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  • Laser Cut Webbing
  • MOLLE Compatible
  • Double Zip Closure

A small utility pouch designed to hold tools, equipment and even Pyro on your MOLLE Compatible Rig for easy access when Airsofting. 

  • Easy to Use
  • Reduce Overkill
  • Clearly Identify Yourself

A handy dead-rag which attaches to MOLLE panels and is used to signal to other players that you are out of the game. An excellent alternative to being hit by a load of BBs that you didn't need to be.

  • Velcro Mountable
  • Compact Magazine Storage
  • Single & Double Stack Pouch

Twice the size, twice the magazines held within your VX utility rig. Simple to fit with velcro facing on both front and rear faces. Expand and hold double stack Airsoft magazines.

  • Velcro Mountable
  • Double SMG Pouch
  • Compact SMG Mag Storage

Stack up 2x Airsoft SMG magazines side by side in the new VX utility system for the ultimate in security and low profile design. Stay slim, keep a lower profile and move faster.

  • Velcro Mountable
  • STANAG 5.56 Sizing
  • Compact Rifle Mag Storage

Build the ultimate VX rig with rapid access and customisation with no tools and no looping required! Simply drop in double-sided Velcro design to offer high levels of gear positioning.

  • ID Card holder
  • Mount to Velcro or lanyard
  • Show your credentials in game!

The 8 Fields Tactical ID Card holder is designed to hold either real-world ID cards, team identifiers or scenario-based ID. The holder can either be mounted to Velcro like a patch, or can be carried on the included lanyard. Your ID card is contained inside a transparent polymer window, through which the ID will be visible but protected from damage. This window is sized to suit credit card sized ID cards. Whether it is for Airsofting or real-world stuff, this 1000D nylon ID card holder will keep your ID safe and secure however you decide to carry it!

  • Holds 5 x shells
  • MOLLE mounted
  • Elasticated loops

Looking for an efficient way to hold your Airsoft shotgun shells? 8Fields has got you covered with their 5rd Shotgun Shell Panel. With it's waterproof1000D Polyester construction and elasticated loops to hold your shells tight and secure. Attached to MOLLE via sturdy metal studs, you can be sure your shells are always ready for action and as secure as your objectives.

  • Velcro Secured
  • Fastens To Belt
  • Small Glove Pouch

    Designed to carry surgical gloves or other small objects on your belt. Its small and compact, being designed to be able to be used without getting in the way. 

    • Lays Flat On Rigs
    • Lightweight Pouch
    • MOLLE Compatible

      A MOLLE compatable magazine pouch, designed to hold a single STANAG magazine, made to be both low profile and lightweight for high speed Airsoft setups. 

      • Fully Adjustable
      • Bungee Retention
      • MOLLE Compatible

      The pouch is constructed from 600D Nylon, and is held together by bungee cords which allow the pouch to be fully adjustable in depth and width. 

      • 3x Magazine Storage
      • 5.56 Magazine Compatible
      • Compact Rifle Mag Storage

      Store up to 3 rifle magazines at a time within your VX series Velcro utility rig. Go compact, go secure, go dominate the battlefield with your new favourite setup.

      • Velcro Mountable
      • 4x SMG Magazines
      • Compact SMG Mag Storage

      Stack up to 4x SMG magazines side by side in one unit. Ultra compact, secure, reliable and truly customisable in position within your VX utility rigs.

      • Stuff-able Pouch
      • Velcro Mountable
      • Compact Pistol Use

      Expand your VX Utility rig and make way for a rapid attach and removable pistol sleeve. Suited for compact pistols including G-Series firearms to keep everything close to your chest.

      • 6 Shell Storage
      • Velcro Mountable
      • Super Lightweight & Compact

      Part of the new VX family of products from Viper Tactical, run slim and mountable to any Velcro faced system. Keep it simple, keep it clean and keep it fast moving.

      • Fits to MOLLE
      • Holds 5 x Shells
      • Elastic Retention Loops

      A simply and tough carrier for 5 x Airsoft Shotgun Shells, which fits into MOLLE Loops on your rig to provide a snug and flush area to store some Airsoft Shotgun Shells, ready to go for a quick reloads.

      • Velcro Mounted
      • Metal Snap Hook
      • Velcro Front Panel

      A smart 700 Polytech constructed Panel which can be used creatively to enhance the capabilities of your loadout. A large panel of hook and look material is connected to a metal snap hook, and can be used to secure important items which require constant access, such as keys / gloves. Simply place the panel under the cummerbund of your Chest Rig (or anywhere on your loadout that can support Velcro) and make use of your newly added snap hook.

      • MOLLE mounted magazine pouch
      • Fits M4/AR15 mags
      • Adjustable retention via bungee cord

      For those of you that like to keep things simple but effective. If you like to run a high speed low drag kit, this pouch will suit you nicely.

      Constructed from tough, water resistant 1000D polyester, holding your M4 safe and secure with elasticated bungee retention, it is mounted to your MOLLE system with press stud button straps.

      Also featuring front facing MOLLE straps, this pouch gives you additional customisation options, while keeping a low profile, for those players who value speeds and manoeuvrability on the battlefield.

      • Holds 6 x shells
      • Mounts to buttstock
      • Quick shotgun reloads

      For those of you that need your shells as close as possible, ready for a quick reload. This holds up to 6 Airsoft shotgun shells and is constructed from water resistant 1000D Polyester is mounted to the buttstock of your shotgun of choice.

      The straps are secured in place with Velcro and are adjustable to suit your piece, and the shells are held tightly in place with elasticated loops.

      You can be sure when skirmishing that your spare shells are always within quick and easy reach for rapid reloads.

      • Open Sides
      • MOLLE Pouch
      • For Personal Radio

      A lightweight MOLLE compatible radio pouch to attach onto tactical gear like chest rigs, vests or belts, designed to allow you to carry a personal radio into Airsoft Skirmishes. 

      • Holds 8 x Shells
      • Mounts to your Arm
      • Quick Shotgun Reloads

      A 1000D Polyester constructed pouch for Shotgun Shells which holds a total of eight shells, and is mounted to your arm so that your spare shells are always within quick and easy reach for rapid reloads.

      • Fits MOLLE Loops
      • Horizontal MOLLE
      • For Pouches/Holsters

      A panel for MOLLE Systems, allowing you to install MOLLE compatible pouches horizontally for easier access to Magazine Pouches/Holsters etc. This is also a great way to maximise available space on a Chest Rig, by installing further Mag Pouches on already existing pouches, so as not to get in the way of your equipment.

      • 1000D Polyester construction
      • Single pistol magazine pouch
      • Friction secured MOLLE attachment

      If you're the type of player who never knows which pistol they will choose for this week's skirmish, the 8Fields Tactical MOLLE Pistol Magazine Pouch is designed with you in mind. This pouch can accept practically any Airsoft pistol magazine, and only requires adjusting the built-in bungee cord to adjust the sizing to fit smaller or larger mags. This pouch attaches to any MOLLE attachment surface and is secured by a single MOLLE strap with a tab at the bottom for friction retention. As a bonus, this pouch is sized appropriately to hold VSR-10 sniper rifle style magazines as well!

      • Belt mounted magazine pouch
      • Fits M4/AR15 and AK mags
      • Adjustable retention via bungee cord

      If you like to run a high speed low drag belt kit, this pouch will suit your needs! The Belt Mounted Versatile Rifle Magazine Pouch from 8Fields Tactical is constructed from robust and hard wearing 1000 denier polyester and can be attached to any belt of 2-inch or 5cm in width using the velcro belt loop attached to the rear of the pouch. This pouch is adjustable in size and will fit M4/AR15 magazines and also AK platform magazines with the bungee cord adjusted to suit via the adjuster on the rear. This pouch also features MOLLE loops on the front, allowing MOLLE compatible pouches to be stacked on top if you need to carry more on your belt rig.

      • MOLLE mounted magazine pouch
      • Fits M4/AR15 and pistol mags
      • Adjustable retention via bungee cord

      Pistol mag retention or rifle mag retention? Why not both?

      With two stacked pockets in a low profile design, held together with elastic bungee retention cord, you can be sure that both your main and sidearm mags are kept safe and secure and to hand for quick reloads all in place!

      The magazine pocket is designed for STANAG type mags in mind with the front most pistol pockets able to fit a whole range of pistol magazines such as EU17 or 1911 systems.

      Mounted by MOLLE straps with push button studs, this pouch is for those of you that like to keep things compact and efficient, combining the best of both worlds for those speedy reloads in the heat of battle.

      • 2x Magazine storage
      • M4/M16 STANAG compatible
      • MOLLE attached

      A lightweight but tough pouch to keep up to two of your Airsoft rifle magazine safe and secure.

      The two elasticated retention pockets hold your mags tight ready for reloads and double trouble.

      • Elastic retention
      • Ultra low profile
      • MOLLE fitting rear

      Simple but effective, this an ultra compact and MOLLE compatible solution to Airsoft pistol magazine storage. Holding up to 2 magazines with elasticated retention pockets to keep your mags secured tight while giving you a slim profile when attached to your rig.

      • 1000D Polyester construction
      • Adjustable bungee cord
      • For MOLLE Chest rig, plate carrier, backpack

      Looking for a solution to quick radio adjustment on the fly? This Open-Top MOLLE Radio Pouch from 8Fields Tactical allows you to securely store your radio on your rig with full access to any controls on the top, and controls on either side. Comms during skirmishing are important, something 8Fields understands with their quality pouch.

      • 10x5x6cm
      • Elasticated
      • MOLLE Compatible

      This versatile Grenade Pouch is able to fit many sizes of Grenades and other vital pieces of equipment, with it's elasticated design it can be stretched wide to accommodate what you require. The adjustable toggle allows you to adjust the amount of tension on the outside of the Pouch, so that you can have it super-loose or gripping your Grenade so hard it nearly detonates. The Pouch is MOLLE compatible and is mounted to compatible systems using the flap on the rear keeping your grenades close and the havoc closer!

      • Belt Mountable
      • Ideal For Hiking
      • Compact Storage

      A heavy duty storage pouch produced to fit onto any belt. Perfect for storing a range of small items from a compass to first aid kit.

      • Fits 2 x Thermo
      • MOLLE Backing
      • Suitable For BFGs

        An ideal MOLLE compatible Airsoft pouch for holding double thermo grenades or smoke screening grenades as pictured. 

        About Our Airsoft Pouches

        Our airsoft pouches mean you don’t have to leave anything behind. With versatile styling and compact design, a Patrol Base airsoft pouch stores your ammo securely, while still allowing swift access. 

        Created with practicality in mind, you’ll find plenty of airsoft pouches that are MOLLE compatible, with velcro options as well as fast bungee release. Our MOLLE pouches can be attached to a range of tactical gear from belts and harnesses to vests and rigs so they’re always easy to grab.   

        Whether you need an airsoft ammo pouch for your weapon or just a dump pouch for a mid-game snack, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with Patrol Base. 

        We’ve also got a great selection of magazine pouches to keep you equipped throughout the game. Make sure to shop our grenade pouches too so you’ve always have your projectiles close to hand. 

        Explore MOLLE pouches and more online or check out our Huddersfield store where you’ll find everything you’re looking for.