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  • 30ml Spray Contents
  • Hidden Cloth Compartment
  • Suitable For Many Glasses / Goggle

30ml contents makes this spray bottle very compact and easily transportable. You only need one or two short sprays per pair of goggles or glasses to "refresh" the anti-fog properties of your spectacles. 

  • One Time Use Only
  • 15cm by 13cm Sized
  • Anti-Bacterial, Static & Fog

A cleaning wipe designed to restore the anti-fog, anti-bacterial and anti-static properties of your goggles and glasses. 

  • 5 diverse rubberized hooks to fit your gun without scratching them!
  • The adjustable beam can tilt so your gun can be displayed at any angle.
  • Robust build with rubber anti-slip feet.
  • Metal clamping system holding the adjustable beam.

The Universal Gun Stand, a versatile solution designed to elevate your firearm maintenance and display experience. Crafted with precision and functionality in mind, this stand offers a secure and stable platform for a wide range of firearms, from pistols to rifles.

About Our Airsoft Cleaning Products

Look - we all know this isn’t the part of airsoft you want to be doing, but for equipment wellbeing and longevity it’s essential. Our airsoft cleaning products keep all your airsoft gear clean and hygienic. 

From antibacterial sprays to anti-fog wipes, we even have options you can buy in bulk so you can stock up and save. Need the goggles before you need the wipes? No problem! We have a huge selection of airsoft glasses and goggles to choose from. If you’re in the need for a full restock, browse our entire tactical equipment selection. 

Shop our airsoft cleaning products online today and opt for next day delivery to get your gear shining! If you’d prefer to peruse in person, visit our Huddersfield store.