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  • Low Powered Gas
  • Silicone Lubricants
  • For Polymer Pistols

A bottle of Low Powered Gas designed by NUPROL as part of their Green Gas Range, designed to be used with Plastic Bodied Weapons and Small Submachine Guns which require lower powers to operate. 

  • Weaker Than Ultra Gas
  • Ideal Summer Gas
  • 700ml Content

A very popular selling gas especially during summer and in countries that have a warm climate. This gas really is a low power gas. It has a high silicone content, so you will need to clean your GBB Airsoft weapon more frequently to ensure longevity. 

Stocked and used by our Patrol Base workshop and other staff members for years, each can has 700ml of contents and can be used to reduce output power of a hot gas gun, or ensure smooth silky operation of a Polymer slided pistol.

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  • NUPROL Bio BBs
  • NUPROL 1.0 Summer Gas
  • Stay within FPS limits when the sun comes out!

If you have a summer of skirmishing planned, this pack should help keep you honest when the weather gets spicy! The GBB Summer Sidearm Pack combines NUPROL Biodegradable BBs and NUPROL 1.0 Summer Gas so you can keep your GBB pistol within skirmishable power limits and prevent excessive wear and tear when things heat up and gas pressure rises. 

About Our Airsoft Summer Gas

If you love a bit of GBB action you will need the right gas to handle those scorching summer temperatures without harming your gun. Summer gas is a safe choice for any hot weather skirmish and particularly for GBB pistols with plastic slides, such as those by Airsoft legends Tokyo Marui.

We only offer Summer gas that promises to give you the power for reliable blowback without overstressing parts, stocking the best names on the market such as NUPROL and Abbey

Summer gas is ideally suited to very hot temperatures and you may see lower FPS and sluggish blowback if you use these gasses in colder temperatures. For something to use more regularly, explore our range of green gas which is of higher pressure and more suitable for colder temperatures. We also have a huge range of BBs in a variety of weights to suit any primary or secondary weapon.

Get your Airsoft Summer gas online with Patrol Base for next day delivery options. If you aren't sure which gas you need you can check out our Gas Comparison blog and the accompanying video for tips on what gas to use in what weapon at what time of year!