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  • One Time Use Only
  • 15cm by 13cm Sized
  • Anti-Bacterial, Static & Fog

A cleaning wipe designed to restore the anti-fog, anti-bacterial and anti-static properties of your goggles and glasses. 

  • 7cm x 13cm Sized
  • Up To 60 Applications
  • Anti-bacterial, Static & Fog

    The must have cleaning cloth for any Airsofter, shooter, extreme sports enthusiasts who wants clear glasses or goggles for up to 72hrs! 

    • Kills Germs
    • Anti-Bacterial
    • 100ml Contents

    Produced by the ever growing brand NUPROL. Ideal for any surface and lens type from goggles to glasses or custom made protection. 

    • 30ml Spray Contents
    • Hidden Cloth Compartment
    • Suitable For Many Glasses / Goggle

    30ml contents makes this spray bottle very compact and easily transportable. You only need one or two short sprays per pair of goggles or glasses to "refresh" the anti-fog properties of your spectacles. 

    • Items are reusable
    • Genuine Multicam item
    • Ideal for long weekends away

    A handy wash kit for Airsofters, Outdoorsmen and Festival-Goers alike. If you're going to be cut off from modern life's home comforts then you can count on this Wash Kit to see you through.