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From 18.50 Pack price
Normally 21.48
Save 2.98
  • NUPROL Bio BBs
  • NUPROL 1.0 Summer Gas
  • Stay within FPS limits when the sun comes out!

If you have a summer of skirmishing planned, this pack should help keep you honest when the weather gets spicy! The GBB Summer Sidearm Pack combines NUPROL Biodegradable BBs and NUPROL 1.0 Summer Gas so you can keep your GBB pistol within skirmishable power limits and prevent excessive wear and tear when things heat up and gas pressure rises. 

28.49 Pack price
Normally 30.98
Save 2.49
  • VORSK 0.28G BBs
  • VORSK V12 Maximum GBB Fuel
  • Perfect for Gas Blowback Rifles

If you have a taste for realism and recoil and run a GBBR, this pack should keep you locked and loaded! The GBBR Performance Pack was put together based on our favourite combination of BB weight and Gas which we use in our GBBR platforms. 

VORSK 0.28G BBs were chosen to maximise consistency and make sure each shot has the best chance of penetrating foliage and resisting wind on its way to the target, and VORSK V12 gas was chosen to give the strongest recoil possible while maintaining accuracy thanks to V12's reduced lubrication in its formula. If you want to make the most of your GBBR in both performance and feel, this is what you need! 

From 29.00 Pack price
Normally 31.48
Save 2.48
  • Tracer BBs
  • NUPROL 2.0 Green Gas
  • Get your consumables all at once!

We put this pack together to serve those who run a tracer-equipped pistol in CQB and want to get all their consumables in one go, with a tasty discount as a bonus! 

30.50 Pack price
Normally 33.48
Save 2.98
  • VORSK 0.28g Tracer BBs
  • VORSK V8 Performance GBB Fuel
  • Great for tracer-equipped GBBRs in CQB

If you go toe-to-toe with the speedybois in CQB using a GBBR, hats off to you, you have "cajones"! The GBBR CQB Tracer Pack is intended to keep your GBBR locked and loaded with VORSK's 0.28g Tracer BBs and VORSK V8 Performance GBB Fuel which should keep you within CQB-friendly velocities while keeping the thunderous recoil and snappy response GBBRs are known for. While this pack is primarily for GBBRs, if you run a GBB pistol with a metal slide and upgraded HOP-up this should suit your setup just as well!

31.99 Pack price
Normally 33.48
Save 1.49
  • VORSK 0.30g Bio BBs
  • VORSK V12 Maximum GBB Fuel
  • Perfect for woodland GBBR warfare!

If you run a GBBR in outdoor skirmishes this pack would be perfect! The Outdoor GBBR Skirmish Pack combines VORSK 0.30g Biodegradable BBs with VORSK's GBBR optimised high power green gas, V12 Maximum GBB Fuel. 0.30g BBs should give you excellent stability at long range, improved foliage penetration and greater wind resistance than lighter weights, and V12 will improve your rifle's resistance to cooldown and give you a snappy cyclic rate and immersive recoil.

38.99 Pack price
Normally 41.48
Save 2.49
  • VORSK 0.3g Bio Tracer BBs
  • VORSK V12 Maximum GBB Fuel
  • Perfect for tracer-equipped GBBRs

If you are hitting up some outdoor Milsim events with your GBBR and you run a tracer unit, this pack is for you! The GBBR Outdoor Milsim Tracer Pack is intended for those who attend outdoor skirmishes and night operations with a tracer-equipped GBBR, combining VORSK's brightly glowing 0.3g tracer BBs made from environmentally friendly bioplastics with VORSK's flagship high-power green gas, V12 Maximum GBB fuel. 

58.50 Pack price
Normally 63.48
Save 4.98
  • Trousers / Top Combo
  • Polyester / Spandex
  • Digicam Pattern

Looking for a new look, or simply looking for the perfect trousers / top combination? This Jack Pyke combo features a gorgeous Digicam pattern, designed to break up your outline when Airsofting or Hunting, to make you harder to see, and is constructed from high quality materials which designed to last. 

If you need protection from Airsoft Hits, warm and comfortable camouflage for Hunting, or a cool pair of everyday Trousers, the Jack Pyke Softshell series are perfect.

61.00 Pack price
Normally 70.97
Save 9.97
  • Matched Ni-Mh Bundle
  • Charger & Battery
  • Fire Safe Bag

This Airsoft Battery and Charger pack features the NUPROL 9.6v 1600mAh Ni-Mh Crane Battery,the NUPROL NPC-01 NiMh Battery Charger, and the NUPROL Safe Charging Bag which are perfectly matched to work with each other, a great choice for anyone new to Airsoft and looking for a battery for their gun. 

If your Airsoft gun comes with a sample 9.6v Block or Crane style battery and charger then this is one of the first things you should buy. The battery will last longer, charge better, and will be of much higher quality than the free gift battery included for testing in some Airsoft gun boxes!

From 187.00 Pack price
Normally 208.97
Save 21.97
  • Full metal construction
  • Matt black with gold outer barrel
  • Combat-styled Hi-capa long boi

If your friends are using the R604, this pistol is the key to making them feel inadequate! Introducing the R608 Hi-capa Combat XL from Army Armament, a Hi-capa based pistol with a combat leaning, now in a new, lengthened flavour! The pistol combines the well liked aggressively stippled grips of the R604 and JW3 GBB pistols with a shorter dust cover and 5.5-inch outer barrel with extended slide; akin to the original "Silverballer" of the well-known man of hits video game but in a slightly more practical length!

From 193.00 Pack price
Normally 217.46
Save 24.46
  • Great Discount
  • Light Enhancing Sight
  • Custom Compensator

This Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol is a hybrid of the 1911 and Hi-Capa platform to create a beautiful and well-performing sidearm which looks the business and can compete with the big boys. The pistol features a unique Compensator, as well as a Custom Stippled Grip and 20mm Accessory Rail, and has a huge double stack Magazine to give you the biggest gas capacity possible.

From 227.00 Pack price
Normally 239.47
Save 12.47
  • Double Eagle Falcon EFCS AEG
  • ASG B&T Tracer unit
  • VORSK 0.25g Tracer BBs

If you like a high-tech platform for a great price, this bundle should please you! The Double Eagle Binary Blaster Bundle combines a Double Eagle EFCS equipped AEG with binary trigger capability with an ASG B&T Tracer unit and some VORSK 0.25g Tracer BBs. 

For information on how to program your Double Eagle EFCS platform for binary trigger and other functions, see the "Further Information" section of the product description at the bottom of the page. To fit the tracer you will need to remove the grub screw in the flash hider and remove it, screwing on the ASG B&T tracer unit in its place, but other than that you are ready to go! 

From 263.50 Pack price
Normally 283.96
Save 20.46
  • UTR45 + Red dot sight
  • 2 Extra Mid-cap magazines
  • Ideal for CQB and aggressive skirmishers

If you are a mobile, agile and hostile skirmisher, the Double Eagle UTR45 would be an asset to your kit list. We put this pack together to set CQB skirmishers up with one of our favourite platforms and equip it with a red dot sight and pair of spare mid-cap magazines, an ideal setup for a skirmisher who is light on their feet and uses every opportunity to close ground with the enemy and give them what for at kissing distance. With a speedy trigger response and an advanced programmable MOSFET system, the UTR45 is head and shoulders above anything else in its price range! 

From 561.00 Pack price
Normally 602.48
Save 41.48
  • High density polymer construction
  • Reloading is for Scrubs!
  • G&G G2 Gearbox

If you need to dominate your local CQB site we set this bad boy up for just that! The G&G MXC9 is already a bit of a beast, but what better way to guarantee it the edge than giving it a near-bottomless ammo supply? 

The PCC45 drum magazine is a perfect fit for the squat, aggressive and modern styling of the MXC9 and its ultra-rapid winding wheel located on the front means you can keep this beast feeding with a quick spin of the wheel which is a considerable step up from using high-cap magazines. If you want to make some lifelong enemies at your local CQB site this is the tool! Who needs friends when you have the CQBeast?

From 572.00 Pack price
Normally 597.95
Save 25.95
  • ASG HERA ARMS CQR AR-15 Milspec SSS Edition Rifle
  • ASG B&T Rotex-V Mock Suppressor & Theta Optics Reflex Sight
  • 2x 150rnd NUPROL W-Mag Mid-Cap Magazines

If you like the CQR look and you have a sneaky playstyle this bundle should suit you well! The ASG HERA ARMS Covert OPS Pack comprises the impressive ASG HERA ARMS CQR AR-15 Milspec SSS Edition Rifle, the ASG B&T Rotex-V Mock Suppressor, a Theta Optics Red Dot Reflex Sight and two 150rnd NUPROL W-Mag Mid-Cap Magazines with a nice discount as a bonus! 

From 25.00 Pack price
Normally 28.98
Save 3.98
  • VORSK Tracer BBs
  • VORSK V6 Green Gas
  • Get your consumables in one go! 

If you are loading up for CQB and you run a pistol with a tracer this pack should suit you well. The VORSK CQB Tracer Sidearm pack was put together so you can light up the enemy and save a few quid while doing it! 

From 26.50 Pack price
Normally 29.48
Save 2.98
  • NUPROL Bio BBs
  • NUPROL 3.0 Red Gas
  • Great for GBB pistols in colder weather

We all know that when things get chilly, GBB pistols suffer the most! To correct that, the GBB Winter Sidearm Pack was put together to keep your metal slide GBB doing what it does best in near-freezing temperatures thanks to the increased power of NUPROL 3.0 red gas. This pack is perfect for GBB pistols with a metal slide such as RAVEN, VORSK and WE pistols but we do not recommend NUPROL 3.0 for pistols with a polymer slide. 

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