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  • 22rnd Capacity
  • CO2 Magazine
  • For ASG CZ P-10C GBB

If you need mags for your ASG P-10C CO2 version, here you go! Just like the original mag supplied with your ASG P-10C CO2 GBB pistol, this magazine holds 22 BBs and is constructed from alloy with a high-density polymer baseplate. Loading the mag is the same procedure as other GBB magazines, either load through the feed lips at the top or through the follower channel on the front when the follower is held down. You can use a speed loader or do it by hand, depending on your timescale!

While the CO2 and Green Gas versions of the P-10C are cross compatible, we have been told specifically by ASG not to use CO2 mags in the polymer slide equipped green gas model to avoid premature wear and tear and potentially, catastrophic failure. We suggest you heed this warning!

The CO2 compartment is inside the shell and accessible with the baseplate removed. To achieve this, simply pull upwards on the polymer tab at the bottom of the follower channel and slide the baseplate forward. With this done, you will see the CO2 plug inside; unscrew this and you can pop in a 12g CO2 capsule (we recommend adding a bit of silicone lube to the top of the capsule), tighten it back down again, slide your baseplate back into position and you're good to go! 

  • 30rnd Capacity
  • Green Gas magazine
  • For SSP1/SSP2/SSP5 GBB Pistols

If you want to keep your Novritsch Hi-Capa in the game for longer, load up on these! The Novritsch 30rnd Magazine for Hi-Capa GBB Pistols; V3 is compatible with most Airsoft Hi-Capa GBBs and ideal for SSP1, SSP2 and SSP5 platforms from Novritsch. Like other green gas magazines, the fill valve is on the baseplate, requiring both the magazine and your gas container to be inverted to fill. 

Loading BBs can be carried out either through the feed lips or the follower channel when the follower is pulled and held down, either using a speed loader or by hand. If you're running a Novritsch 'Capa, a few of these are essential to keep it doing what it does best!

  • 30 / 140rnd Setting
  • STANAG Magazine
  • Realistic Design

A STANAG type magazine which is designed to fit any Airsoft AEG rifle which accepts this style of magazine, such as M4, L85, 416, SCAR-L and more.

This magazine is the perfect purchase for any Airsoft skirmisher due to its low price and high quality, with the added bonus that should you one day visit a low-cap only site it can be quickly changed to suit your needs.

  • Dupont Zytel
  • Redesigned Follower
  • 'Fuel Gauge' Indicator

The world's best Airsoft Magazine just got better! Made to a seriously tough standard using excellent materials, the EPM-1 Magazine holds a massive 250rnds in a Spring-Fed Mid-Cap design. This means that you still get the incredible feeding performance of a PTS Mid-Cap, but with a capacity that can rival most High-Cap Magazines!

  • Taran Tactical Baseplate
  • For JW3 & JW4 Combat Master
  • 30rnd Capacity

A spare or replacement magazine for the Army Armament JW3/JW4 Combat Master. Perfect for those die hard JW fans, who wants to live out their JW fantasy on the field.

  • For EU & G-Series Pistols
  • Metal Construction
  • 25rnd Capacity

A  spare or replacement 25 round Airsoft magazine designed for use in both the RAVEN EU Series and  WE Europe's G-Series of gas blowback Airsoft pistols. 

  • 150rnd Capacity
  • Rubber Baseplate
  • Mock Bullet Window

This Magazine is designed for Airsoft M4/AR Platform Electric Guns, and features a gorgeous, modern design with Mock Bullet Window and Thick Rubber Baseplate. It holds a total of 150rnds and is filled from the top using a Speedloader. If you need an ultra modern Magazine to finish off your Custom M4 build, then the Battleaxe 150rnd Mid-Cap Polymer Magazine for AR-15/M4 is the ideal choice.

  • Six Pack Of Shells
  • Dual Red & Black Designs
  • 30rnd BB Capacity Per Shell

Perfect for any Airsofter wielding an Airsoft pump action shotgun; this pack of Airsoft shotgun shells contains 3 red and 3 black shells, each capable of holding 30 rounds of 6mm Airsoft BB ammunition.

  • Full Metal Construction
  • 25 Round Capacity
  • Polymer Feed Lips

ASG MK23 Socom magazines are currently readily available at an affordable price. Delivering great gas efficiency too; on a good day expect up to three if not more full magazines worth of shots from one charge of gas.

  • For M917 UTR45 AEG
  • 120rnd Capacity
  • Polymer construction

If you have treated yourself to the phenomenal new SMG from Double Eagle, the UTR45, you will want to stock up on these! This 120rnd AEG magazine is compatible with the UTR45 and is loaded using a standard speed loader or loading rod through the feed/fill port at the top of the magazine. 

  • 170 Rounds
  • Ergonomic deisgn
  • PTS Trades

Another excellent quality product from PTS, a 170rd Mid Cap magazine for those of you looking for a more low profile but reliable magazine option.

  • TM Compatible
  • 150rnd Capacity
  • For AR / M4 / M16

A Polymer constructed Magazine for AR / M4 / M16 Platform Airsoft Replicas, which holds 150rnds total in a Spring-Fed Mid-Cap design that will feed all the BBs until empty, with none of the rattle that you get from High Cap Magazines. Compatible with a range of brands such as CYMA, DBoys, JG, A&K, Arcturus and Tokyo Marui, this is the perfect purchase for any AR Platform operator wanting to stay in the fight for longer without refilling mags.

  • 125rnd Capacity
  • High density polymer construction
  • Great value pack of 5 mid-caps!

If you need to load up on M4/AR-15 mid-caps, the Specna Arms 125rnd S-Mag Mid-Cap Magazine for M4/AR-15 AEG; Set Of 5 is ideal! This great value magazine multipack includes 5 S-Mag Mid-caps holding 125 BBs each, loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the mag body using a speed loader, as with other mid-caps.

The S-Mag boasts a uniquely modern design, patterned after popular real steel polymer magazines with SA texture on each side to improve grip and wet weather handling. These magazines are known for their robust nature, wide compatibility and low weight and should fit and feed in almost any M4/AR-15 AEG out there, along with other compatible platforms such as 416 AEGs, SCAR-L AEGs and L85 AEGs. If you want to load up on mid-caps in one go, this is one of the best (and most affordable) ways to do it!

  • 200rnd Capacity - Massive!
  • High-density polymer construction
  • Fits most Airsoft AK AEGs

If you run an AK and you want capacity but without the dreaded battle rattle, CYMA has a treat for you! The 200rnd Polymer Mid-cap Magazine For AK AEG packs a whopping 200-round capacity into a standard length spring loaded mid-cap, meaning no issues getting nice and low in the prone position and of course, no tactical maracas as you chase the enemy down!

These mags are styled after modern polymer magazines for 7.62x39mm style AK rifles and have reinforcement ribs across the design and dual witness windows on each side showcasing mock cartridges for added realism. The magazine is also marked with recessed numbers indicating the capacity of the real magazine, and at the baseplate, we are treated to realistic 7.62x39mm calibre markings. The polymer used in the construction of these mags is very strong and has a textured feel, a hallmark of robust high density polymers with fibre reinforcement. If you need AK mags with a modern look, no battle rattle and an impressive capacity, these are the ones to get!

  • 45rnd Capacity 
  • Alloy construction
  • For VORSK VMP-1 and VMP-1X SMG

Looking for spare magazines for the VORSK VMP-1? You have found them! These magazines are constructed from alloy with a steel feed spring and brass valves and hold 45 BBs which can be loaded either by hand through the feed lips at the top or using a speed loader. Please note, these magazines do not include the polymer magazine sleeve supplied with the original magazine included with the VMP-1 SMG. 

  • 150 rnd capacity
  • Polymer construction
  • For Airsoft M4/AR15 AEG rifles

Having more magazines in your loadout means more opportunities to get kills! The NUPROL W-Mag is the latest in NUPROL's line of AEG mid-capacity magazines, sporting a high-density polymer shell, a steel feed spring and a rubber baseplate which both protects the internals of the magazine in the event that it is dropped, and allows the magazine to be used as an improvised shooting support using a technique known as "mag-podding".  This magazine is a spring-loaded design and can be filled using a standard Airsoft speed loader through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine.

  • 380rnd Capacity 
  • Hex pattern design
  • For M4/AR15 AEG Rifle

    Looking for a unqiue modern mag for your M4? The NUPROL 380rnd H-Mag High-Cap is designed for the M4/AR15 AEG but should work in most compatible platforms and has an ultra-modern look thanks to its hex pattern texture. The magazine is a wheel wound high-cap with its winding wheel located on the baseplate and is filled via the fill window at the top of the magazine body. 

    Either side of the magazine has a modern hex style texture to provide extra grip when pulling the magazine from a pouch and also has 5.56x45mm markings recessed into the design to add a realistic look. This mag would pair well with any M4/AR15 AEG setup with a cutting edge look! 

    • 150rnd Capacity
    • Steel shell with polymer internals
    • For M4/AR15 AEG rifle

    If you are loading up on magazines and you want to avoid the battle rattle of a loadout full of high-cap mags, mid-caps are the best solution! These mid-cap magazines from CYMA hold 150 rounds, and can be loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine using a standard Airsoft speed loader. The magazine is constructed with a steel shell and feed spring, with polymer internals. The exterior design of this magazine matches the widely issued NATO STANAG magazine type and will fit in with any M4/AR15 loadout from practically any time period or military organisation. This magazine is compatible with the vast majority of M4/AR15 AEG rifles, and has the added bonus of a slightly higher capacity than the average mid-cap!

    • 30rnd Capacity
    • Alloy construction
    • For CYMA CM.030 / 122 / 123 / 126 / 127 / 132 AEP

    If you're after spare AEP magazines you are in luck! The CYMA 30rnd Magazine is compatible with the CM.030, CM.122, CM.123, CM.126, CM.127 and CM.132 AEP, and should also fit the ASG XP17 Challenger AEP. This magazine is constructed with an alloy shell, polymer follower and steel feed spring, and can be loaded using an Airsoft speed loader through the feed lips at the top of the magazine body. This magazine holds 30 BBs and is a very compact design so it is easy to carry loads!

    • For GLOCK 17 GEN4
    • 25 BB Round Capacity
    • Fully Licensed GLOCK Magazine

    A 25 Round Green Gas Powered Magazine designed for the Airsoft GLOCK 17 Gen4 by UMAREX. This magazine works with the Umarex/VFC Glock 17 GBB and is also compatible with the KRYTAC Maxim 9 GBB but is not compatible with 4.5mm Air pistols. 

    • 23rnd Capacity
    • For AAP-01 Pistol
    • Green Gas Magazine

    This is a spare or replacement Gas Magazine for the Action Army AAP-01 Assassin Pistol, that holds a total of 23rnds and is based on the EU Series design. It is filled with BBs and Gas just like any other Pistol Magazine, using a Speedloader to feed BBs in through the feed lips, or holding down the follower to fill the BBs from the bottom of the Magazine. The Inlet Valve on the base of the Magazine is where you should insert your Green Gas bottle to fill it.

    If you own an AAP-01 Assassin and want to spend more time dumping magazines on Full Auto, and less time fumbling around with a Speedloader, then you will need a backlog of Spare Magazines.

    • 200rnd Capacity
    • Extended design
    • For M4/AR15 AEG series

    Looking for the biggest capacity with no rattle? This NUPROL 200rnd Mid-cap is an extended design, allowing an extra 70 BBs to squeeze in when compared to 30 round style mags. Its spring-loaded mechanism means you will be able to sneak around with ease with none of the tell-tale "battle rattle" you would have from high-capacity mags, and benefit from some extra firepower at the same time! This magazine is loaded just like any other Airsoft mid-cap, using a speed loader or loading rod through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine body. The added benefit of this mag is its much more aggressive 40-round style design, which gives your rifle the "big boy" look of extra capacity, making it that more intimidating to face down with on the skirmish field.

    • Incredibly Robust Build
    • Large Winding Front
    • 1500rnd Capacity

    The perfect magazine to give you the ultimate fire-power and suppression from your G&G AP-9 AEG. Incredibly satisfying to hold and use thanks to the very thick and robust polymer construction.

    • Realistic Design
    • Winding Wheel
    • Filling Window

    A STANAG type magazine which is designed to fit any Airsoft 6mm BB Gun which accepts this style of magazine, such as M4, L85, 416 and more. This type of magazine is perfect for regular Airsoft skirmishers as the magazine holds lots of rounds, and increases the length of time between having to stop and reload, allowing you to put more rounds down range without stopping.

    Whether you are new or a regular skirmisher, who doesn't want the hassle of regularly changing magazines but still wants that authentic look, these are an essential purchase. 

    • Extended Magazine
    • For AEP Electric Pistols
    • Lightweight / Easy to Carry

    This is an Extended Magazine for a range of CYMA AEP Airsoft Electric Pistols, which not only has an awesome external design to look like the real thing when inserted, but carries loads more BBs and allows you to make the most of the 'Full Auto' function on your AEP.

    • 200rnd Capacity
    • Wheel wound High-cap magazine
    • For SA-X and SA-FX series AR-9 SMG

    If you need more mags to keep your Specna Arms SA-X or SA-FX series SMG doing what it does best, this should suit you! The Specna Arms 200rnd S-MAG High Cap Magazine for SA-X & SA-FX AEG is a wheel wound high capacity magazine which holds 200 BBs. The magazine can be loaded through the fill window on the top of the magazine body by opening the fill window door and pouring your BBs straight in. The winding wheel is located on the baseplate and needs to be wound up to keep the magazine feeding.

    The external design of this magazine matches other Specna Arms S-MAG style magazines, with SA logo textured panels on either side to add grip and enhance the aesthetic and an extended baseplate to make the mag easier to pull from pouches when a fast reload is required. Being based on the G&G ARP9 magazine design, this mag may also work in other AEG platforms designed for ARP9 magazines but is ideal for Specna Arms SA-X and SA-FX series AR-9 SMGs.

    • 28rnd Capacity
    • CNC Aluminium TTI Sand Viper baseplate
    • For AA/Jag Precision Sand Viper, also fits most Hi-capas

    If you are running the gorgeous Army Armament Sand Viper you will need some equally gorgeous magazines to feed it! The Army Armament 28rnd Magazine for TTI Sand Viper is intended for the Sand Viper, of course, and comes with a CNC machined Aluminium baseplate finished in bronze sporting the Taran Tactical Innovations logo. Being a Hi-capa-based design, this magazine should also fit and feed in most TM-compatible Hi-capa pistols.

    The magazine follows the standard GBB pistol mag layout, with the gas fill valve located on the baseplate, requiring both the magazine and your gas can to be inverted to fill. The mag can be loaded through the feed lips or through the feed channel on the front when the follower is pulled down, either by hand or using an Airsoft speed loader. If you want to load up on mags for your Sand Viper but you need the matching baseplates, here you go!

    • For GLOCK 17 GEN5
    • 25 BB Round Capacity
    • Fully Licensed GLOCK Magazine

    A 25 Round Green Gas Powered Magazine designed for the GLOCK 17 Gen5 by UMAREX.

    From 8.49
    Was 11.99
    Save 3.50
    • 430rnd capacity
    • For AK rifles
    • High-cap

    With the release of the J Series from Specna Arms comes their line of J Series Mags. If you own a J series and need some spare mags to go with your new beauty, you've come to the right place. Even if you don't own a J Series and fancy yourself a new ultra modern magazine, you'd be hard pressed to find a better mag than this.

    This magazine is a high cap variant, meaning that it can hold up to a massive 430 rounds. The magazine is filled at the top using a speedloader and loaded by winding the wheel at the bottom for super quick reloads to stay in the fight.

    The magazine is constructed from high density polymer and features a matte colour and a somewhat rough texture with additional friction for a satisfying feel and for ease of loading. On either side of the mag you can see a modern checked texture for the modern battlefield.

    • Steel Shell
    • Extended Mag
    • No Battle Rattle

    This Steel constructed 200rnd Magazine from Battleaxe is an extended design, which makes it slightly longer than your typical STANAG design. It is a Mid-Cap Magazine, meaning it is filled using a Speedloader, doesn't rattle like a High-Cap and will also feed until the Magazine is depleted, with no winding! If you own an AR platform rifle and you don't want to wind your magazines, and you want the ability to sneak up on your enemy without the tell-tale battle-maracas sound of a High Cap Magazine shaking away, then this is the Magazine for you. 

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