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  • Pinion & bevel gear set
  • Helical gears - Experts only!
  • For version 2 & 3 gearboxes

If you're the techy type and are seeking a smooth, buttery-sounding gearbox with maximum efficiency, helical gears must be on your shopping list! The Lonex Spiral Bevel Gear & Helical Pinion Gear for V2/3 Gearbox includes a pinion gear and bevel gear, both constructed from steel for maximum strength. The included pinion gear is an "O type", designed for O-type motor shafts and not compatible with D-type shafts. 

These gears differ from standard bevel and pinion gears in the angle of the teeth, cut in a helix shape and designed to increase torque and efficiency. This also means the gearbox report will be far quieter with these installed, though strong bushings are recommended for the bevel gear due to the increase in axial thrust force generated. Naturally, this set is ideally used by a techy skirmisher with the prerequisite knowledge needed to bring out the best performance and longevity from their setup. 

  • CNC Aluminium construction
  • Double O-ring configuration
  • Compatible with V2 & V3 gearboxes

If you're building a beast of a gearbox, the Lonex Aluminium Cylinder Head for V2/3 Gearbox belongs inside! This CNC aluminium cylinder head is compatible with version 2 and version 3 gearboxes and is equipped with a pair of O-rings around its circumference intended to close the gap between the cylinder and head for maximum air efficiency.

Its robust CNC aluminium construction pairs perfectly with the shock-absorbing rubber pad pre-installed on the rear of the cylinder head, reducing impact stress on the gearbox shell, piston head and cylinder head for a longer lifespan. If you're upgrading your V2 or V3 gearbox or working on a scratch build, the Lonex Aluminium Cylinder Head for V2/3 Gearbox is a fantastic choice!

  • CNC Aluminium construction
  • O-ring Equipped
  • Compatible with V2 & V3 gearboxes

If you're working on your gearbox and looking for more efficiency, the Lonex Aluminium Piston Head for V2/V3 Gearbox is ideal for your build. This piston head is constructed from CNC aluminium and is equipped with a rubber O-ring surrounding its surface to close the gap between the piston head and cylinder, ensuring every bit of air compressed by the piston is translated into downrange effect.

This piston head is compatible with version 2 and version 3 AEG gearboxes and is a handy part to have around for the techy types. Whether you're building a custom gearbox or upgrading, the Lonex Aluminium Piston Head for V2/V3 Gearbox is an essential part!

  • O-ring fitted
  • Perfect air seal
  • High-density polymer

An upgrade or replacement air nozzle for AEG M16A1 platform weapons.

Excellent quality air nozzle constructed from a durable polymer to produce a tighter and more consistent air seal for every shot, and has an overall length of 21.66mm.

  • O-Ring Sealed
  • 21mm Long
  • Improved Air Seal

A replacement or upgrade air nozzle for MP5 models of Airsoft Electric Gun, with an O-ring installed for greater air seal and efficiency.

  • Steel construction
  • Includes ARL & spring
  • For version 2 & 3 AEG gearboxes

If you're building a gearbox from scratch or you've had a mishap with your anti-reversal latch or ARL spring, the Lonex Anti-Reversal Latch for V2/V3 Gearbox will sort you out! This set includes a steel ARL and spring steel ARL spring, ideal for upgraded AEGs with strengthened gearsets.

This Anti-reversal latch set is intended for version 2 and version 3 AEG gearboxes and is a great spare to have in the toolbox for techy Airsofters. If you've lost that awkward little ARL spring, this set offers an easy route to replacing it!

About Lonex

Lonex have been manufacturing tactical Airsoft equipment, parts and accessories for many years now and are well-lauded in the Airsoft community. They produce a wide variety of gear including protective gear, clothing, magazines, muzzle devices, grips and rails in addition to interior parts such as springs, barrels and more. 

They also produce several high-quality electronic products such as chronographs and radio headsets.