the AKM and the AIMS, but will fit and feed in most Airsoft AK AEG rifles.

  • Mock Bullets
  • Unique Design
  • TM Compatible

A gorgeous Polymer constructed Mid-Cap magazine which is compatible with most brands of AR/M4/M16 platform rifles, including standard Tokyo Marui replicas.

  • TM Compatible
  • 150rnd Capacity
  • For AR / M4 / M16

A Polymer constructed Magazine for AR / M4 / M16 Platform Airsoft Replicas, which holds 150rnds total in a Spring-Fed Mid-Cap design that will feed all the BBs until empty, with none of the rattle that you get from High Cap Magazines. Compatible with a range of brands such as CYMA, DBoys, JG, A&K, Arcturus and Tokyo Marui, this is the perfect purchase for any AR Platform operator wanting to stay in the fight for longer without refilling mags.

  • Polymer construction with steel feed spring
  • 120rnd Medium capacity magazine
  • For M4/AR15 Airsoft AEG rifle series

If you are bored with the prolific "magazine pull" style of polymer magazines, perhaps these will interest you! The Advanced Polymer Mid-cap Magazine from KUBLAI is patterned after the real steel Lancer Systems magazine, optimised for use with real SCAR and HK416 rifles. This magazine is compatible with most M4/AR15 AEG rifle, and also 416 and SCAR-L style AEG rifles. The magazine is constructed from polymer and has textured sections and ribs across its surfaces to ensure you have control over the magazine, even when you are reloading really, really fast! This magazine holds 120 BBs and is a mid-cap magazine, meaning no battle rattle! The magazine can be filled through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine using a standard Airsoft speed loader.

  • For JG T3 / G3
  • High Capacity
  • Holds 500 Round

A spare magazine for JG T3 / G3 Style Airsoft AEG. The magazine is a high capacity magazine, storing 500 rounds.

  • 300rnd Mid-Cap
  • Tough & Weighty
  • Steel Construction

A Steel high capacity clockwork magazine for AR-15 / M4 models of Airsoft Electric Gun, that will fit and feed in 95% of M4 based Airsoft guns.

  • Hex Patterned
  • 450Rnd Capacity
  • Marui Compatible

A clockwork-wound high capacity magazine for AR platform Airsoft replicas, with an attractive Hex-pattern to improve handling and aesthetics ten-fold. They are available in both Black and Tan and hold a total of 450rnds each.

  • Official Magazine
  • 140rnd Mid-Cap
  • Tough Polymer

An official BMAG designed by BOLT for their AR / M4 series of Airsoft replica, and is based off the PMAG design. The magazine is spring loaded and holds up to 140 rounds which are loaded from the top using an Airsoft speed loader. The magazines are constructed from heavy duty polymers for a wobble free design, and thanks to the spring feeding system are rattle free making them perfect for quite night games or CQB games where stealth is a requirement. These magazines are perfect for any Airsoft skirmisher who owns a BOLT M4 replica and are wanting the exact magazines designed for their replicas.

  • Hex Pattern
  • TM Compatible
  • 200rnd Capacity

A Mid-Capacity Magazine for AR Platform Rifles (such as AR-15, SCAR, TAVOR, ARX100), that is filled using a Speedloader to fill BBs through the top of the Mag. It will then quietly and effectively feed BBs into your Gun until empty, with no rattle unlike High-Cap Magazines. With an attractive hex pattern, this is an eye-catching Magazine that looks great in any AR Platform Airsoft Gun. Not only this, but it is compatible with Tokyo Marui (TM) Replicas too.

  • Steel Shell
  • 7.62 STANAG
  • TM Compatible

A Mid-Cap Magazine for SR-25 / AR-10 Platform Rifles that accept a 7.62x51mm STANAG Magazine. It is a Spring Powered Magazine that is filled using a Speedloader, and will feed until empty without any rattle. With a Steel Outer Shell, this is a seriously strong and realistic Magazine, which is perfect for staying in the fight for longer without refilling. As an added bonus, it is compatible with CYMA, A&K as well as Tokyo Marui branded Rifles.

  • Low profile magazine
  • Adjustable capacity
  • Polymer-MAG style

If you are the type of player who spends plenty of time prone, you will appreciate this magazine. The low profile 20/70 round DMAG allows you to get lower to the ground when crawling and gives a great look to a DMR platform rifle.

  • Polymer construction
  • 30/130rnd Variable capacity mag
  • For M4/AR15 Airsoft AEG rifle

Looking for a real cap magazine for Milsim that can double as a mid-cap for regular Airsoft skirmishes? The DMAG from D-Day is a high-density polymer magazine, styled after the latest "416" style magazine, complete with reinforcement ribs on either side and a redesigned shell shape to prevent the magazine from being over-inserted during a fast reload and damaging your HOP-up unit. This magazine is constructed with a high-density polymer shell and polymer internals with a steel feed spring and can be loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine.

  • Mock Bullets
  • 68rnd Capacity
  • Semi Transparent

A 68rnd Low Capacity Magazine for Airsoft P90 replicas which is filled from the underside of the mag using a Speedloader, and feeds all the BBs until completely empty.

  • No Rattle
  • Spring Feeding
  • Low Capacity Magazine

A Low Capacity Magazine designed for M14 AEG, where the player wants a magazine with a more realistic capacity. The Magazine is constructed from Alloy, with Polymer internals. 

  • 110rnd Mid-Cap
  • Transparent Body
  • Spring Fed System

A Polymer constructed 110rnd Mid Cap Magazine for AUG Airsoft Electric Guns, which is filled using a Speedloader and will feed BBs quietly into the gun until empty. This is the perfect purchase for any AUG-wielding Airsofter who wants to stealthily carry more ammunition in the field.

  • Cybergun FAMAS Magazine
  • 300 Round Capacity
  • Alloy Construction

A 300 Round High Capacity Magazine designed for the Cybergun Famas.

  • Polymer Construction
  • 530rnd Wheel wound high-cap magazine
  • For Airsoft AK AEG series

If you have a modernised tactical AK rifle inspired by the US civilian tactical community, this magazine belongs on your AEG! The 530rnd Polymer High-cap Magazine from Battleaxe is a reinforced design with deep ribs across its surface and linear serrations at the front and rear to assist you in keeping a tight grip on the magazine during a speedy reload. The mag also has an angled baseplate, intended to provide additional clearance for those who use a vertical foregrip on their AK47 AEG. This magazine is compatible with any Airsoft AK AEG that takes Tokyo Marui style magazines and is styled after the real "US Palm" AK magazine which is widely used in the US due to its reliability and well thought out design. This magazine holds 530 6mm BBs and can be filled through the fill window at the top of the magazine, and is wound up using the winding wheel on the base plate.

  • 150rnd Capacity
  • Polymer construction
  • For Airsoft M4/AR15 AEG rifle

If you are loading up on magazines for your M4/AR15 AEG then you will want to check out the Q-Mag from NUPROL. This attractive-looking polymer magazine holds 150 BBs and can be loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine body using a speed loader or loading rod/tool. This magazine is designed with a crackle texture on the exterior which is useful for drawing the magazine from pouches, but also allows the mag to be used as an improvised grip to help you get the best shooting position when things get tight. This magazine is compatible with most Airsoft M4/AR15 AEGs, and is a spring loaded mid-cap, which means no battle rattle to give you away!

  • 110rnd Capacity
  • Steel shell, polymer internals
  • For M4/AR15 AEG - DMR/M16VN style mag

If you are looking for short M4/AR15 Airsoft magazines, whether it is for a Vietnam War re-enactment or you just want to get nice and low with your DMR to make good use of cover, NUPROL has the answer. This 110rnd Mid-cap magazine is constructed with a steel shell and polymer internals with a steel feed spring and is super short and easy to carry plenty of.

This magazine is patterned after the real world 20-round M16 magazine issued during the early Vietnam war which also found use in SPR and DMR rifles in the much more recent Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. This magazine is a spring-loaded mid-cap and is loaded using a speed loader or loading rod/tool through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine body.

  • 70rnd Capacity
  • Mock witness window with cartridges
  • For Airsoft M4/AR15 AEG rifles

If you are looking for M4/AR15 AEG mags which will fit in well with a realism focussed build, the NW-Mag from NUPROL was designed with this in mind. This magazine follows the popular polymer magazine design format, being based on a real steel design which is practically everywhere and is also issued to the US Army. The NW-Mag is NUPROL's windowed magazine design and features mock witness windows on either side of the magazine, through which you can see authentic-looking mock 5.56 cartridges, adding a hint of realism to whichever M4/AR15 AEG rifle it is mounted on. This magazine is a standard (aka low) capacity magazine which holds 70 BBs and can be loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine using a speed loader or loading rod/tool.

  • 600rnd Capacity
  • Steel construction
  • For AK47/74 AEG rifles

If you want your magazines to feel as real as your gun, step right up! The NUPROL 600rnd High-cap magazine not only boasts an immense 600 BB capacity but is constructed from steel just like the real AK47 30-round magazine. This mag has all the details you would expect to see on an AK47 mag, including the stamped reinforcing grooves on either side and the "spine", where the two stamped halves of the real magazine meet.

The magazine release lug and front magazine well lug are constructed from polymer to ensure you don't damage any alloy or polymer parts on your AK when inserting the magazine, as are the internals of this wheel-wound high-cap. The magazine can be filled through the fill window at the top of the magazine body and is wound using the winding wheel located on the baseplate. This mag is a 7.62x39mm style magazine so is real-world accurate for AK47, AKM and AIMS rifles (others too), but will fit and feed in most Airsoft AK series AEG rifles.

  • Twist and lock coupling system
  • 150rnd mid cap
  • Translucent polymer

Introducing a unique and efficient interlocking magazine system. Simply place the mags together at the small circular extrusions at 90 degree angles, twist and boom! Locked in place.

This means you can have multiple mags locked and ready to reload without the need of mag pouches, plus it doesn't have to be just two interlocking mags, it could be more depending on how adventurous you're feeling!

Constructed from high density polymer with a translucent design, this magazine holds 150 BB's and is a mid-cap magazine, meaning no battle rattle! The magazine can be filled through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine using a standard Airsoft speed loader.

  • 120 Round Capacity Magazine
  • Lightweight Polymer
  • High Quality Replica

A 6mm BB medium capacity magazine replica, based on the Bakelite-polymer Magazines of the AK74 series of weapons, designed for use with E&L Airsofts line of various replica AK74 AEGs. 

  • Three Colour Options
  • For LCT AK Series
  • 70rnd Capacity

A series of 70rnd Polymer constructed magazines for LCT AK platform Airsoft Electric Guns. They feed BBs into the gun via a spring until completely empty, and are ideally loaded via a Speedloader. They are a replica of the 5.45x39mm magazines but will work in any LCT branded AK platform AEG, and are available in a choice of three colours.

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