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  • Replacement original magazine
  • 25 round capacity
  • Polymer construction

A spare/replacement magazine for your WELL MB06 and MB13 sniper rifle. Holds 25 rounds and can be filled via the feed lips on the top of the magazine either manually or with a speedloader.

  • 27rnd capacity
  • For Double Eagle M52 sniper rifle
  • Polymer construction, compact design

If you are sniping you probably don't need that much extra ammo, but there is nothing worse than hiding on the deck fumbling with your speed loader as the enemy close in, trust us! The Double Eagle M52 magazine is constructed from polymer and holds 27 rounds, giving you 27 more chances to get that kill! These magazines are nice and compact, and easy to store inside pistol magazine pouches or a utility pouch. This magazine looks like a VSR design but we have not yet been able to confirm compatibility.

  • 25rnd Capacity
  • Carry More Ammo
  • For Double Eagle M61

A spare magazine for the Double Eagle M61 Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle, which holds a total of 25rnds, and is the perfect way to stay in the field for longer without having to return to the safe zone to reload. If you own a Double Eagle M61, you'll want plenty of spare Mags, so you don't have to leave that sweet position you just found.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Carry
  • 20rnd Capacity

A spare or replacement Magazine for the CYMA CM.700 / M40A3 Spring Powered Sniper Rifle, which is perfect for staying in the fight for longer, or spending longer on the Target Range without re-filling Magazines. If you own one of these Sniper Rifles and want carry more ammunition, then these slimline and lightweight Magazines are perfect to carry on your person; especially if you've made the effort to obtain a concealed position and don't want to give it away!

  • Waffle Style Texture
  • 100rnd Capacity

A tough Polymer constructed magazine for a range of CYMA/WELL series Spring Sniper Rifles (check compatibility), which offers a whopping 100rnds to lay down on the enemy from afar. 

  • Easy to Carry
  • 20rnd Capacity
  • Alloy / Polymer

A 20rnd spare or replacement Magazine for the CYMA branded CM.706 Airsoft Sniper Rifle. If you want to spend more time set up in your nest and less time walking back to the safe zone for a reload, then you need to stock up on Magazines to prevent you having to give away a good position. Constructed from a mix of Alloy and Polymer, these Magazines can be filled by hand or using a Speedloader, and are a great way to stay in the fight for longer. The design of the Magazine allows them to 'spring' out of the Mag Well when released, making them much easier to remove.

  • 40 Round Mag
  • For CM.708 Rifle
  • Spare Sniper Magazine

A 40 Round magazine for the CYMA CM.708 Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle.

  • High density polymer
  • 65rnd capacity
  • Ribbed external design

If you find yourself running empty with your SV98 while shooting in the field, you need some spare mags my friend. Constructed from tough from lightweight polymer, the mag holds 65rnds bumping your hit count up by a huge margin! With a ribbed external design, the mag has a somewhat modern look that will look great with any SV98 snipers loadout.

  • Spring Fed Design
  • Holds 20 6mm BB
  • For VFC M40A3

A magazine for the VFC McMillian M40A3 6mm BB Spring Action Sniper Rifle and holds up to 20 BBs at a time.

  • 23 round capacity
  • Low-cap design
  • For Kar98k

For all you WW2 snipers that like to run Kar98k, you don't want to be running empty when picking off your targets from the bushes. To keep yourself loaded grab this magazine from Snow Wolf. With lightweight polymer design, the mag has an open style design on the right hand side, revealing the spring and showing how many shots you have left.

The mag is a low-cap design that holds 23 rounds that is loaded in the front with a speedloader. Every sniper needs ammunition, so if you like to run the classic Kar98k, this is the mag for you.

  • For ASG M40A3 SL
  • Holds 27 6mm BB
  • Spring Fed Design

A magazine for the ASG M4A3 SportsLine 6mm BB Gun and stores up to 27 BBs at a time.

  • Replacement original magazine
  • 33 round capacity
  • Steel outer shell

A spare original magazine for the Koer SVD, also compatible with the AGM spring bolt action SVD. This magazine holds 33 rounds and can be filled with a speed loader or loading tool.

  • 25 Round Capacity
  • Low-Cap Magazine
  • For Steyr SSG 69

A spare magazine for the ASG Steyr SSG 69 P2 Spring Powered Airsoft 6mm Sniper Rifle.

  • 22rnd Capacity
  • For Well MB Series
  • Spring Ejected Mag

A 22rnd magazine for the Well MB series of spring-powered Airsoft sniper rifles.

  • 25rnd Capacity
  • For M1903/K98K
  • Slim / Low Profile

A spare/replacement Magazine for the S&T M1903A3 and KAR98K Rifles, holding a total of 25rnds and being filled using a Speedloader. These lightweight and low profile Magazines are super easy to carry on your person, and will be the difference between holding your position until endex (end of the game), or walking back to the Safe Zone early to reload.

  • 110rnd Capacity
  • Stamped steel shell
  • For A&K pattern Dragunov SVD AEG

If you need magazines for your A&K Dragunov SVD these should fit the bill! The NUPROL 110rnd High-Cap magazine for A&K SVD is designed to work in the A&K Dragunov SVD AEG series but will not work in the CYMA or Real Sword SVDs. The magazine fits the classic SVD aesthetic thanks to its stamped steel shell complete with reinforcing ribs.

The magazine can be filled via the fill window at the top rear of the magazine and the winding wheel is located on the baseplate and needs to be wound in order to tension the magazine. 

  • Polymer construction
  • 100 round capacity
  • Mid cap design

If you're looking for additional mags for your CYMA SVD/SVU you've come to the right place! Constructed from high-density polymer, these magazines hold 100 rounds so you can stay in the fight longer with your AEG.

The mag features cut grooves on the sides as well as the rear of the mag to aid in gripping, with or without gloves. Loaded at the top of the mag using a speed loader, the magazine is that of a mid-cap mag, which means no battle rattle when sneaking around.

Please note that these mags are specifically for CYMA Airsoft AEGs.

  • Sturdy Polymer Construction
  • Silent Spring-fed Design
  • 24 Round Capacity

An extra Nuprol N96 magazine for the sniper who wants to stay in play for longer. Add a couple of these to your rig and you can hide in a bush for hours!

  • 25rnd Capacity
  • No Rattle Sound
  • Spring-Fed Design

A spare (or replacement) Magazine for the Lancer Tactical LT-20 M82 Sniper Rifle. A big boy Sniper Rifle needs a big boy Magazine to go with it. This Mag holds a total of 25rnds and is filled from the top using a Speedloader. If you own a Lancer Tactical LT-20 and are limited by your ammo capacity (having to give up a sweet spot to go back to the Safe Zone and reload), then you'll want to pick up some spare magazines.

  • 30rnd Capacity
  • Transparent polymer construction
  • Keep tabs on your remaining ammo

If you have ever spotted a vulnerable target, raised your Airsoft sniper rifle and gently squeezed the trigger and had nothing come out, you will understand the need for a way to monitor your ammo levels when sniping on the Airsoft field. Maple Leaf have the answer to our prayers, right here! The Transparent Magazine for the VSR-10 is constructed from a transparent polymer, allowing you to verify that your magazine is fully loaded before putting it into your mag pouch, and also allows you to quickly check how many BBs you have remaining through the clear witness window on the magazine's base. Never shoot blanks again with this mag!

  • 35rnd Capacity
  • High density polymer construction
  • For Snow Wolf M82A1 spring sniper rifle

If you need a spare mag for your massive sniper rifle this one should do the trick! The 35rnd Low-Cap Magazine for M82A1 from Snow Wolf is designed for their spring powered M82A1 Barrett Sniper Rifle and will not work in the AEG versions. This mag is a spring loaded low-cap which is loaded through the fill/feed port at the top front of the magazine body using a speed loader or loading rod.

The magazine is constructed from high density polymer with a steel feed spring and has the appropriate Barrett mag looks with its reinforcing rib at the front and overall massive size. Unfortunately, this magazine will not fit the Lancer Tactical LT82 but does work in Snow Wolf spring-powered M82 rifles.

  • 35 round capacity
  • Lightweight, but tough polymer
  • Filled using a speed loader

Whether you are gearing up for a WW2 re-enactment or just like some extra rounds for your classic 2 centuries old rifle S&T have got some spare mags for your trusty Nagant. Constructed from lightweight polymer, the mag holds 35 rounds, filled at the front of the mag with a speed loader.

BBs are held in place using a spring that coils round into itself to ensure the maximum amount of round storage in the small area.

  • 32 Round magazine
  • Polymer construction
  • Compatible with ASG Steyr Scout

Spare Magazines for your awesome Steyr Scout sniper rifle! 32 Round capacity, it can be filled with a speedloader or the fill adaptor included with the Steyr Scout. Polymer construction.

  • 280 round capacity
  • High-cap design
  • For M98B M-RAD

Every good sniper needs good mags. If you're one of the lucky few that wield the Barrett M98B M-RAD, you'll need the round to maximum picking targets off from afar.

This magazine from Snow Wolf has a 280 round capacity with a high cap design, meaning you can pop this mag in and fire for a huge period of time without the need to switch mags.

With a lightweight polymer design, the mag also helps keep your huge rifle's weight down.

  • 35 round capacity
  • For S&T Lee Enfield rifle
  • Alloy shell with polymer internals

So, if you have got yourself the Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle from S&T, you will probably need a few more short magazines to go with it, eh? Introducing the Lee Enfield Rifle No.1 Mk.III S.M.L.E magazine from S&T, an alloy 35 round magazine with a beautiful old-school antique still finish on the outside. This magazine is a spring-loaded design and can be filled either with a speed loader or by hand from the fill port at the front. This magazine is around the length of a 7.62 STANAG magazine and could be carried in 7.62 fabric magazine pouches with a spacer in the bottom for easy access.

  • 29rnd Magazine
  • For KC-02 Rifle
  • CO2 Powered

A CO2 gas blowback magazine designed as a replacement or spare for the KC-02 Special Teams Carbine licensed by ASG. With an ammunition capacity of up to 29 rounds. 

  • 500 round capacity
  • High-cap design
  • For M82A1 AEG

If you're running an M82A1 AEG, you need some spare mags for it, and AEGs work best with high-caps, right? This mag from Snow Wolf has a whopping 500 round capacity and is wheel wound from the bottom so you won't be switching mags any time soon.

Constructed from lightweight polymer, this mag helps keep the weight of your huge Barrett down. So grab this mag and start picking people off en masse!

  • Steel shell
  • Alloy and Polymer internals
  • Big Mag - Holds a lot of Gas

A spare or replacement magazine for the Cyber Gun PGM .338 Bolt action Snipers rifle. This magazine has an authentic steel shell, and a mix of polymer and alloy internal parts. The magazine holds 19 rounds and has a large gas reservoir, enabling it to be filled multiple times with BBs before the propellant runs out.

  • 36rnd Capacity
  • High density polymer shell
  • For Novritsch SSQ22 GBB
If you want to meet the man behind the Novritsch YouTube channel and the fantastic Novritsch Airsoft gun range, now is your chance! See our blog for more information.

If you need mags for your Novritsch SSQ22 GBBR you have found them! These magazines are styled after real steel 10/22 25-round magazines and are constructed from high density polymer with alloy internals and a steel feed spring. The outer shell of the magazine boasts textured panels to make the mag easier to grip during a speedy reload, and each magazine holds 36 BBs.

Loading the magazine can be done in one of two ways; Either pull the follower on the front of the magazine down to the bottom and load with a speed loader through the loading port on the front, or use a GBB adapter with your speed loader and load through the feed lips at the top of the mag. The gas fill valve is located on the bottom of the mag, and as with all gas magazines, the mag needs to be inverted in order to fill it. These mags work well with the Novritsch SSQ22 but unfortunately are not compatible with the ASG/KJ Works KC-02. If you are planning on running Novritsch's sporty new 10/22 style carbine, a few of these is a must!

About Our Airsoft Sniper Magazines

Become the ultimate marksman with airsoft sniper magazines. Compact, lightweight and easy to carry, our mags are ideal for the stealth sniper that likes to change position throughout the skirmish. With our high capacity sniper mags, you don’t have to worry about saving your bullets, and can support your team in taking out plenty of your opponents. 

Even if you’re not looking for extra capacity, our sniper magazines are great for avid skirmishers that prefer having spares to getting caught out. 

With Airsoft sniper magazines from popular brands including ARES and CYMA, you know you’re getting the best quality on the market when you shop with Patrol Base. 

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If you’re looking for a high-quality spring gun spring with an elongated lifespan, our thermally treated springs are the perfect choice. Their ability to avoid wear and tear makes each operation as smooth as the last. For the ultimate spring rifle upgrade, it’s a good idea to consider a new Airsoft sniper trigger box too, as this will eliminate any firing wear and tear.