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From 18.50 Pack price
Normally 21.48
Save 2.98
  • NUPROL Bio BBs
  • NUPROL 1.0 Summer Gas
  • Stay within FPS limits when the sun comes out!

If you have a summer of skirmishing planned, this pack should help keep you honest when the weather gets spicy! The GBB Summer Sidearm Pack combines NUPROL Biodegradable BBs and NUPROL 1.0 Summer Gas so you can keep your GBB pistol within skirmishable power limits and prevent excessive wear and tear when things heat up and gas pressure rises. 

28.49 Pack price
Normally 30.98
Save 2.49
  • VORSK 0.28G BBs
  • VORSK V12 Maximum GBB Fuel
  • Perfect for Gas Blowback Rifles

If you have a taste for realism and recoil and run a GBBR, this pack should keep you locked and loaded! The GBBR Performance Pack was put together based on our favourite combination of BB weight and Gas which we use in our GBBR platforms. 

VORSK 0.28G BBs were chosen to maximise consistency and make sure each shot has the best chance of penetrating foliage and resisting wind on its way to the target, and VORSK V12 gas was chosen to give the strongest recoil possible while maintaining accuracy thanks to V12's reduced lubrication in its formula. If you want to make the most of your GBBR in both performance and feel, this is what you need! 

From 29.00 Pack price
Normally 31.48
Save 2.48
  • Tracer BBs
  • NUPROL 2.0 Green Gas
  • Get your consumables all at once!

We put this pack together to serve those who run a tracer-equipped pistol in CQB and want to get all their consumables in one go, with a tasty discount as a bonus! 

30.50 Pack price
Normally 33.48
Save 2.98
  • VORSK 0.28g Tracer BBs
  • VORSK V8 Performance GBB Fuel
  • Great for tracer-equipped GBBRs in CQB

If you go toe-to-toe with the speedybois in CQB using a GBBR, hats off to you, you have "cajones"! The GBBR CQB Tracer Pack is intended to keep your GBBR locked and loaded with VORSK's 0.28g Tracer BBs and VORSK V8 Performance GBB Fuel which should keep you within CQB-friendly velocities while keeping the thunderous recoil and snappy response GBBRs are known for. While this pack is primarily for GBBRs, if you run a GBB pistol with a metal slide and upgraded HOP-up this should suit your setup just as well!

31.99 Pack price
Normally 33.48
Save 1.49
  • VORSK 0.30g Bio BBs
  • VORSK V12 Maximum GBB Fuel
  • Perfect for woodland GBBR warfare!

If you run a GBBR in outdoor skirmishes this pack would be perfect! The Outdoor GBBR Skirmish Pack combines VORSK 0.30g Biodegradable BBs with VORSK's GBBR optimised high power green gas, V12 Maximum GBB Fuel. 0.30g BBs should give you excellent stability at long range, improved foliage penetration and greater wind resistance than lighter weights, and V12 will improve your rifle's resistance to cooldown and give you a snappy cyclic rate and immersive recoil.

38.99 Pack price
Normally 41.48
Save 2.49
  • VORSK 0.3g Bio Tracer BBs
  • VORSK V12 Maximum GBB Fuel
  • Perfect for tracer-equipped GBBRs

If you are hitting up some outdoor Milsim events with your GBBR and you run a tracer unit, this pack is for you! The GBBR Outdoor Milsim Tracer Pack is intended for those who attend outdoor skirmishes and night operations with a tracer-equipped GBBR, combining VORSK's brightly glowing 0.3g tracer BBs made from environmentally friendly bioplastics with VORSK's flagship high-power green gas, V12 Maximum GBB fuel. 

  • Repair Leaking Mags
  • Extra Lubricated
  • Super Compact

Designed to restore life to dried out seals in Airsoft GBB and NBB pistol magazines, 40mm grenades and other gas devices. Stocked and used by our Patrol Base workshop and other staff members for years. Each can has 270ml contents and can restore magazines over and over. 

Please note this is not a guaranteed item to repair leaky magazines, but so far we have been impressed with its success rate. We have used this in store many times and repaired many magazines with slow leak.

  • Low Powered Gas
  • Silicone Lubricants
  • For Polymer Pistols

A bottle of Low Powered Gas designed by NUPROL as part of their Green Gas Range, designed to be used with Plastic Bodied Weapons and Small Submachine Guns which require lower powers to operate. 

  • Weaker Than Ultra Gas
  • Ideal Summer Gas
  • 700ml Content

A very popular selling gas especially during summer and in countries that have a warm climate. This gas really is a low power gas. It has a high silicone content, so you will need to clean your GBB Airsoft weapon more frequently to ensure longevity. 

Stocked and used by our Patrol Base workshop and other staff members for years, each can has 700ml of contents and can be used to reduce output power of a hot gas gun, or ensure smooth silky operation of a Polymer slided pistol.

  • Dust Cover Included
  • Metal Fill Nozzle
  • 300g Contents

NUPROL's newer, cleaner and higher performance Airsoft gas, now named NUPROL 2.0. A slightly larger bottle over its predecessor with cleaner propane gas and silicone contents internally. 

This Airsoft Green Gas will give your Airsoft gun an FPS boost whilst keeping everything running smooth and clean. 

An excellent all year round gas from NUPROL, a must for any GBB pistol, Airsoft carbine and other gas devices.

  • 190 PSI Output
  • Power Up Green Gas
  • For GBB Pistols & Rifles

VORSK V8! A Performance enhancing Green Gas designed for use in Alloy / Metal slide Gas Blowback Pistols & Rifles. The VORSK V8 Green Gas provides you with a highly consistent composition of Gas to Silicone lubricant ratio, thus keeping your magazines and seals healthy while providing you with a super strong recoil and great shot-to-shot consistency! VORSK V8 Is the perfect Fuel for those of you looking for a little more kick! 

  • 220 PSI Output
  • Power Up Green Gas
  • For Gas Blowback Rifles

A Super Performance enhancing Green Gas designed for use in Gas Blowback Rifles. The VORSK V12 Green Gas provides you with a highly consistent composition of Gas to Silicone lubricant ratio, thus keeping your magazines and seals healthy while providing you with an ULTRA STRONG recoil and great shot-to-shot consistency! VORSK V12 Is the perfect Fuel for your GBBR. 

  • Super Compact
  • Ideal Summer Gas
  • Low Power Results

A miniature bottle of Abbey Predator Ultra Gas, designed to be compact enough to take out into the Game Field, being able to be stored in Magazine and Utility pouches.

  • CFC Free Formula
  • Metal Fill Nozzle
  • 85g Gas Bottle

A Gas Can which is used to fill Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistols and Weapon Magazine created by NUPROL and designed to be cleaner, with a higher performance than WE Europe's old Green Gas.

This gas is a must have for any Airsoft Skirmisher who has a Gas Blowback Pistol, Carbine or Rifle and wants to re-gas their magazines in the field, allowing them to play for longer without having to go back to the safe zone to re-fill magazines.

  • Green Gas
  • 520ml Contents
  • 90% Propane / 10% Butane

Green Gas designed for use on gas powered Airsoft pistols, Rifles and Shotguns. The gas comes in a lightweight aluminium can and has a heavy duty metal nozzle meaning it won't snap. 

  • 175 PSI Output
  • Power Up Green Gas
  • For GBB Pistols, Rifles

A Performance enhancing Green Gas designed for use in Alloy / Metal slide Gas Blowback Pistols & Rifles. The VORSK V6 Green Gas provides you with a highly consistent composition of Gas to Silicone lubricant ratio, thus keeping your magazines and seals healthy while providing you with a super strong recoil and great shot-to-shot consistency! VORSK V6 Is the perfect Fuel for your Pistol!  

  • High Power Gas
  • Metal Fill Nozzle
  • Contains UPL+ Lubricant

Abbey Predator Ultra GAS is the perfect propellant for any gas weapon from pistols to high tech sniper rifles. It contains UPL+ lubricant which is designed to stay permanently mixed with the propellant.

  • 300g Contents
  • Metal Fill Nozzle
  • Dust Cover Included

Designed to make your gas Airsoft RIF more consistent between every shot and work far better in colder conditions. You will also achieve an increase in FPS but you must let the gas settle in your magazine first! 

16.50 Pack price
Normally 20.48
Save 3.98
  • ASG Cursed BBs Bulk Bag
  • ASG ULTRAIR Green Gas
  • Perfect for CQB skirmishing 

If you have some CQB to do and you shoot a lot this pack was made with you in mind! The GBB Pistol CQB Pack combines ASG Cursed BBs in a whopping 1KG bulk bag with ASG Ultrair green gas, a slightly higher power gas than standard green gas. If you do your dirty work up close and personal this pack will give you everything you need to keep your GBB pistol in the fight and save you a few quid at the same time! 

  • 300g Contents
  • Metal Fill Nozzle
  • Dust Cover Included

A high performance gas, designed to operate at lower temperatures (between 3c - 20c) allowing to use your weapon all year round. Using this high power mix gives an increase in FPS, GBB efficiency and a harder kick.

From 25.00 Pack price
Normally 28.98
Save 3.98
  • VORSK Tracer BBs
  • VORSK V6 Green Gas
  • Get your consumables in one go! 

If you are loading up for CQB and you run a pistol with a tracer this pack should suit you well. The VORSK CQB Tracer Sidearm pack was put together so you can light up the enemy and save a few quid while doing it! 

From 26.50 Pack price
Normally 29.48
Save 2.98
  • NUPROL Bio BBs
  • NUPROL 3.0 Red Gas
  • Great for GBB pistols in colder weather

We all know that when things get chilly, GBB pistols suffer the most! To correct that, the GBB Winter Sidearm Pack was put together to keep your metal slide GBB doing what it does best in near-freezing temperatures thanks to the increased power of NUPROL 3.0 red gas. This pack is perfect for GBB pistols with a metal slide such as RAVEN, VORSK and WE pistols but we do not recommend NUPROL 3.0 for pistols with a polymer slide. 

58.50 Pack price
Normally 64.98
Save 6.48
  • NUPROL 0.36g Bio BBs
  • NUPROL 4.0 Ultimate Power Gas
  • Perfect for MK23 or Gas Sniper Rifles

If you spend your skirmish stalking the enemy in a ghillie with a gas primary, this pack is for you! The MK23/Gas Sniper Woodland Stalker Pack combines NUPROL 0.36g Biodegradable BBs and NUPROL's strongest gas, 4.0 Black Gas. When used in a MK23 NBB or Gas Sniper rifle this setup should give you improved range and FPS, giving you the absolute most out of these platforms. FPS can get quite high with 4.0 so make sure you chronograph your pistol or rifle before taking it into a skirmish. 

Refill Your Supplies

Don’t compromise when it comes to finding the Airsoft gas you like. Our collection stocks everything you could be looking for, including options ideal for beginner players as well as high strength options perfect for the seasoned skirmisher. 

With Patrol Base you can shop weight, amount, brand and even the container your gas comes in. You can find duster gas here too, the only gas you need for Japanese Airsoft brands. We’ve got every kind of gas you could be looking for, from green gas to CO2, HPA and more. 

Running a Vorsk platform but want to know what gas version would be the best for you read all about vorsk gas.  

We even stock dump pouches, perfect for storing discarded canisters mid-game, as well as admin pouches to make sure you’re fully equipped for battle.

Confused on what gas you need or what the difference is check out the blog post on getting started with gas here