A range of Upgrades and Replacements to keep you ahead...

It's no secret, everybody wants to out range and be more accurate than their enemy and sometimes people on their own team out on the field or in the kill house. Here at Patrol Base we offer a range of Upgraded Parts for Electric Airsoft Weapons and Replicas. 

Our range of AEG (Electronic Guns) parts is mountainous! We stock everything from replacement standard components to the highest quality available on the market. We tend to stock what we have tried and tested ourselves on our own rifles but also customers who have come to our store requesting upgrade and service work. 

Shop in confidence, but please note any "upgrade" requires a certain level of technical ingenuity. Depending on how parts are installed can alter the results dramatically. If you are after any assistance or work carried out for you, simply contact our store with your inquiries via phone or email.