Code: AI-DD-XL
  • Easy To Prime
  • Impact Style Grenade
  • 30 Burst Disks Included

An absolute monster of an upgrade from AI with their latest gas only impact grenade that truly goes off with an almighty bang! Gas only impact grenades have been known to be a bit of a flop and not deliver any seriously noticeable bang. 

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They usually result in players not even knowing it has been thrown into the room. However with this model, you cannot mistake the explosive force. The whole system is incredibly easy to use, you can load and prime the grenade with no tools at all. Either use your finger or the included removable grenade pin to reset the internals. You also have 2x additional grenade skins to choose from to customise your device. As well as the skins you also have maintenance oil and for a limited time only a unique large rubber patch. Being fully CNC machined alloy, you can truly deliver this grenade to some great distance and it will handle a good beating all day long


  • 125dBa Loudness
  • Incredibly loud gas primed impact grenade
  • Easy to fill and prime system
  • Incredibly robust alloy construction
  • All three labels have instructions on how to re-fill in the field
  • Easy to lubricate design to keep your grenade healthy
  • Knurled to aid in an easy disassembly
  • Orange thin burst disks to help you find them easier in low light situations

Package Includes:

  • XL Burst Impact Grenade
  • 30 burst disks and clear carry box
  • 30WT Grenade Oil
  • 3x protective gas bands (one comes pre fitted to grenade)
  • Black and Orange replacement sticker grenade casings
  • Super obnoxious Airsoft innovations patch
  • Instruction manual
  • Great for CQB / Urban
  • Customise your grenade with the included additional Black and Orange skins
  • Lanyard loop for spoon
  • No tools required to reset the grenade

Special Instructions:

We recommend fully reading the loading and Maintenance manual for this grenade and practice loading as any error in the loading sequence could cause premature activation.

Always treat a grenade as if it were loaded. Never handle the grenade without the ring-pin being in place until the actual moment of use. If the grenade is not deployed, replace the ring-pin immediately. Never carry the grenade without the ring pin in place.

It is recommended you experiment with either loading one or two burst disks at a time to see which results you encounter to be the most effective. Temperature change and gas used can alter the level of sound achieved.



Grenade Type
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Over 18


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CNC machined Alloy