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  • For 715 Revolver
  • Practical & Convenient
  • Allows For Quick Reloads

Something the owners of Dan Wesson 715 Airsoft revolvers have been waiting for, a set of Moon Clips to speed up your reloads, by linking 6 shells into one unit. 

  • Holds ~600 BBs
  • Removable Spoon
  • Replica MK2 Grenade

A replica MK2 hand grenade with a hollow middle, allowing you to fill it with roughly 600 BBs.

  • Holds 600 BBs
  • Removable Spoon
  • Replica M26 Grenade

A replica M26 hand grenade with a hollow middle, allowing you to fill it with roughly 600 BBs.

  • Easy to Attach
  • Clips Two Magazine
  • For CYMA MP5 Mags

A magazine clip designed to allow you to attach two Mp5 Airsoft AEG Magazine together to enable a faster reload speed.

  • 100rnd Capacity
  • Stiffened Locking
  • Semi Black Transparency

Unlike other pistol speedloaders on the market the NUPROL version is harder to use, in a good way!

  • Easy To Use
  • Holds Over 90 BBs
  • Suitable For Airsoft

Small and compact Airsoft BB magazine speedloader that comes with a pistol magazine adaptor. 

  • Various Colours
  • 470rnd Capacity
  • Stiffened Locking

The daddy of speed loaders, allowing up to 470 6mm BBs to be stored at once in a unique AR magazine-style design.

  • For Gas Airsoft Magazine
  • For Removing Gas Valves
  • For Inlet & Knocker Valves

An essential tool for any gas Airsoft player's tool kit: a valve tool which can be used to quickly and easily remove inlet and knocker valves from magazines without having to invent your own home made tool and accidentally causing damage to your valuable magazine.

  • Polymer Construction
  • Semi-Transparent Black
  • Official Magazine Coupler

A semi transparent magazine coupler allowing you to connect your ASG CZ Scorpion Evo magazines together for faster reloading.

  • For LCT PP-19
  • Dual Mag Clamp
  • Steel Construction

A Steel constructed magazine coupler for the LCT branded PP-19 Airsoft Electric Gun. This handy device allows you to clamp two magazines together for lightning-quick reloads and tacti-cool aesthetic. Simply place the magazines in the clamp and off you go.

  • Spring Action
  • Loads 6 x Shells
  • Dan Wesson Speedloader

Instantly fill your revolver with a new set of BB carry shells! Suitable for both 4" and 8" Dan Wesson revolvers.

  • Polymer Build
  • Fits G36/K AEG
  • M4 Magazine Release

A magazine adaptor designed to make your G36 compatible with M4 type magazines.

  • Polymer Build
  • Fits ARES VZ.58
  • M4 Magazine Release

A magazine adaptor designed to make the ARES VZ.58 Carbine and Comapct compatible with STANAG / M4 AEG 6mm BB Airsoft Magazines. 

  • Strong Rubber
  • Fits STANAG Mag
  • Durable Construction

A rubber magazine assist also known as a mag pull. Produced to allow a faster and more "tactical" removal of the magazines from your magazine pouches and the RIF itself. 

  • Holds 1200 BBs
  • Includes feeding Nozzle
  • Semi Transparent Design

A BB holding bottle, designed to allow you to store up to 1200 BB's and then dispense them using a foldable nozzle. 

  • Holds 5 x Shells
  • Authentic Reloads
  • Carry More Ammo

An authentic looking Stripper Clip for the DBoys KAR98K Bolt Action Rifle. It holds a total of five shells, makes for a faster reload of the internal magazine, and is the ideal way to carry spare shells in the field.

  • Tougher Design
  • 500rnd Capacity
  • Feed Lip Adaptor

A new style of large Airsoft speedloader which holds a massive 500 rounds to keep your magazines topped up in the field, and is used by manually operating the plunger.

  • Holds Two Magazines
  • Full Metal Construction
  • Magazines Not Included

The MP5 magazine clip is designed to hold two magazines at the same time for quicker reloading during game-play.

  • Metal Construction
  • Foam Padded Insides
  • Spring Retention Mechanism

ASG metal magazine clip designed for M15/16 Airsoft AEGs but will also fit FA-MAS, AK and G3 series of Airsoft AEG and GBB magazines.

  • Lockable Plunger
  • Flipout Gas Adapter
  • Holds up to 400 BBs

An Airsoft Speed Loader for 6mm BB Guns, and is designed to load both Standard and Gas Magazines. 

  • Easy To Use
  • 90rnd Capacity
  • Smoked Black Finish

A small and compact Airsoft BB magazine speedloader that comes with a pistol magazine adaptor.

  • Easy To Use
  • Fits Into Pouches
  • 1000rnd Capacity

An easy to use Speed Loader designed to allow users to reload Airsoft M4 Midcap Magazines in the shortest possible time and with as few BBs spilled as possible. 

  • Cleaner Reloads
  • Improve Mag Fit
  • Steel Construction

A Steel constructed spacer for LCT branded AK models, which sits inside the magwell and improves fitment of magazines. The part is very easy to install, and makes putting a magazine into the gun much easier, allowing you to perform muscle memory reloads. If you have ever tried to put a magazine into an AK before you may have noticed how it can sometimes take a few tries - this part serves to remove this fumbling by removing excess slack. It is installed into the magwell with the groove around the HOP unit, and removed by pulling the tabs at the side inwards.

  • 470rnd Capacity
  • Huge Speed Loader
  • Fits in M4 Mag Pouch

A high capacity speed loader created and manufactured by Tokyo Marui to make it easier to load Airsoft Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Sniper Magazines. 

From Magazine Clips to Speed Loaders, we have it all...

Here at Patrol Base we have a selection of Airsoft Magazines Accessories, including Speed Loaders, Magazine Clips and Base Plates all designed to work on Airsoft Magazines which fire 6mm BBs.

Looking to speed up the reload process? We have a range of speed loaders designed to quickly an easily fill up your magazines in the safe zone, ranging from the traditional Plunger Speed Loader designed for Pistol Magazines, up to more advanced Speed Loaders designed to fill whole Rifle Midcaps with the turn of a handle.

Want to check out the products in person before you buy them? You can visit our Brick and Mortar store in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, between Manchester and Leeds so you can get a feel before you spend your money!

If you can't find something that you like, or want something which isn't on the website why not contact us via Phone and we can do our best to source it for you!
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