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  • Real wood and metal construction
  • Authentic Lee Enfield Rifle No.1 MK.III
  • Absolutely stunning quality - Museum worthy!

If you are fan of historical rifles, or you partake in historical re-enactment, get excited, that's an order! The Lee Enfield Rifle No.1 MK.III has just dropped in Airsoft form! The S&T S.M.L.E is authentically constructed, with a real wood stock and metal wherever there is metal on the real rifle and is indistinguishable from the real thing in all ways but one; this one fires 6mm BBs!

Spare magazines are available here.

  • Light trigger pull
  • Integrated Bipod
  • Ultimate Scout Sniper rifle

Another extremely well-equipped pre-upgraded sniper rifle hits the market, but this one is different. The ASG Steyr Mannlicher Scout rifle is based on the real-world design, the brainchild of legendary rifle designer Jeff Cooper. This rifle provides everything you need to snipe with the utmost efficiency. An unusual looking beast, the Steyr Scout is designed by the best, and I have to say, the Airsoft version lives up to my every expectation of this phenomenal platform...

  • Highly Realistic
  • Gas/CO2 Powered
  • Real Wood Furniture

A gas powered 6mm Airsoft Real Wood replica of the infamous K98K adopted by the German Wermacht in 1935, which saw consistent use and issue all the way through to 1945.

  • Highly Consistent
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Precision Inner Barrel

Consistency is the name of the game with the Modify M24 USR150. With a stunning and tough exterior body, and excellent performance thanks to well-crafted internal parts, this bolt-action rifle is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Fully Licensed
  • Gas Blowback
  • Immersive Recoil

UMAREX Presents a fully licensed, Gas Blowback Heckler & Koch PSG1, arguably one of the most popular and sought after Airsoft Guns in the world, the PSG1 harbours a unique and authentic quality like no other, so if you're a PSG-1 fanatic, it's your lucky day.

  • 407FPS w/ 0.2g
  • Spring Powered
  • Ideal First Sniper Rifle

The Double Eagle M62 is a lightweight, bolt action Sniper Rifle which is powered by spring. This means that the Bolt must be pulled back for each shot, just like the real thing, which will compress the Spring whilst loading a BB into the chamber.

  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Straight Easy Bolt Pull
  • Lightweight Textured Stock

A high quality Airsoft replica of the Steyr SSG sniper rifle, consisting of a lightweight polymer Stock with alloy bolt, barrel and receiver, complete with an accurately recreated straight pull bolt.

  • Gas Powered
  • Skeleton Stock
  • Incredibly Lightweight

An excellent long range weapon for both woodland and urban situations. An incredibly fun and tactical piece of equipmet, the MK1 combines the comfortable grip of a stocked pistol carbine, with the range and barrel of sniper sniper rifle.

  • 415FPS w/ 0.2g
  • Slider Type HOP
  • 3 x Mags Included

A Spring-Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle which is based on the L96 platform, outputs a healthy 415FPS and comes included with 3 x magazines, a Speedloader and Sling.

  • 6.03mm Inner
  • VSR Compatible
  • Fibre Reinforced

The Evolution Airsoft M40 is a Spring-Powered Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle, which is compatible with VSR Components, making it highly upgradable thanks to a huge array of aftermarket parts available to take its performance to another level. Coming out of the box at sub 350FPS, this Sniper Rifle leaves you with the option of using it wherever you like, (even in CQB) but can be upgraded beyond believe using all manner of VSR Parts. Whether you appreciate a high quality Sniper Rifle build, or you're looking for an incredible platform to start your dream Airsoft Sniper Rifle build, the Evolution Airsoft M40 will fit the bill nicely.

  • Full Metal construction
  • Polymer stock and handguard
  • Approximately 498 FPS out of the box!

A great quality straight pull spring bolt action SVD sniper rifle, the AGM SVD-M is constructed entirely from alloys everywhere the real SVD is! This thing shoots very hot to boot, so make sure you check with your local site before taking this bad boy to a skirmish!

  • Folding Stock
  • Keymod/RIS Rails
  • Fluted Outer Barrel

A bolt action, spring powered sniper rifle with an aggressive and modern aesthetic. This is perfect for the sniper who wants an up-to-date rifle which is easily transported thanks to the folding stock.

  • QD Sling Sockets
  • Smooth Bolt Pull
  • Adjustable Cheek Rest

An absolutely solid and well-crafted replica of the M40A3 Sniper Rifle, which offers a silky-smooth bolt putting out 300FPS w/ 0.2g BBs, QD Sling Sockets, 20mm Sight Rail and a hardened durable Polymer body, coupled with a reinforced Alloy Bolt Assembly.

  • Full metal construction
  • Spiral fluted outer barrel
  • SV-98 Style chassis with takedown stock

If you are looking for a bolt action sniper rifle without the plain looks of the VSR-10 platform, Well's MB series offers a plethora of bolt action options with a look to suit any loadout or personal taste. The MB4420 is the latest in this line, styled after the Russian SV-98 sniper rifle with an L96 type receiver, sporting an enlarged bolt handle, ergonomic safety catch and gorgeous spiral fluted outer barrel to add some custom flair. The set includes the SV-98 style fully adjustable stock which can be quickly broken down into two pieces for easier transport and storage, sports full adjustment for optimum shooter comfort and ergonomics, and includes the carry handle mounting bolts, and carry handle, giving the SV-98 its distinct silhouette.

  • Folding Stock
  • Keymod/RIS Rail
  • Threaded Outer Barrel

A hefty bolt action spring powered sniper rifle with a sleek, modern sporting aesthetic, a fluted barrel, folding stock for transport and a gorgeous KeyMod/20mm rail system that sets this apart from other long rifles.

  • Full metal construction
  • Includes 3-9x40 scope, scope rings and bipod
  • High power version - 460-480 approx. FPS

Specna Arms have their ear to the ground when it comes to providing players with the performance they need to compete on the modern Airsoft battlefield. As such, Specna have released their successful SA-S02 M40A3 sniper rifle platform in an upgraded form, with a stronger spring averaging between 460 and 480 FPS on 0.2g BBs. This set includes the upgraded SA-S02 sniper rifle, a 3-9x40mm scope, a set of 25mm/1-inch scope rings for 20mm Picatinny rails and 3 magazines, leaving you only the ammunition to fork out for!

  • Real Wood
  • 20mm Railed
  • 545FPS w/ 0.2g

A spring-powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle which is based on the highly successful and widely compatible VSR-10 model. Coming out of the box at 545FPS w/ 0.2g BBs with a smooth cycling bolt and Real Wood furniture, this is the ideal Sniper Rifle for someone who wants maximum realism and minimal setup / fuss.

  • Lightweight
  • Smooth Bolt Pull
  • Ideal Sniper For Beginners

A lightweight and super smooth bolt action rifle, designed for the sniper who just can't sit still!  With an ergonomic stock constructed entirely from polymer and a metal outer barrel and railed reciever ready for optics, this is an ideal grab for a beginner sniper!

  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Very Short Bolt Pull
  • AEG Spring Compatible

An Airsoft 6mm BB sniper rifle designed by ARES as the ultimate entry-range Airsoft sniper. The rifle is constructed with an ergonomic polymer body and stock with an alloy rail, barrel, trigger system and internals, a design which is both lightweight, durable and incredibly easy to use. 

  • Fluted Barrel
  • Tactical Sniper
  • Plenty of 20mm Rails

A mag-fed bolt action spring powered Sniper Rifle with aggressive styling that aims to reduce weight, yet still weighs in at 3.4kg. This is mainly due to the high-quality Polymers and amount of metal used in the externals, and the optional rails on the stock.

  • Ultra Compact
  • Tactical Scout Sniper
  • Folding Shoulder Support

The AS-02 'STRIKER' Bolt Action Scouting Sniper Rifle is a decedent of the ever popular AS-01 Striker, but with a difference, this one is ultra compact. The rifle features a much shorter barrel, and upgraded body to make this Sniper Rifle a truly unique piece of kit.

  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Limitless Upgrade Potential
  • Incredible Marui Build Quality

The ultimate Airsoft sniper rifle! Although they are lowered out of the box compared to other Airsoft sniper rifles on the market, these are incredibly accurate, deliver great range for such low FPS and are very quiet. 

  • Skirmish Ready
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Semi & Automatic Fire Select

A faithful and authentically accurate replica of the famous SVD Sniper Rifle, featuring a super realistic feel, mountable dovetail and a rotary hop unit this Russian classic is a must-have for the OPFOR sharpshooter.

  • Rotary HOP
  • Folding Stock
  • Dovetail Side Rail

The SVD-S, much like its bigger brother the SVD, is a 7.62x54 chambered Russian marksman rifle but just a little shorter, making for a much more ergonomic and manoeuvrable platform as well as offering a Folding Stock that makes this absolute broomstick much easier to fit in a rifle bag and transport or use in CQB if you're some kind of nutcase.

  • Rear Wired
  • Dovetail Side Rail
  • Integrated Suppressor

The CYMA CM.099 is a faithful replica of the infamous VSS Vintorez Sniper Rifle, a specialist Russian DMR from the AS VAL family that fires the specially-made 9x39mm. This Airsoft Electric Gun replica ticks all the right boxes for a VSS replica, including a rear-wired Stock which makes battery installation much easier than other VSS models.

  • Beginner Choice
  • Lightweight & Simple
  • Included Scope & Bipod

A Perfect out of the box starter, providing a simple and easy use platform along with a consistent velocity and included accessories such as Scope & Bipod.

  • Spring Bolt Action
  • Endless Upgradeable
  • Incredible Build Quality

Supplied with a functional Airsoft suppressor, the G-Spec is the tactical and stealthy version of Marui’s excellent VSR-10 spring bolt action Airsoft sniper rifle.

  • Dark Faux Wood
  • Smooth Cycling Bolt
  • Authentic KAR98 Replica

The Snow Wolf KAR98K is a historical Airsoft Replica Sniper Rifle, known for its simple design and effective capabilities, the KAR98K was the gun of the year in 1941. This KAR98K features a smooth action bolt, traditional safety that locks the bolt, and a glossy faux wood finish, perfect for any airsoft player looking for a classic KAR98 Replica. This is also available in real wood as well as Faux Wood.

  • Bundle available
  • 20mm Picatinny/M-LOK attachment
  • Left-handed bolt conversion possible with additional parts

If you are looking to try your hand at sniping, but want something which matches the modern, modular aesthetic of your primary AEG, the M66 will fit the bill! This spring powered bolt action sniper rifle uses the impressive Tokyo Marui M40 internal system, combined with seriously mould-breaking features like its folding adjustable stock, adjustable pistol grip, QD sling points across the entire rifle, and aggressively styled 2-port muzzle brake. The icing on the cake? This rifle offers a convertible bolt handle straight from the factory, allowing the handle to be installed on either side of the rifle for both left and right-handed use.

  • Full metal construction
  • 330 FPS +/- 10%
  • Ultra short, fast bolt throw

Whether you are gearing up for a WW2 reenactment, or you just fancy a head turner of a primary weapon for walk on skirmishes, the BO Dynamics Mosin-Nagant M44 will impress you. With a surprisingly authentic faux wood finish, alloy dummy bayonet and a lightning-fast super smooth bolt throw, this "garbage rod" would give an Enfield a run for its money doing a mad minute!

About Our Two Tone Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Achieve a high-precision shot and gather intel from a distance with our two tone airsoft sniper rifles. The two tone rendering allows you to purchase an airsoft sniper rifle without an UKARA or Airsoft Defence, so you don’t have to wait to get in the game. Once you’re comfortable with your two tone airsoft sniper rifle of choice, you can upgrade with our after-market parts to take your playing to the next level, such as scopes, silencers and more.

Our long-distance airsoft sniper rifles come in powerful two toned shades of blue, green and red. However, if you don’t see one you like, you can simply choose any airsoft sniper rifle on our website and we’ll two tone it for you.

At Patrol Base we want to make sure all you think about is the game, which is why we offer a price match guarantee and interest free payment plans, making your two tone airsoft sniper rifle purchase as smooth as possible. Plus, opt for our next day delivery option and you can start playing sooner.

Please be advised, if you choose a gun that is not already two toned, it will take 1-5 days to complete the spraying service. Your next day delivery will then apply once the service is finished.

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