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  • 300g Contents
  • Metal Fill Nozzle
  • Dust Cover Included

A high performance gas, designed to operate at lower temperatures (between 3c - 20c) allowing to use your weapon all year round. Using this high power mix gives an increase in FPS, GBB efficiency and a harder kick.

59.00 Pack price
Normally 65.48
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  • NUPROL 0.36g Bio BBs
  • NUPROL 4.0 Ultimate Power Gas
  • Perfect for MK23 or Gas Sniper Rifles

If you spend your skirmish stalking the enemy in a ghillie with a gas primary, this pack is for you! The MK23/Gas Sniper Woodland Stalker Pack combines NUPROL 0.36g Biodegradable BBs and NUPROL's strongest gas, 4.0 Black Gas. When used in a MK23 NBB or Gas Sniper rifle this setup should give you improved range and FPS, giving you the absolute most out of these platforms. FPS can get quite high with 4.0 so make sure you chronograph your pistol or rifle before taking it into a skirmish. 

About Our Airsoft Black Gas

For those veteran outdoor skirmishers who refuse to quit those seriously cold winter months, airsoft black gas may be your gas of choice. Not for the faint-hearted, it packs a mighty punch so it shouldn’t be used lightly.

We only offer black gas that promises extreme precision and trajectory control, stocking the best names on the market such as NUPROL. You’ll likely see a boost in your FPS too, once the gas has settled into the mag, so you may choose to save black gas for a lower FPS gun.

Black gas will wear down your parts quicker, so we recommend you only use it when you need it. For something to use more regularly, explore our range of green gas, this gas contains silicone to help keep your gun healthy. We also have a huge range of BBs in a variation of weights for you to shop.

If you aren't sure which gas you need you can check out our Gas Comparison blog and the accompanying video for tips on what gas to use in what weapon at what time of year!

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