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From £419.99
  • Highly Realistic
  • Gas/CO2 Powered
  • Real Wood Furniture

A gas powered 6mm Airsoft Real Wood replica of the infamous K98K adopted by the German Wermacht in 1935, which saw consistent use and issue all the way through to 1945.

From £849.99
  • Fully Licensed
  • Gas Blowback
  • Immersive Recoil

UMAREX Presents a fully licensed, Gas Blowback Heckler & Koch PSG1, arguably one of the most popular and sought after Airsoft Guns in the world, the PSG1 harbours a unique and authentic quality like no other, so if you're a PSG-1 fanatic, it's your lucky day.

From £74.99
  • Gas Powered
  • Skeleton Stock
  • Incredibly Lightweight

An excellent long range weapon for both woodland and urban situations. An incredibly fun and tactical piece of equipmet, the MK1 combines the comfortable grip of a stocked pistol carbine, with the range and barrel of sniper sniper rifle.

From £239.99
  • Full metal construction
  • 330 FPS +/- 10%
  • Ultra short, fast bolt throw

Whether you are gearing up for a WW2 reenactment, or you just fancy a head turner of a primary weapon for walk on skirmishes, the BO Dynamics Mosin-Nagant M44 will impress you. With a surprisingly authentic faux wood finish, alloy dummy bayonet and a lightning-fast super smooth bolt throw, this "garbage rod" would give an Enfield a run for its money doing a mad minute!

From £269.99
  • Gas Powered
  • Semi Auto Only
  • Realistic Blowback

Locked to semi-automatic, this 6mm Airsoft Gas Blowback rifle is a lightweight and highly manoeuvrable platform, designed for use as a scout type weapon. The weapon features dual alloy and polymer construction, with alloy internals, outer barrel and buffer tube, and the grip, Stock and body made from polymer.

From £269.99
  • Gas Blowback
  • Super Gas Efficient
  • 20mm RIS Handguard

The KJ Works KC-02 is a Gas Blowback rendition of the R 10-22 Rifle. Featuring a lightweight bolt carrier for maximum gas efficiency, a standard M4 buffer tube along with a 20mm Railed handguard, the KC-02 is an excellent choice for the player looking for something unique, versatile and modular. 

From £279.99
  • Real Beech Wood
  • Gas Powered Rifle
  • Smooth Cycling Action

The legendary Kar98K Sniper Rifle is back, and with a bigger bang than ever! This historically accurate replica from BO Dynamics offers a genuine Beechwood Stock imported from Germany, as well as appropriate 1941 markings and a 6.03mm Precision Inner Barrel, which is stablised by Barrel Spacers to achieve greater shot-to-shot consistency.

From £459.99
  • Smooth bolt action
  • Exceptional Build quality
  • Bipod and monopod included

Introducing the Cyber Gun PGM .338, an extremely faithful replica of the PGM Mini-Hecate .338, a french designed sniper rifle firing the powerful .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge and optimized for extreme long-range anti-personnel use. The Cyber Gun replica takes attention to detail to the next level, let me take you through the features of this French Sniper rifle you didn't know you needed! White flag sold separately...

About Our Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Add the ultimate Airsoft sniper rifle to your offensive on the battlefield and show your enemies that you’re in control. We have a wide range of Airsoft snipers to choose from, so you can tailor your weapon to your exact fighting needs. 

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With extensive upgrade options available, as well as rifles which accept Co2 conversion, you’re guaranteed to find a rifle that is as versatile as your combat style. You’ll even find all the Airsoft ammo and supplies you need, from CO2 gas to bio BBs.

Transform your battle presence by adding a new Airsoft sniper rifle to your collection from Patrol Base. We ensure that our customers get the best value for their money, so we’ll always provide our price match promise on our products.

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