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  • Dummy Tomahawk
  • MOLLE retainer included
  • Give your kit the "Tier 1" touch

If you've got the drop on the enemy, and have managed to get within touching distance without being seen, there is nothing quite as satisfying as getting a knife kill in an Airsoft skirmish! In most cases, all that is needed is an empty hand and a pat on the shoulder to send the unfortunate victim back to regen, though for those who want a little more immersion, and something cool looking to add to their kit, there is always the Patrol Base Polymer Training Tomahawk! This Tomahawk is constructed from polymers, with a hard high density polymer handle and a slightly softer polymer head. If you were looking for a way to make your kit look more badass, this dummy Tomahawk will do it, and introduce the opportunity to get some memorable kills on the skirmish field!

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  • Safe For Airsoft
  • Sheath Included
  • Bends 90 Degrees

Designed for use as a rubber training / Airsoft Bayonet / personal combat knife. The knife will fit to M4 / M16 rifles as a bayonet attachment, or can be used as a combat knife and attached to your rig with the supplied knife sheath.

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  • Pullable Pin
  • Mock Grenade
  • Removable Spoon

A mock grenade designed for attaching to your rig or placing in pouches to look like you are carrying the real thing. 

  • Pullable Pin
  • Mock M84 Stun Grenade
  • Removable Spoon

This product is designed to be a mock grenade that can be attached to your rig, or placed in a pouch to look like you are carrying a real grenade. It is based on the M84 stun grenade that is used by the American military and is a pretty accurate replication. The body of this dummy grenade is made from a lightweight Polymer, and the spoon and pin are made from Alloy. The pin can be pulled from the grenade and the spoon is springloaded, adding to the realism. This dummy grenade is perfect for Mil-Sim players, reenactors or those who are looking to play the role of a Grenadier. 

The grenade can also be attached to the MOLLE of your rig by using the Spoon / Handle to loop through the MOLLE loops to give you more of an 'Operator' look.

About Our Airsoft Dummy Grenades & Equipment

Airsoft dummy grenades and airsoft dummy knives are designed to look the part, replicating the military equivalents to make your gear set-up look cooler than ever. Our airsoft knives are the perfect weapon for demoralising your opponents and sneaking up for a safe melee ‘kill’ - taking them out of the game in style.

Airsoft dummy grenades do not have pyrotechnics or SFX - but visually mimic their real-world variants. We also stock other dummy items such as dummy ballistic plates and ammo belts.

Whatever look you’re going for with your airsoft loadout, you can enhance it by adding our dummy equipment to your belts or harnesses. If you’re running close to attempt a dummy knife ‘kill’ make sure you’ve got sufficient protection - especially around your eyes: our airsoft glasses are ideal for this.

 Whatever you need, you’ll find it available here on Patrol Base with next day delivery options when you shop online - or if you’re local, why not visit us and shop in-store.