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  • Painted Skull Design
  • Lower Face Protection
  • Compatible with Goggles

A mesh lower face protector designed to protect the user's mouth and lower face from incomming BBs whilst still allowing maximum Air Flow, which can be shaped to fit around the user's face. 

  • Shapeable Mesh
  • Works with Goggles
  • Lower Face Protection

A mesh lower face protector designed to protect the user's mouth and lower face from incomming BBs whilst still allowing maximum Air Flow, which can be shaped to fit around the user's face. 

  • Shapeable Mesh
  • Double Head Straps
  • Lower Face Protection

Can be shaped to the fit the contours of anybodies face with an assortment of compatible eye protection options. 

  • Bendable Mesh
  • Lower Face Protection
  • Adjustable Velcro Straps

The NUPROL Lower Face Shield V2 is a different type of Lower Face Protection that is bulkier and better accommodates those with beards, and protects more of the head than a standard one.

  • Can Be Reshaped
  • Anti Slip Head Piece
  • Incredibly Comfortable

An incredibly comfortable and practical lower face mask, that can be shaped to fit your face. A central mesh panel protects your teeth and nose, while soft fabric cheek guards keep you comfortable. 

  • Connects To FAST Helmets
  • Included Rubber Strap
  • Removable Padding

An unique futuristic hard Polymer lower face mask with mesh ventilation for use in Airsoft. 

  • Easy to Breathe
  • Lower Face Mask
  • Attaches to Helmets

This Lower Face Mask is designed as a replica HALO Oxygen Mask for Airsofters and Cosplayers, made to replicate the Oxygen Mask worn by soldiers when performing High Altitude Low Opening jumps.

  • Breathable Vents
  • Aim Down Sights Easier
  • Hard Polymer Protection

A lightweight and breathable Airsoft half face mask which has fabric sides, allowing you to aim down your sights much easier than with conventional lower face protection.

  • Black Skull Design
  • Lightweight Protection
  • Ideal for a Black Loadout

Since the early 2000's a lower skull face mask has been the go to for many reasons, the primary reason being a much loved spooky operator was betrayed by a shepherd and since then gamers have united to carry on the legacy of the beloved character. This mask is one size fits all and provides a lightweight and breathable face protection.

  • 2x elastic strapping
  • Soft ventilated cheeks
  • Excellent head support

Look after your teeth and be safe for work the next day without being covered in shot marks. Cushioned cheek finish from Kombat UK makes running and gunning so much more comfortable. 

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Aim Down Sights
  • Protect Lower Face

This Nylon/Steel constructed Lower Face Protection offers comfortable and protection from BB hits, with the sides being made from soft material so that you can still aim down your sights when wearing it. The Mask is fully adjustable via a four-point harness system, and can be comfortable worn with Goggles/Helmets. The large elastic headband prevents slipping and helps keep the mask firmly planted on your face during Airsoft games.

  • Full Face Balaclava
  • Mouth Protection
  • Integrated Mesh

A lightweight and breathable balaclava with a removable mesh mouth protective piece which is secured using Velcro. Perfect for those who wear helmets, or for those who wish to wear mouth protection whilst still being easy to look down sights and scopes.

  • Breathable Balaclava
  • Mesh protection around nose/mouth
  • No straps to tangle up!

If you are looking for some face protection but can't abide by mesh masks with their straps, the Shadow Fighter Mesh Mask was designed with you in mind! Providing a sweat-wicking breathable balaclava style hood with steel mesh reinforcement around the nose and mouth, this mask is ideal for winter skirmishes and intense CQB. The mask being integrated into a balaclava style design helps take the sting out of those back of the neck and ear hits too!

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Foam Armour Layer
  • Lightweight & Breathable

A fully adjustable mesh lower face mask with a hard armour foam layer which not only makes this mask look amazing, but reduces the likelihood of shattered rounds making their way through the mesh.

  • Anti Slip Head Piece
  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Mesh Can Be Re-shaped

If you're looking for a low-profile, extremely comfortable lower face mask to protect your teeth, then this is the mask for you. A solid mesh mouth piece, combined with 2 padded wings to protect your cheeks, held in place by an anti-slip strap.

  • Lightweight
  • Lower Face Pro
  • Built In Mesh Guard

A Balaclava with a built in mesh face guard for easy and simple Lower Face Protection.

  • Fabric Sides
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Mesh Protection

A mesh lower face mask for Airsoft use, which has fabric sides that wrap around a stock when shoulder your rifle, meaning no more struggling to get down as low as your sights.

About Our Airsoft Masks

Whether you’re looking for face protection or simply want to instil fear into your enemies, shop our Airsoft masks. 

From classic camouflage styles that mask you in more ways than one, to terrifying skull masks that will make your enemies flee when they see you coming, our Airsoft masks are designed for all purposes. 

There are many types of Airsoft masks to choose from. Full face masks offer the most protection; choose hard if you need something that’s wobble-free and secure, or opt for a soft Airsoft mask if you want something more breathable.

Half face airsoft masks ensure your teeth and jaw are fully protected, while their mesh material allows for plenty of ventilation. Be sure to pair these with Airsoft goggles for maximum safety.

No matter what tactical gear you’re looking for, the huge Patrol Base UK collection will have it. As well as Airsoft masks, you’ll find other crucial safety gear like helmets, Airsoft gloves and knee and elbow pads. If you’re looking for storage, check out our holsters, as well as our collection of bags and backpacks.