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  • 1.5v Rating
  • Pack Of Four
  • Brand May Vary

A four pack of AAA batteries rated at 1.5v - ideal for a wide range of Airsoft accessories and remotes as well as other hobbies like RC Cars, Boats and Planes.

  • 4 x Per Pack
  • 1.5v Per Battery
  • AA Battery Type

An ideal pack of 4 x AA batteries to power your accessories, from remotes to optics and more.

  • LR66 
  • Strip of Two
  • Button Batteries

A strip of two LR66 / LR626 batteries of a 1.5V individual voltage, perfect for any accessories that run this strange size of watch battery.

  • Pack of Two
  • Ideal Spares
  • For Accessories

A pack of two watch-style AG9 LR936 Button Batteries with an individual voltage of 1.5V each. These batteries are useful for a number of Airsoft Accessories and are an ideal spare to have stowed away come Skirmish time.

  • Pack of Two
  • Ideal Spares
  • For Accessories

A pack of two AG3 LR41 batteries which are perfect for a range of Airsoft accessories and are ideal for keeping spare for Airsoft skirmishes to make sure you aren't taken out of the fight by a dead battery.

  • CR2016
  • 3V Lithium
  • Button Battery

A singular CR2016 3V Lithium button battery which is commonly used for accessories such as sights and torches/lasers.

  • 10 x Batteries
  • 1.5v LR41
  • Perfect For Accessories

A blister pack of 10 x 1.5v Lithium button batteries that are commonly used in Airsoft sights, scopes and other accessories. 

  • 10 x Batteries
  • 1.5v AG4 LR66
  • Perfect For Accessories

A blister pack of 10 x 1.5v Lithium button batteries that are commonly used in Airsoft sights, scopes and other accessories.

  • Perfect as Spare
  • Singular Battery
  • For Sights / Scopes

An individual 3V Lithium Button Battery, which are commonly used in Airsoft Sights, Scopes and other Accessories. 

  • Smaller Than CR123A
  • CR2 3V Lithium Battery
  • Perfect For Accessories

A compact battery which is smaller than a CR123A and is used a wide range of Airsoft accessories and cameras/torches.

  • Pack of Two
  • 1600mAh Capacity
  • Perfect for Accessories

A set of two CR123A batteries, which are required for a large number of Airsoft Accessories such as Torches, Lasers and Cameras. If you run any accessories which require these batteries, you will want plenty of them come game-day.

  • 3V 1400mAh Power
  • Lithium Battery Tech
  • For Torches / Camera

A Pack of two CR123A batteries that are used to power most Airsoft accessories. The battery provides 3V of power, and 1400mAh of charge.

  • CR123A 3V 1300mAh x 2
  • Lithium Battery Tech
  • For Airsoft accessories / Cameras

A pack of 2 3V Lithium CR123A batteries which are suitable for a wide range of Airsoft red dot sights, tactical flashlights and other Airsoft/photography accessories.

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We supply a wide variety of battery types, ranging from Li-Po batteries to Ni-Mh batteries as well as Li-Fe, CR123A to Button Batteries and AA / AAA Types. If you’re looking to stock up on battery supplies for your airsoft accessories, such as torches, explore our selection of accessory batteries.

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