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Was 29.99
Save 18.50
  • Missing spring
  • Missing base plate lock
  • Scratched

This is a returned STI Combat Master Gas Magazine, that is currently missing a spring in the BB chamber and a lock for the magazine base plate. Therefore it is currently non functional and requiring replacement parts in order to work. If you are technically minded and fancy a little project to tinker with this might be a good purchase at this discount price. It only features a couple of scratches and wear marks at the top of the magazine, but apart from that the magazine is in great condition.

Was 112.99
Save 70.00
  • Good condition
  • Missing brass valve
  • For TAGinn ML-36

This TAGinn CO2 kit was returned to us due to a missing brass valve. Otherwise, the kit is complete, and may still be of use to someone who knows their way around valves and gas-related stuff. 

Was 93.99
Save 22.50
  • Missing magazine
  • CO2 Powered
  • Traditional 1911 Style

This CO2 Powered Airsoft Blowback Pistol is a replica of the infamous 1911 design, in traditional layout without any exuberant furniture, compensators or graphics, just good old fashioned, old school cool.

The reason this pistol is being sold as a Boneyard is due to a missing magazine, other than that it is in near mint condition, so why not pick up this classic for a steal!

Was 106.99
Save 33.50

This CM.128S was returned to us from a customer and is missing a speedloader. The pistol however has been tested and cycles and feeds exactly as intended. Cosmetically the 128S is in excellent condition, with only some small markings on the slide that are hardly noticeable. So if your looking for a reliable sidearm at a great price, grab this pistol for a bargain!

Was 154.49
Save 79.50
  • Externally decent
  • Fires but poorly
  • Scratches on outer barrel and controls

This ICS BM9 was returned to us due to firing issues. When tested the pistol fires fully auto, but very poorly to the extent that it is effectively non-functional. The pistol is in decent condition on the outside, with scratches on the raised edges of the trigger and controls, and a scratch on the top of the outer barrel. This may be of use as a parts donor, or for display. 

Was 118.49
Save 17.50
  • Non functional
  • Gearbox locked
  • Great condition

This COLT M4A1 has a gearbox issue in that it locks. It is potentially an easy fix if you have experience but it might need a gear and/or piston set. Other than that the gun is in great condition, with little to no cosmetic marks visible on the rifle. This is a great starter gun, with plenty of interchangeable pieces, so if you fancy a small project to work on, have a think on this bargain at great price.

Was 272.99
Save 171.00
  • Externally perfect
  • Hammer mech fault
  • Non functional

This Chiappa Rhino was returned to us due to a fault within the hammer mech. The internal hammer does not function, and thus this pistol is a paperweight. The cylinder still cycles fine when the trigger is pulled, and the revolver has no obvious external damage. This would make a great wallhanger, prop pistol or display item! 

Was 165.99
Save 64.00
  • Leaks like a sieve 
  • Mock magazine tube extension is snapped
  • Gas reservoir is gas tight

This Golden Eagle Type 870 was returned to us due to a leak between the receiver and pistol grip. The gas tank itself is gas-tight, and the leak is in the gun itself. The mock magazine tube extension has also been snapped. The shotgun is decent externally, with some scratches on the left side of the receiver and some more minor scratches on the underside of the magazine tube. This would still make a good wall hanger, but could be repaired by someone with the patience for these complex internals!

Was 154.49
Save 47.50
  • Broken magazine release lever
  • Slight markings and scratches
  • Fully cycles and feeds

This Rhino was returned to us by a customer due to a broken magazine release lever. The broken part is included in the box and could potentially be reattached using metal glue, however there are no guarantees it won't snap again, although it could be replaced if you fancy something shiny to tinker with.

Beyond that the pistol is fully functional, it has been tested and it cycles and feeds perfectly fine and is ready to rock! Cosmetically, there are some slight marking and scratches on the body of the magnum near the hammer and trigger. Box and shells included.

Was 154.49
Save 36.00
  • Externals in good shape
  • Gearbox locked up
  • Non-functional

This JG AR36 was returned to us due to a locked gearbox. The AEG looks fantastic on the outside, with the only imperfections being marks on the stock hinge, brass deflector and barrel from coming into contact with the two-tone blue parts. Internally the AEG is non functional, and we suspect the gearbox is locked up, but as with any other Boneyard item we cannot guarantee that there are not more faults with this AEG. The front handguard pin has gone pissing at some point in this AEGs life but these are available separately, and if you are thrifty you can use a ziptie. This would make a good project gun for the technically inclined, but could also be harvested of parts by an AR36 user who wants a few barrel and handguard options. 

Was 201.49
Save 83.00
  • Partially functional
  • Rough on the outside
  • Sear/piston issue

This CYMA CM.707 was returned to us with a piston/sear issue. The rifle still works fine sometimes, but the problem will only get worse until it eventually cannot be used. There are replacement parts out there but it is a job for a tech. The stock has remnants of two tone paint on it, as does the forestock, and there are marks and scratches across the rifle. The magazine of the rifle is also missing. The stock is supplied with the rifle but is not installed, and the rifle will be shipped in a non standard box. This rifle is in a bad way but is not beyond saving, if you are in need of spare parts or a cheap project this could be a good buy!

Was 195.99
Save 62.50
  • Externally intact but worn
  • Internally dead
  • Project or wall hanger?

This Jing Gong SMG5K was returned to us due to being non functional. The AEG makes no noise and doesn't attempt to cycle when tested. Externally the SMG is in good condition but is a bit dusty, and has scratches on the front handguard rails and the tip of the barrel. This would make a great sniper backup weapon project if you know how to build a beast of a version 3 gearbox, or make a cool wall hanger!

Was 225.49
Save 59.50
  • Leaking gas
  • Pump Locked
  • Slight scratches

This wonderful alloy gas blowback M8874 sadly has some issues and so we are selling it as a Boneyard.

It leaks gas either around the tank or stock area, and the stock locks intermittently and will need taking apart to resolve the issue.

This would make a great project for those of you who have the skills and fancy a challenge.

The external condition of the shotgun is fantastic with the only exceptions being a couple of small scratches at the very top front of the barrel and some slight signs of use around the pump action.

Someone might be able to give this beast some TLC to restore it to new and wreck some GBB havoc at your local CQB.

So if you in the mood for some tinkering or just fancy a beastly alloy display piece, this might be the bargain you have been looking for.

Was 237.49
Save 59.50
  • Non-functional
  • Two tone paint worn
  • Rear sight missing 

This SA-A03 MK18 was returned to us due to an internal fault. Our diagnosis is that the piston is stripped, rendering the gun non functional. There may be other issues with this AEG, all we can confirm is that the piston is stripped and will need replacement. On the outside, the AEG is in reasonable shape, though it does have a lot of wear to its two tone paint job on the stock and handguard, the receiver and pistol grip are both immaculate and show no signs of wear. The handguard also has tiny scratches on the front of the left side and bottom rail, but these are barely visible and don't affect the function of the rails. The rifle is also missing its rear iron sight, but the magazine is included in the box.This could make a good shell for an HPA build given the superb condition of the receiver, or it could be brought back into action by a techy Airsofter. 

Was 237.49
Save 36.00
  • Fully functional 
  • Very minor scratches
  • Pistol grip damaged 

This SA-H03 Assault rifle was returned to us due to the pistol grip having some damage on the right side. The rifle still works perfectly and is in almost immaculate condition other than the damaged grip. There are some very minor scratches on the bayonet lug, and on the front receiver pin, but otherwise, this rifle looks fantastic. The pistol grip damage is not enough to affect function but does look a bit rough, but this part can be replaced with M4/AR15 AEG pistol grips if you can't live with it spoiling an otherwise great looking AEG. 

Was 308.49
Save 89.00
  • Non functional
  • Possible electrical fault
  • Two tone green

This SA-H11 is being sold as a Boneyard as it is currently not functioning, with a possible electrical fault. This could possibly be fixed and brought back to life by those with advanced technical knowledge who fancy a project to work on.

The rifle has been two toned in green, showing no signs of markings on the paint or body and is considered to be near mint condition.

So if you fancy something to tinker with or just need some spare high quality parts and furniture, this bargain might be for you, no UKARA required!

Was 509.99
Save 284.50
  • Cycles fine
  • Magazine is very loose - Doesn't always feed
  • Barrel threads have been damaged

This BOLT BR47 was returned to us due to the magazine being very loose when inserted, causing intermittent feeding. This issue may be solved with a new magazine release or a new magazine but all of the mags we have on hand do not fit this rifle. The threads on the barrel of the rifle have been damaged, so may or may not be able to accept a muzzle device. The butt plate/battery compartment has had one of the tabs snapped, so it will no longer stay connected to the stock. The rifle has some wear to its two tone paint, and a scratch on the upper receiver where an optic was mounted. There are also some scratches at the tip of the sound amp muzzle device. This may be useful for the techy type who needs BOLT parts for a repair. 

Was 521.49
Save 296.00
  • Externally decent
  • Missing switch assembly and HOP unit
  • Front sight was snapped - repaired and repainted

This A&K M249 found its way to to the Boneyard after having parts swapped for a repair. Most of the externals are in great shape, but the front sight has been snapped and repaired and then repainted in tan. The outer barrel has scratches on the top, as does the rear sight and bipod feet. The pistol grip also has a bit of a gouge on the left side. Internally this AEG is dead due to the switch assembly and HOP unit being removed, and it has not been tested so there may be other issues. This would make a decent shell for a HPA build, and could also be handy for someone looking to fix up their M249. There is no magazine included with this AEG but it accepts standard M4/AR15 AEG magazines. 

Was 438.49
Save 213.00
  • Parts only
  • Non functional
  • Parts missing

The S&T S.M.L.E is authentically constructed, with a real wood stock and metal wherever there is metal on the real rifle and is indistinguishable from the real thing.

Sadly this one has seen better days, and is non functional, missing a piece to hold the bolt in place, therefore this rifle is being sold as parts only and features a two toned handguard..

That said the real wood construction is in great condition and would make for some great bit of furniture for an existing Lee Enfield or if someone fancied creating some sort of hybrid rifle from the parts in this kit.

So if you fancy some discount furniture at a great price, this might be what you're looking for, no UKARA required!

Was 284.49
Save 41.50
  • Returned
  • Tested
  • Fully functional

This Combat Machine was returned to us by a customer due a reported issue of intermittent firing. However upon testing the rifle we found no faults, although be aware this issue, if it ever existed, may reappear.

The CM16 is in fantastic condition with no signs of wear and looks amazing. Being a second hand gun we're selling it at an fantastic discount. This gun is perfect for new and old Skirmishers alike, and with it being G&G you can expect high quality, but in this instance at a crazy low price.

Was 497.99
Save 249.00
  • Cycles fine in both modes
  • Magazine appears to have feeding trouble
  • Scratches here and there 

This BOLT BR47 was returned to us due to a locked up gearbox. This has since been repaired, and the rifle cycles as it should. The magazine that comes with the gun appears to have issues feeding. There are scratches on the receiver rail and handguard rails, on the trigger guard and near the front pin hole on the left side of the rifle. Buyer beware, this rifle may have magazine compatibility issues, as when tested we could not fit a steel AK magazine into the magwell. 

Was 438.49
Save 178.50
  • Cycles fine on both modes
  • Piece above the charging handle is snapped
  • Trigger guard/mag release assembly is missing

This Phantom M14 EBR was returned to us due to a broken piece above the charging handle. The trigger guard has since been pinched for a customer repair. The AEG still cycles on both modes but cannot feed BBs due to the missing trigger guard/mag release assembly. Externally the AEG is in decent nick, other than the broken piece below the charging handle the only damage present is a scratch on the trigger and some wear to the two tone blue paint. To fix this you will need to find a new trigger guard, or rig up a solution. 

Was 296.49
Save 29.50
  • Mag missing
  • Ironsights missing
  • Fully functional

This lovely SA-H11 Carbine was returned to us and is missing a mag and ironsight set. The rifle however has been tested cycling and feeding exactly as intended. Cosmetically the rifle is in fantastic condition with no discernible marks on its full metal construction. This is a faithful replica with a sleek and stylish design and with it being a Specna, the quality here is robust and reliable, only this time, because it has no mag ad no ironsight set it's being sold at a discount.

Was 450.49
Save 150.50
  • Externally near perfect
  • Was working fine, gearbox locked during testing
  • Minor wear and scratches on the sling mount

This G&G SR15 was returned to us for reasons unknown. The AEG is near perfect on the outside, but has some wear and scratches on the sling point at the rear of the receiver. The AEG was working perfectly but during testing the ETU beeped, then the gun stopped working, pointing to a locked up gearbox or an ETU fault. The AEG is non-functional, though it may not take much to bring it back. Perfect project for a techy type!

Was 426.99
Save 107.00
  • MOSFET System
  • Electronic Trigger
  • KeyMod Rail System

This G&G Warthog was return to us and has since had a new trigger ETU and has been tested cycling and feeding perfectly fine. There are some very minor scratches on the handguard and rail but they are hardly noticeable. This rifle is also missing a manual and the box is slightly damaged. However if you are looking for a high quality discount M4 rifle, try this newly repaired G&G Warthog on the field.

Was 474.49
Save 118.50
  • Crack forward of the Grip, repaired with glue
  • FPS averaging 260, slightly lower than new
  • Scratches and wear on bolt, folding stock, barrel

This PGM.338 was returned to us due to a crack in the alloy pistol grip mount. This has been repaired with strong glue, and is solid but may not last forever. There are marks and scratches on the bolt, receiver, barrel and all the moving parts of the folding stock/monopod/bipod. When tested, this rifle chronos at around 260 FPS, which is slightly lower than usual, though we are not sure if this is just down to the cold weather or not. The hard case supplied with the rifle is in great condition, with just some minor damage to the internal foam, but the magazine of the rifle has some marks from insertion. This would be a fine display piece! 

Was 503.99
Save 118.50
  • Non functional
  • Possible electrical fault
  • Near mint condition

This Umarex H&K MP7 A1 is being sold as a Boneyard as it is non functional due to a possible electrical issue. It could potentially be fixed by those with advanced technical knowledge.

Other than that this would make a sweet wall display or potentially be used for spare parts.

If you are interested in that, the MP7 is in near mint condition with solid quality construction being sold here at a bargain price.

Was 497.99
Save 95.00
  • Non-functional
  • Stripped piston
  • Externally near perfect

This BOLT BR47 was returned to us due to a stripped piston, rendering the gun non-functional. This AEG may also have other faults, all we can confirm is that the piston is stripped so please consider carefully before buying. The AEG is in fantastic condition on the outside, with a single scratch on the right side of the handguard, beneath the 3 o'clock rail. There is some dust which has settled into some of the recessed areas but this should be easy enough to clean. A good project gun for a tech, or a nice looking wall hanger for the rest of us!

Was 497.99
Save 18.00
  • Damaged box
  • G2 ETU Technology
  • .308 Platform Weapon

Built by G&G from the ground up this weapon is rather unique, based on a .308 styled AR receiver this weapon really stands out from the crowd with its' larger profile and magazines.

This rifle is being sol as a Boneyard, only because the box is damaged, with a rip on the side. Having being tested to be fully functional, the rifle itself is in factory condition with no discernible marks or scratches

Who needs a box right? It's the rifle that matters, nevertheless we're selling this at a discount and passing the savings on to you!

Reduced price pre-loved or damaged airsoft guns and parts for projects and spares

The airsoft boneyard: where guns and parts come in need of some love. Ideal if you’re looking for a cheap airsoft gun to get you going, or if you’re looking for a new fixer-upper project these second-hand used guns will be a perfect place to start. This is the Patrol Base collection of pre-loved and reduced-price airsoft guns, spares and parts, including everything from guns and sniper rifles to mags, grips and grenades.

All of the products you’ll find in boneyard come with information on issues and repairs needed. if you’d like more before you purchase however, feel free to get in touch with us.

Please note: Items cannot be returned for a refund once purchased. Before purchasing please check out our full breakdown of our terms and conditions.