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  • 1st Generation NVG Tube
  • IR Illuminator Included
  • CR123A Powered

If you're a mil-sim player, or someone who likes to play night games, chances are you've seen some with a Night Vision Sight and always wanted to get your hands on one. Now is the time, with this great offering from Theta Optics you can now get your hands on a usable night vision optic at an more affordable price.

The scope features a 4x fixed zoom with a 50mm objective lens for a clear picture, and features a 1st generation tube which is designed to enhance environmental light to allow you to better see in dark and low light conditions. The scope also comes with an external IR laser / light which acts as an external 'invisible' light source to allow you to use the scope in doors and on cloudy overcast nights.

You can see them, but they can't see you.