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From 75.99
  • High density polymer construction
  • Realistic shell fed revolver replica
  • Powered by Green Gas

If you feel lucky and want to try your hand with an Airsoft revolver, the HFC HG-133C Savaging Bull Gas NBB Revolver is a fine choice. Functioning just like the real thing, with a rotating cylinder, realistic mock shells and a double action/single action trigger, the Savaging Bull is ideal for those who want to experience revolver life without getting in too deep.

Constructed from ABS polymer with choice alloy and steel parts, the Savaging Bull is light and portable despite its relatively long 5-inch barrel. This means it is easy to carry along with your usual sidearm as a last-ditch backup platform, giving you 6 extra chances to get kills when your mags run dry. This may not be the most powerful handgun in the world, but it looks the part and is probably the most affordable way to get the realistic revolver experience!

  • Alloy construction
  • Set of 6 shells
  • Compatible with HFC HG-131/132/133

If you are a rootin' tootin' gun slinger who skirmishes with an HFC gas revolver a pocket full of these will cure what ails ya! These revolver shells hold one 6mm BB in each shell, and come packaged as a set of 6 so you can feel lucky all day. The BB is loaded into the front of each shell and is retained using an O-ring, preventing the BB from rolling out. The shells are constructed from alloy with a brass finish, with the "projectile" section of the cartridge being a slightly lighter shade for added realism. These shells are the perfect choice to fill your pouches if you run an HFC revolver in-game, but they would also be useful for photoshoots where realistic cartridges in the background will only enhance the scene!

  • TM Compatible
  • Solid Construction
  • Protected Knocker

A spare magazine for HFC's gas powered Desert Eagle; made as a clone of the Tokyo Marui magazines.

  • Pistol Mounted
  • Gas Powered
  • Holds 40 BBs

The HG-138 is a Rail Mounted BB Launcher designed to be attached to the underside of Pistols and Rifles as a single shot 40 round launcher which can be used to clear a group of enemy or as a last hurrah before you get hit.

From 75.99
  • Revolving drum
  • None blowback
  • Semi-automatic

For those of you who prefer the old ways, this iconic beast of a revolver features a fully revolving revolving drum holding six shells. With a  4 inch barrel it is compact but still with a sturdy feel thanks to it's full metal alloy construction and is powered by green gas.


If you are running a MAC-11 GBB that unbelievable rate of fire will have you needing plenty of spare mags, so stock up while they're hot! The HG-203 MAC-11 Green Gas Magazine from HFC holds 42 BBs, all of which will be gone in a couple of seconds on full auto! The magazine can be loaded through the feed lips by pulling the follower down to the bottom, where it will lock into place. You can load this mag either by hand or by using an Airsoft speed loader. Once you are finished loading, press the small protruding tab on the follower to release it and reapply tension to the feed spring. The fill valve is located on the bottom of the magazine and can be filled with summer gas or green gas. 

From 70.49
  • Swing out revolver
  • Alloy construction
  • 4-inch barrel

Alloy constructed and brimming with old-world class, the HFC HG-131B Revolver is a gas powered replica with a swing out chamber that holds 6 individual shells for an authentic firing experience.

The revolver features classic open ironsights on the top and a textured faux wood polymer grip with a tactile feel, coupled with the finger ridged front part of the grip for a satisfying hold and superior handling.

If you're looking for something a little more old-school that functions and handles much like the real deal, think about picking this up to add to your collection of classics.

From 111.49
  • Strong Recoil
  • Amazing Value
  • TM Compatible

A highly affordable replica of the absolute Mac-Daddy of handguns, the Desert Eagle .50AE, which not only takes names but kicks some serious butt.

From 128.99
  • 1100+ RPM
  • Perfect CQB Tool
  • Included Suppressor

A compact, lightweight and extremely awesome Gas Blowback Airsoft Submachine Gun, which is the perfect tool for dominating CQB and other tight arenas, as well as a backup to a Primary Gun (such as a Sniper Rifle). If you need a pocket rocket that can splurge a 42rnd Magazine in literal seconds, then the HFC HG-203 Submachine Gun is exactly that.

From 208.50 Pack price
Normally 242.45
Save 33.95
  • HFC HG-203 MAC-11 GBB Submachine Gun
  • 2x HFC MAC-11 Green Gas Magazines
  • 3300 ASG .25g BBs & ULTRAIR Green Gas

If you need a backup platform with a bit more firepower than a pistol, the Panic Button Bundle should do the trick! This bundle includes the HFC HG-203 MAC-11 GBB Submachine Gun, 2 spare magazines, a can of ULTRAIR Green Gas, and a 3300 round bottle of ASG's Q Blaster 0.25g BBs to get you started with the spray and pray life!

About HFC Airsoft

HFC has supplied the Airsoft scene for many years now with fantastic rifle and pistol replicas that are both reliable and reasonably priced. Specialising in gas powered replicas, HFC offers a variety of models including realistic revolvers, Desert Eagle gas pistols and the legendary MAC-11 GBB machine pistol for those of you who like speed!

Their most popular item, however, is the HFC HG-138 Mini BB Launcher, which is pistol mounted and sends 40 BBs downrange to really shake up CQB skirmishes. How's that for firepower?