Airsoft Masterpiece Steel Thumb Safety for Hi-capa GBB - Type 4

Airsoft Masterpiece
Code: STS-4G
  • Steel replacement safety catches
  • For TM Hi-capa and clones
  • Extended design for fast access

As far as Hi-capa parts go, there aren't many better options than those made by Airsoft Masterpiece. The Steel Thumb Safety Type 4 replaces your original safety catches on either side with a precisely machined part made from steel, with extended contact surfaces allowing you to take the safety off in an instant!

Full description


The Steel Thumb Safety Type 4 is intended to replace the stock safety catches on a Tokyo Marui Hi-capa GBB pistol or clone, and provides extended control surfaces for fast access. Each catch has linear checkering machined in, to ensure you get the prerequisite grip when operating this control. This part would be ideal for a Hi-capa race gun setup for competition shooting, as these competitions often mandate the safety being engaged before the draw. With the Type 4 levers installed, the surface you have to hit to release the safety nearly doubles, saving you precious fractions of a second on the clock, which could make the difference! The right side safety catch is also extended but by slightly less due to the lack of other controls on the right side meaning there is little to inhibit a left-handed shooter from drawing and removing the safety quickly.

The Type 4 safety catches are made from steel, and finished in a hard-wearing metallic gold coating; very fitting for a race pistol! The steel construction absolutely eliminates the possibility of your safety failing during a comp, costing you time you simply don't have to spare.


  • Steel construction
  • Linear texturing for optimum grip
  • Includes left and right side safety
  • Finished in Gold
  • Extended design for fast access

Package Includes

  • Airsoft Masterpiece Steel Thumb Safety for Hi-capa GBB - Type 4



Internal Part Type

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.023kg


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Internal Part Construction

Part Specific

Part for Power Source Type
Weapon Platform
  • Pistol
  • Hi-Capa
Package Includes
Left and right safety catch

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