Aftermarket parts to customise your Airsoft Weapon

Want to make your Airsoft Weapon stand out from the crowd? Here at Patrol Base we have a wide variety of Aftermarket External Parts for your Airsoft Rifle or Pistol which can be either used for practical and tactical reasons, or simply because they look good!

Wether you buy your Airsoft Attachments because they have a practical application, or because they just look cool, we have something for everyone!

Looking to give your weapon a completely new look, why not swap out the Handguard? Looking for additioanl rails for adding space for more attachments, we've got you covered! Looking for a new stock, or for one that gives you more space for larger batteries? We've got those too.

Want to try before you buy? You can come down to our store in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire between Leeds and Manchester to fully kit up your rifle before you buy to see if you like the feel of your potential purchaces!

If you can't find something that you like, or want something which isn't on the website why not contact us via Phone and we can do our best to source it for you!
Telephone: 01484 644709