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  • 20mm RIS / RAS
  • Adds More Rail Space
  • For M4/AR15 Handguard

Designed to fit the M4 and M16's original non-railed Polymer handguards, this is a bolt-on section of 20mm RIS compatible rail, allowing users to mount all manner of 20mm RIS rail accessories onto their Airsoft gun.

  • 20mm RIS
  • Alloy Construction
  • Mount Backup Sight

A highly useful and well-constructed 45 degree rail piece for 20mm rails, useful for getting your accessories in just the right place for you.

  • Pair of Rails
  • For G36 & G3
  • Install Weapon Accessories 

A pair of 20mm RIS Rail sections for G36C/K and G3 hand guards, designed to screw into place onto the handguards.  

  • For M-LOK Rails
  • Offset 20mm Rail
  • Perfect for Torch/Optic

A Polymer constructed Rail Adapter for M-LOK Rail Systems, which provides a canted 20mm Rail Piece to attach an offset Torch, Laser, Optic or any compatible accessory you can think of.

  • 2 x Rail Pieces
  • Allen Key Installation
  • Convert M-LOK to RIS

A set of 2 x 20mm Rail Pieces for M-LOK Rail Systems, which will easily install and allow you to attach 20mm Accessories to your M-LOK Rail System. Simply undo the Allen Keys on the Rail Piece, slot the Wingnuts into the M-LOK Rail Slots and tighten the Allen Screws once again.

  • For KeyMod Rail
  • 45 Degree Mount
  • Lightweight Alloy

A section of 20mm RIS rail which can be mounted onto a KeyMod handguard at a canted, 45° angle, allowing the installation of accessories such as back up ironsights or miniature red-dot reflex sights. 

  • 20mm RIS
  • Durable Alloy Build
  • For G36 Handguards

A Pair of Modular 20mm RIS accessory rails designed to be fitted on to G36 Style Handguards allowing the attachment of aftermarket parts and accessories. 

  • For KeyMod Rail
  • 3'' Rail Panel Set
  • Includes Two Rails

A 20mm RIS rail section that is compatible with the KeyMod Rail system, designed to be attached to KeyMod Railed Hand Guards and Provide a 4.5'' 20mm RIS/ RAS Rail for attaching Sights, Lasers, Torches and More

  • 4 x Rail Pieces
  • Screws/Nuts Included
  • Add RIS/RAS To M-LOK

Polymer 20mm RIS/RAS rail pieces designed to fit into any M-LOK rail system and provide the more widely accepted 20mm rail system for you to attach accessories to.

  • 20mm RIS Rail
  • Screws Into Place
  • For Original G36 Handguard

A 20mm weapon accessory rail designed to be attached onto Airsoft G36 assault rifles, allowing Airsofters to turn their G36 into a modular and adaptable platform.

  • Converts to RIS
  • For M-LOK Slots
  • Ideal for Flashlights

A Polymer constructed rail adaptor for M-LOK rail slots, which converts to a single 20mm RIS slot for a flashlight or laser.

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  • Aluminium Made
  • For KeyMod Rails
  • Convert to 20mm

An Aluminium constructed rail adaptor for KeyMod rail systems.

  • Various Lengths
  • Adds 20mm Rails
  • M-LOK Rail Panels

A rail panel designed to convert your M-LOK attachment space into a more common 20mm RIS/RAS rail.

  • 20mm RIS
  • For Carry Handle
  • Attach Sights/Scopes

A 20mm rail piece for the CyberGun FA-MAS Airsoft electric gun, which lets you attach sights and scopes to the carry handle where you normally would not be able to.

  • Full Length Rail
  • 20mm RIS / RAS
  • For Compact Amoeba

A Pair of Rails designed to be used with Amoeba AM-013 / AM-014 and the AM-015 Range of weapons to add additional Rails, or to extend the top rail of the rifle to allow the attachment of larger sights and scope setups. 

  • For the AM-013
  • Full Length Rail
  • 20mm RIS / RAS

A 20mm RIS / RAS Rail panel which is designed to be attached to the AM-013 Handguard to give the user a full top length rail.

  • For G-Spec VSR
  • All Tools Included
  • 5'' 8-Slot Rail Panel

A lightweight rail panel designed to be fit on to TM's VSR G-Spec Range to allow the attachment of Sights and Scopes to player's weapons. 

  • Set of Two
  • For KeyMod Rails
  • Provides 2 x 3" 20mm

A set of two Rail Pieces for KeyMod Handguards, which will provide 3" of 20mm RIS/RAS each. They are easy to install to any KeyMod Rail System, and are a great alternative to purchasing KeyMod compatible accessories.

  • Modular
  • 20mm RIS
  • Aluminium

An Aluminium constructed rail system for VSR-shaped bolt action rifles, which gives the user a long and modular section of 20mm rail to attach your favourite sights and accessories.

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