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  • 100 Sheets
  • Reversible Printed
  • Ideal Target Practice

Improve your accuracy and skill with these replaceable paper targets, designed mainly for Airsoft use.

  • Great for Zeroing
  • Pack of Six Pieces
  • Knock Down Target

    A pack of six shoot-down targets, designed to allow you to practice your shooting skills or to zero rifles.

    • Electronic smart target
    • Auto-reset - Resets immediately upon being hit
    • Various lighting modes available

    If you want to sharpen your marksmanship skills, weapon handling and instincts, the Eshooter Sentry 2 Electronic Training Target is the best way to do it outside a skirmish environment. This smart target is constructed with a high density polymer housing and a circular steel target so you can enjoy the satisfying ring of steel when you make the hit.

    When you hit the Sentry 2, the steel target will drop and reset itself within a second, meaning you can keep shooting over and over without needing to reset the target yourself, even if you only have a single target. Unlike cheaper alternatives, the steel target face of the Sentry 2 ensures it is capable of taking repeated impacts from Airsoft guns at almost any power level. The polymer housing is almost as strong, meaning if you have less-than-perfect marksmanship you won't break the target with a stray shot.

    Whether you use the Sentry 2 to hone your marksmanship skills or it becomes your go-to choice for zeroing your gun after installing a new optic or upgrade parts you will be well catered for with this convenient electronic target!

    About Our Airsoft Targets

    Mastering any skill take practice. Perfect your shooting finesse with our Airsoft targets, designed to help you attain maximum accuracy on the field. Incorporate BB gun targets into your Airsoft target practice, and be one step closer to nailing every shot. All of our targets are ideal for BB guns, with options suitable for every budget. 

    Explore everything from cost-effective paper Airsoft targets, to metal shooting targets and automated target catchers. Plus, you’ll be able to get your skirmish team together around your shooting targets to help level up their game as well as yours. Your enemy won’t know what’s hit them. 

    It’s never too late to add an Airsoft target to your arsenal. Whether you’re looking to practice your close-range Airsoft pistol shooting or ensuring you’re a pro assault rifle marksman, our Airsoft targets can get you there. If you’re determined to get that ultra-accurate shot, why not look into a red dot sight attachment or Airsoft laser

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