Airsoft 6mm BB Pistols for Seasoned Veterans and Beginners alike

Looking for a Secondary Weapon to get you out of those tight spots just when you need it? Her at Patrol Base Airsoft we have a wide range of Airsoft Pistol to suit every taste, all designed to fire 6mm Airsoft Plastic BB for play at Airsoft Game Sites and Venues.

We have a wide variety Airsoft Pistol, catered for every type of Play Style! If you're looking for realism, look no further, we have a wide range of Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols which are powered by gas and feature Moving Slides to simulate the recoil of a real pistol. For those who are just getting into the sport and are looking for something a little more charge and go we have a wide variety of Airsoft Electic Pistols, also known as AEP, which will work all year round no matter the temperature.

We supply a wide range of Pistols from some of the top brands, selling nothing but the best of what the industry has to offer, featuring brands like ASG, NUPROL, Tokyo Marui, Specna Arms and more! Our pistols are proven to work, and we won't sell them unless they perform to our standards. All of our Staff are Airsoft Skirmishers, and know exactly what to look for in a great pistol.

Why not try out some of our best choices, such as the VORSK Series Airsoft Pistols, or the Tokyo Marui MK23.

Still not sure what to buy online why not come down to Our Store based in Huddersfield, UK, near Leeds and try before you buy.

Want to learn more?

Dive deep into Airsoft Pistols with more information from our series of articles on the subject. From picking the right Airsoft Gas, to what's the best Airsoft Pistol to buy, we have all the information you need right here in one place.

  • Airsoft Beginners Guide To: Gas
    Airsoft Beginners

    Airsoft Beginners Guide To: Gas

    This latest new player video features Patrol Base Pete and Patrol Base Mike, who are here to discuss one of the most important topics to anyone who owns a Gas powered Airsoft replica: The differences between all the main Airsoft Gas Types.

  • Gas Types and Maintenance
    Airsoft Buying Guides

    Gas Types and Maintenance

    Gas is usually a popular choice because of the blowback feature, adding an extra level of realism for the player. Gas comes in three main types, Green Gas, Co2 and Propane.

  • Can I buy a gun for my Son / Daughter / Significant Other?
    BB Guns

    Can I buy a gun for my Son / Daughter / Significant Other?

    You can buy any Airsoft replica from our website as long as you are over the age of 18, and the item is Two Toned.