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From 444.49
  • Full metal construction
  • Lightweight DMR style 10 / 22 replica
  • Snappy gas blowback action
If you want to meet the man behind the Novritsch YouTube channel and the fantastic Novritsch Airsoft gun range, now is your chance! See our blog for more information.

In the real steel world, the 10/22 rifle platform is probably the last weapon anyone would choose to take into combat, but in the Airsoft world, you would be hard-pressed to find a more practical GBBR than the Novritsch SSQ22! This modernised Ruger 10/22 style replica puts performance first while providing the exciting blowback and realistic mag capacity GBBR enjoyers will appreciate.

On the outside, Novritsch has been up to his usual tricks, decking the SSQ22 out with an M-LOK handguard, lengthened 20mm Picatinny receiver rail and the up-and-coming 1913/20mm Picatinny stock mounting interface featured on the Sig MPX and MCX, amongst others. On the inside, the heart of the SSQ22's setup is its Maple Leaf flat HOP-up rubber which helps stabilise the BB in flight and ensures it enters the barrel precisely centred for more consistent shots down range. If you are thinking about giving the DMR playstyle a go but don't fancy running a 5KG SR25 setup the SSQ22 is the lightweight DMR platform you have been waiting for!

From 105.49
  • Gas powered
  • Skeleton stock
  • Incredibly lightweight

A great rifle for those of you looking to start a sniper loadout or if you are looking to get into Airsoft in general

An excellent long range weapon for both woodland and urban situations. An incredibly fun and tactical piece of equipment, the MK1 combines the comfortable grip of a stocked pistol carbine, with the range and barrel of sniper sniper rifle.

From 350.99
  • Gas Powered
  • Semi Auto Only
  • Realistic Blowback

Locked to semi-automatic, this 6mm Airsoft Gas Blowback rifle is a lightweight and highly manoeuvrable platform, designed for use as a scout type weapon. The weapon features dual alloy and polymer construction, with alloy internals, outer barrel and buffer tube, and the grip, Stock and body made from polymer.

From 759.99
  • Full metal construction
  • Faux wood polymer stock - Low maintenance, looks great!
  • Gas bolt action - Feeds from stripper clip mags

Lee Enfield fans have had a great year...just like busses, you wait forever for a nice Lee Enfield replica and 3 arrive within the space of 6 months! The G&G LE4 MK1-P is G&G's Enfield offering, and differs from the others in its green gas power source, allowing more precise dimensional accuracy and heightened realism when compared to springers.

The G&G Lee Enfield is a truly innovative platform, feeding from 30rnd stripper clip style magazines (we like to call them "clipazines") with its gas tank inside the stock, making it far more skirmish capable than other gas bolt actions, and beating the springers with its smooth and fast bolt action with a realistically sized bolt. When your clipazine runs dry it pops up to allow for a quick reload, and the LE4 comes with 3 clipazines included. If you want the most realistic Enfield skirmish experience, this is the one to go for!