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  • 1200rnd Capacity
  • Auto winding - Winds via motor in the Minigun
  • Compatible with Well WE23-S Rotary Minigun AEG

If you are running the Well Minigun you will probably want a couple of these on hand to keep up with its intense rate of fire! The Well 1200rnd Magazine for WE23-S Mingun holds 1200 BBs and winds itself via the internal motor of the Well Minigun, meaning no need to do anything but pull the trigger!

The magazine indexes at the rear and rocks in to lock at the front, similarly to an AK or FAL platform but backwards, and the magazine release is located on the front of the mag, taking the form of a button. To fill the mag, you will need to remove the rear plate to expose the fill window by squeezing the two tabs on either side of the central "bar" on the rear plate and removing it, together with its internal spring. Remove the entire assembly, pour your BBs into the mag,  reinstall the rear plate and you are ready to shoot!

  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Sound/Pressure/Auto
  • For M249 Support Guns

An Electric Box Magazine for M249 Support / Light Machine Guns, that holds a total of 1500rnds and is powered by an included Rechargeable Battery. The Magazine has a variety of options and can be operated using an included Pressure Pad, can be set to wind constantly, and there is also a 'Sound Control' mode. This mode will only wind the Magazine when it can hear the Gun firing, which is the mode you'll most likely end up using. Included in the box is a Rechargeable Battery and Charger. All you need to do is charge the Battery, install it in the Magazine, pour your BBs in and set the winding mode you want to use. Easy as that.

  • 140rnd Capacity
  • Steel construction
  • For S&T 1918 BAR AEGs

If you're rocking a BAR to bring that old-school-cool vibe to your local site, these mags will keep you in the action for longer! The S&T 140rnd Mid-Cap Magazine For M1918 BAR AEG is specifically designed for the S&T 1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) AEG and is constructed with a steel shell, polymer internals and a steel feed spring. 

Like other Airsoft mid-caps, this BAR mag is loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine body using a speed loader or loading rod. Replicating the real BAR magazine, these mags are rather massive. We recommend specific BAR magazine pouches for these beasts, preferably replica WW2 kit!

  • Steel shell with polymer internals
  • For the S&T M1918 BAR AEG
  • 160rnd High capacity magazine

If you are rocking the old school WW1 and WW2 support gun, the Browning Automatic Rifle, you are going to need more ammo to keep up with all the "walking fire" you will be doing! This 160rnd High-cap Magazine from S&T is designed for the S&T M1918 BAR AEG rifle and is constructed with a steel shell, polymer internals and a steel feed spring. This magazine is realistic in size, and external design, with reinforcing ribs running down each side of the steel shell and mock feed lips at the top of the magazine, concealing the feed port and the fill window below. This magazine is a wheel wound high-capacity mag, and the winding wheel is located on the base plate. The magazine can be filled using the fill window located at the top of the magazine, inset into the shell.

About Our Support Gun Magazines

Rain down fire on your enemies and load up on airsoft support gun magazines from Patrol Base. Designed to maximise your firepower, our support gun mags offer up to thousands of rounds. How does 3500rnd sound?

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